Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 68, 69, and 70)

This block has me giving Trion another shot at an Open Beta Tester event, which ran much more smoothly, followed by two instances of unremarkability. Don’t worry, it’s almost over.

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes FFXIV Special, 66 and 67)

What’s in this block? Oh, that… Goody. This was an odd block of games, regardless. What a weird way to close out the year last year.

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 63, 64, and 65)

Well here’s a parade of winners for you. Our first attempt at the Open Beta Tester event, leading to one of Grindstone’s most despised games, followed by an absolutely atrocious cash-in title followed by a butchered yet worshipped otaku paradise. Everything is wonderful.

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 60, 61, and 62)

This block contains my first Raid Leader request on a game I had previous experience with, another requested title that underwent some revisions, and a game so weeby that even the weebs were too weebed out by it to fill my comments section with weeb scorn. (They petered that out on Mabinogi anyway.) Happy birthday to me.

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 58, Wildstar Special, and 59)

Did I lose anyone off that last one? Let’s try this again with the next block, where I look over a dead game, a dying game forced to swallow it’s own hubris, and a catatonic game. Isn’t the MMO Market so wonderfully stable?!

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 55, 56, and 57)

This block would be wholly unremarkable if it wasn’t for one game… This game pretty much gave me a major boost on both places I posted with a success that I kind of expected, and a backlash I most certainly didn’t. People complain about anything for any reason. There are no winners… in Scarlet Blade. (Also featuring Digimon Masters and Grand Chase, but who really cares? Oh hey, I started my Patreon this block too, didn’t I? I seriously never expected it to get where it is now. I’m still waiting for it to tank, honestly.)

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 52, 53, and 54)

This next block contains some interesting titles, and one not so interesting one. One is dead, one has waned in quality (as I’ve been told) and one has improved. I haven’t checked back with a single one of them yet, so I’m still looking at these from the time I reviewed them.

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Drift City (Episode 75)


Part of what I was doing with the still ongoing “Tell us how you really feel…” series was to cut any and all pretense on how I feel about games. I don’t feel a review needs to be filled with angry rants and excessive hyperbole to express one’s love or disdain over a title, and technically MMO Grinder is more of a report and resource. A guide to help you decide if you’ll like a game or not. Neutrality is mostly at the forefront and it’s up to others to project their own interpretations on what I was really saying about the title.
But this… THIS is what we’re really saying about the title.

From this point on, “The Grindstone Tribunal” will take a few of the most active players of Grindstone who worked on the most recent title with me, allowing a few of us, myself included, say our true piece on what we really feel about the game we just played and place it under the video exclusively on this site. Don’t look to start arguments on Youtube due to misunderstood takes on what was being said… Here is where we’re cutting the bullshit.

This round, in addition to my own take, I’ll be including the thoughts of Co-Writer Setch Dreskar, longtime Grindstone members and supporters Nate “Karis” McPherson and Paul “Dobar” Matson. Read on and enjoy!

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 49, 50, and 51)

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 46, 47, and 48)

The block brings us back down to three episodes, only two of which I still make mention of, and only one of which I still play with any sense of regularity. Fun times go!

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