Wildstar (Special Episode)

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  1. I could go on about the whole “purchase price + subscription” model for a while, but after watching this 45(!) minute video, I don’t have the time to really go into it.
    So for now, I’ll just say this. For the same price as buying Wildstar + 2 months of subscription time, I just got about a DOZEN games during the Steam Summer Sale.

    This game would have to prove to me that it’s worth my time and money more than a dozen other games. Games that I outright now own. AND the other FTP MMOs on the market.
    I think folks who make subscription based games don’t seem to quite grasp that most people who play games, especially on PC, own LOTS of games. And split their time accordingly.

    To me, Wildstar just doesn’t look like a game that, with that pricetag, is worth a couple months of possibly casual play, THEN having to make a continued investment if I want to play it again.

  2. I was honestly looking forward to this game the moment i read about it. I signed up for the beta (Never got it :( ) and continued to follow it well…but then when they announced it was going to be another sub game with a 15$ transaction I was soon not going to play it but i was dying to play it. Then someone said to me “But you do not have to pay for it! Just play the game 24/7 to keep your subscription up!” but the problem is i do not play mmos 24/7. i mean sure i can play them for a couple hours when I am not working but I can’t devote my life for it.

    I still play wow and actually got back into FF14 if only because I like roleplaying and casual grinds here and there. I am already paying for the two myself and I see them as games i can continue playing. Sure FF14 is not as “Awesome” as 11 but I managed to get into the game at the start and found myself having fun with the time I took despite the crap of a grind to get to 50 and getting gear to even do dungeons (which is now easier to do…somewhat)
    That and FF14’s econemy sucks hard. No one ever really needs anything from the market board.

    Wildstar had interesting ideas and really the barrier to enter it was putting me off…I was torn between playing a sci fi i would love to play in or keep playing Wow because I enjoyed the game since 2005. It’s a hard sell for me and I decided that No. I would not.

    Maybe the game will do well enough that it doesn’t need to go Free to Play or make a Secret World style…but until that day I cannot really say I want to play this game if it means forking over another subscription fee for something I may end up giving up on in day 14….

    And from your review and others I have read I was right NOT to go for it. Everyone said it has aspects of Vanilla Wow and regardless if I liked that era or not…I do not want that nightmare to come again with organizing 20 people for a UBRS dungeon or wait 3 hours for a 40 man raid to fill only to kill one boss in the next 2 hours….

    Thank you for the review and I truly wish to play this one day…but until then I will just wait and pray it has a free trial/free to play account option…

  3. Yeah, that’s pretty much what I figured – WoW in space. A few friends of mine are very excited about the game, singing praises for it that make me scratch my head and go “Seriously? Have we not have enough of this?”

    I’m really tired of paint-by-numbers MMO design. A few unique aspects don’t really make enough of a difference for a game to stand out on its own. No, the awful humour and truly hideous art design are not enough by any stretch.

  4. The only reason I knew who “Garrosh Hellscream” was – was because I read the WoW books.
    I never remember reading about him in game, even though one of my characters was an Ork Hunter .

  5. Espers get the ability to move and attack at 11 with a different builder that doesn’t require planted feet (the one that makes assault feel that way.) There is a mana system called Focus that’s healer-specific (as well as items that increase its regeneration.) The rested xp system is different than the housing XP: The housing XP you click the board and get a 24-hour buff to one of three catagories, with one arbitrary getting double bonus. Rested is still rested, but slower. Strange, I found the community relatively hospitable, guess it’s just server differences, as I had people in advice talk about where to find that zone’s rep vendor, tips on classes, and so on. Most of my friends are Avatus Dominion, and when I made a character to join them I was faced with the same problems, making even problems with guild joining for the inability to find the previously checked ignore invites button. I guess it’s all based on what server you’re on, Caretaker and Orias I had no problem with. There’s also certain challenges that are only kill 3/6/12 of monster X and they’re more conducive to assisting someone than the percentage based ones.
    And yes, this IS WoW in space. So the whole Valen’s Prophecy thing came and united Azeroth and they all went off in space ships to find the makers, the Dwarves cured of that whole curse of flesh thing and started building themselves taller. The trolls and forsaken had to merge into one species after the trolls were set on a deadly affliction that only the forsaken could manage but the forsaken were dying out because of something to do with Anduin laying the law down on Sylvannis. The gnomes cared more about making machines than they did procreating so their legacy came to be mechanical people and not future generations and the orcs, blood elves, dranei, and everything else with demonic blood just kept interbreeding and the draken are just the weird mut-people. The tauren, worgen, and night elves kept having weird druid offspring until their mut-people were more animalistic, but the two weren’t compatible. Most striking change was the goblins found that, in space, there is no midnight to feed their offspring after to make them gremlins instead of mogwai.
    In all aspects though, this game is balanced across factions though. Each faction has a race of human, dark and edgy, various degrees of cute, and the “cool” mineral group.

    • “The rested xp system is different than the housing XP: The housing XP you click the board and get a 24-hour buff to one of three catagories, with one arbitrary getting double bonus.”

      Certain decorative items will let you more quickly accrue rested experience when logged out. That’s what I was talking about. Kinda forgot to mention that board, though. I love that board.

      • Ah right. So, I was totally thinking that the bonus % exp that you get from the board right outside of your home had something to do with the decorations that you place in your home. How dumb of me for not reading the wikias to find out that no, it’s always 5/10% bonus on the board, and rested is determined by decor.

  6. I’d actually be way more likely to play this BECAUSE the dungeons are apparently so hard. I eat that kind of stuff up. It was one of my favorite aspects of TESO. If you weren’t overleveled, some of those dungeons at PUGs alive. (though some were stupid easy, like the Ebonheart lv15 one with all the goblins, I duo’d it at lv17) Shame TESO has basically no endgame so I gave up on it already. =(

  7. Now that looks like a weird mix of fresh and ancient features. I think they could’ve thought this one through a bit better o_O

  8. I hope that not every boss in the game is like this:

    (wait for the laugh @ 8:45 xD)

    I’m not really into mmo’s anymore, anyway, you should pick up shovel knight, if you are into it, it’s really decent game & that’s coming from someone that hasn’t bought a game on release in years.

  9. Next episode is Global Agenda. I recall you mentioning that it was up for consideration, but you didn’t even need to finish describing it in the outro before I knew exactly which one you were talking about. Dammit, Hi-Rez.

  10. Especially with the beta once they stopped being secretive with it. Everybody knew damn well it was lackluster and like every other game they played, with the biggest difference from most of the games it copies being “It has a subscription” for that matter.

    Yet they kept hyping it up because it was new, much like ESO’s ghost town..

    Don’t get it anymore….

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