LUNA Online (Episode 1)

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  1. Drink Bleach Everyday

    So I found this site called Steam Charts & discovered there was a games called Luna Online Reborn. Is it a sequel or just renamed with new content & a new publisher?

  2. This video appears to be broken. Get the message that it can’t be played both here and on Bing’s page.

  3. RIP Luna, gone since March 27th 2014. This is why I can’t get truly invest in MMO ‘s as it can be heartbreaking if you are a long time fan.

  4. Shut down.

  5. Just realized that Quest #304 could’ve used either a private-eye sort of voice, or an ultimate warrior voice over

  6. That game is ass, Luna sucks imo.

  7. Honestly, Luna online was great up until it had that one updated (ironically, around the time that MS had their chaos update and when WoW released Cataclysm) and stuff such as leveling and whatnot just became incredibly difficult…which is rather disconcerting for people who played it for awhile.

    There were also several grammar and spelling mistakes as well as sentences that just made no sense. It was like someone was halfway through writing something then forgot what they were writing, and then decided to start a new sentence without erasing the previous one. It was funny at first, but then it just got really annoying.

  8. Specter Von Baren

    Huge breasts? (Looks at art) ………… Nope. As far as anime style breasts go, these are what is thought of as normal size. Aside from Luna, they all seem “normal” size.

  9. ACK! The music went from Sonic Team to Legend of Zelda/Poke’Mon!

  10. FIRST!!!!

    That was really good and very detailed :). So what got you into this type of reviewing?

    The Shak

    • Believe it or not it was way before Channel Awesome or TGWTG came around. I used to write random articles about video games on a South Park forum, and they were well liked. When YouTube started coming around, I always wondered if I’d be able to make the transition to video format. Since buying games is expensive as hell, and I lacked any sort of capture system for consoles, I figured PC stuff was a better alternative. Early efforts of me just messing around with the software can be seen on my YouTube channel, where I just uploaded clips from games like Sin: Episodes and Portal.

      It wasn’t until my time at CA, and meeting up with people who knew a thing or two about editing software, that I was finally able to make something coherent.

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