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About the Shows

The main feature of this series is MMO Grinder, with three “sub-shows” Sidequest, Backtrack, and Browser-Based.

About MMO Grinder:
A review show/guide for the many, MANY Free-to-Play MMO games that are out there. Episodes are numbered by succession and posted with the date they were reviewed, featured in the credits as well as the title card. Games that are not free are not placed in the numbered succession.

New episodes are released every two weeks, normally on Wednesdays, but this is subject to exceptions.

Playtime for the episodes varies greatly usually a few days or a near a couple weeks. Enough time to get the basics of the game down, and delve a bit further into the experience, trying to experience as much of the game’s general content as possible.
The game is experienced with a “newbie perspective”, meaning no major research of the game’s features and mechanics outside of the in-game tutorials, unless a system is too complex to understand, or is poorly explained in-game.
In the same vein, I will often not seek outside help from veteran players of the game, unless they are found specifically within the game, as I feel it’s unfair to use my clout or recognition to gain unfair advantages that regular newbie players likely wouldn’t receive for themselves.

I split down the reviews by these categories…

Graphics and Art Design:
A quick look at the graphics and style of the game itself, including any nuances or oddities in the graphics or characters themselves. May also speak of resolution options and how tough the game is to run.

Music and Sound:
Here is where I’ll speak of the game’s sound and music, possibly providing music samples.

The longest section of the review. This is where I’ll talk about signing up, character creation/selection, starting out, the first few levels, and how the game itself plays. As well as speak about the interface and any quirks I come across.

This is where I’ll speak of the game’s community, as well as aspects of the game that require the community such as trading, dungeons, PvP and the like.

Cash Shop:
I’ll look over the game ‘s Cash Shop, provided one is implemented, and talk about certain items that may, or may not be worth a purchase.

Then in my conclusion, rather than give a numerical score, I’ll give my final rating which works as follows.

Reasons to download and play the game.

Things you might want to pay for if you’re willing to stick with it.

Reasons to avoid the game altogether.

Things stated in PLAY, PAY, PASS, will only try to consider things that won’t change about the nature of the game, such as the look or nuances or style of gameplay, but keep in mind that major overhauls might shift focus enough to make some points obsolete.

This is why each episode’s title card is dated with a completion date, so you know if the critique is still relevant.

Watch a video version of the above here:

About Sidequest:

MMO Grinder: Sidequest is mostly a “preview” or “first impressions” show, usually containing game not immediately available to the public (i.e. Closed Beta, Alphas, or Trial periods), or those with such simple design that there is no need for a full episode. Personal playtime of a Sidequest rarely lasts more than a few hours. Just enough to get a handle on the game.
They will lightly touch upon the same categories as an MMO Grinder episode, and are far more opinion based than regular MMO Grinder episodes. It’s also possible that Multiplayer games not normally considered MMOs (like MOBAs) will be featured in a Sidequest.
As these usually cover games that are unfinished, much of what is covered in the video is subject to change. Sidequests tend to last around 5-10 minutes.

About Backtrack:

MMO Grinder: Backtrack acts as a “recap” for games previously reviewed, touching up on revamped mechanics, and new features. Keep in mind that Backtrack will not cover EVERY new feature created for a game, and only the most notable and immediately available to new players. High-level content upgrades and minor mechanic tweaks will usually not be covered. Backtrack is not a structured show, and is more of a news post than a review. Backtracks will be listed next to the game originally reviewed in the Episode Guide.

About Browser-Based:

MMO Grinder: Browser-Based is a “mini” version of the original show, with no content breaks, on screen time, and much faster pace. It touches upon the same categories as MMO Grinder, but at a more shortened length. Browser-Based contains games playable in your browser, and with simpler mechanics.
Games that can be played in-browser that have a client download and more complex mechanics may qualify for an Official MMO Grinder episode. (See: Spiral Knights, Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, Brick-Force)

About the Host

My name is Jon Burkhardt, also known by the online moniker, “ChaosD1” I am a former Marine who decided to get into the internet video craze because shut up. Originally posting random videos about what ever game or subject I wanted to talk about, I decided on a show theme I knew I could make work.

I had the idea for “MMO Grinder” well before even seeing “That Guy With the Glasses” but lacked the means, equipment, time or talent to create it. (Not like that has stopped anyone else from making a show on the internet.) Starting in August of 2011, I’ve shifted focus to MMO Grinder but will occasionally return to other shows if I feel so inclined.

System Specs

UPDATED 05/25/2017

Processor: AMD FX-8350
RAM: 24 GB
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with 4GB On-Board RAM.
Direct X version: 12

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