Spiral Knights (Episode 24)

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  1. This game is being transferred to a new developer.

  2. The Lichen look like flan in final fantasy. The gun charge shots remind me of Mega Man. Polyps naturally look like Chu Chus from Zelda. The overall graphical aesthetics, and some of the enemies kind of resembles Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles too.

  3. so… are you gonna do a backtrack on this one?

  4. About your zelda joke, some trees in SK looks quite like trees from Zelda games, ALTTP in particular.


    Sorry about the caps. But I was just re-watching some of the vids on your site that I didn’t remember watching before, and was noticing all these shirts you have, but especially in this particular review thanks to your running Zelda gag lol.

    But I’m still really really curious..

    • 90% of them were from Hot Topic, before they jumped onto the Twilight Bandwagon. Others came from conventions and online stores. The “Life” Zelda shirt was originally sold through the Penny Arcade store, and I picked it up from their booth at Comic-Con in 2003.

    sorry couldn’t help it im now a player of this game thanks to you

  7. This video will not play for me no matter what I do. It’s the only video on MMOGRINDER that will not play for me (Even the only video on TGWTG that won’t play.) Any Idea why that is?

  8. I know it’s not really your thing, but could you review Habbo Hotel? It would make a nice little deviant of an episode, and I would LOVE to hear you tear the community to shreds. Thanks!

  9. Sorry after watching the review i didnt quite get something,i understand energy is used for pretty much everything in this game,and you have a rechargeable limit after wich you have to buy with cash to get more of,but i was wondering,is the rechargeable limit enough to do anything?or are you locked out of later crafts or something like that because the amount necessary is higher than what you have?im just wondering if it becomes necessary to pay to play later on or if i can count on playing it for free troughout the game

    • Though I made very brief mention of it, you can exchange crystal energy (cash) for crowns, and vice versa. A few people on other places mentioned that if you get a high enough gear level, you can become completely self sufficient, and use your earned crowns to get the required crystal energy… there’s really very little to spend crowns on.

  10. It is worth noting that the game does not have a built in voice chat system unless you use Steam for it. If you do not then you will need to use Mumble, Skype, Vent, or something else of that nature. If you are planning on going into Tier 3 (later areas) you will need at least 4* equipment to get access, so you will have to craft up to it.

    The game is a lot of fun. Unfortunately you will not fine a lot of people in the earlier areas that know what they’re doing, such as the “completely incompetent party” mentioned in the video. Later on people typically aren’t that bad, but you do occasionally get the ones that you wonder how they even got access to the Tier 3 areas.

    I like the review, it gives a fair and accurate impression on the game, unlike many I’ve seen on well known sites that pretty much go “I can’t play as much as I want? This is getting a low review.” And yes, the music is fantastic, and you chose some of the best pieces from the game to use in your video.

    If you decide to play more feel free to drop me a message in game, IGN is Gwenyvier.


  11. Yeah, I figured it was repetitive about 1 minute into the review. Like, all RPGs are repetitive, but they’re slow repetitive with a variety of landscapes while this is fast repetitive with same sameyness.

    Not real familiar with Steam beyond purchasing Portal, Call of Cthulhu, & Penny Arcade Adventures. Do all of their MMOs have the Facebook Games policy of using energy limitations?

    So JB, don’t suppose one day you could compile a little list of MMOs you couldn’t possibly make episodes on? I’m a sucker for bottom 10s.

    • Oh, speaking of graphical settings, I was wondering if you could actually show what games look like at the lowest versus highest graphics settings. The difference was outstanding in City of Heroes, but then there are games like Rise of Dragonian Era where they are aesthetic yet horribly dated, & you’re almost shocked to find out just how bad they can get with the settings all the way down.

  12. Are you still presently playing this game? You seem to know what you’re doing and I’d like to take you on a few level runs one of these days. :)

  13. You need to turn that exchange of looks at the end into an animated gif. It’s perfect.


  14. I have played this since the initial release. It’s definitely a cute game, that does get better with friends, but what doesn’t? One thing of note: the Crown to Energy exchange is player based, so changes fairly often, usually getting cheaper on the weekends, and also works like a simple auction house, so you can bid for low and see if the level ever reaches that in time. However, since you’re trying to buy energy from other people who have likely purchased said energy with real cash, the level has only been going more or less up since it began.

    Oh, and the game has no real end-game content. Once you have your 5* gear and have played around in the shadow lairs (harder boss dungeons) there really isn’t anything to do other than make fancier gear to look pretty. Or play PvP, I suppose, but that tires pretty quickly, I found. Granted, that could take a person a long time to reach, so is more me being grumpy that very little content has been released since the game started.

    Loved the game, I only wish I had a decent reason to play again without being bored.

    • Hehe, I’m insanely quick to bore. Ever been faced with the tough decision of replaying old games you’ve memorized & watching paint chip off the walls.

  15. I liked that little Vindictus teaser, but I have to wonder something. I could tell you had it set to high graphical settings, and as everyone knows, the game’s already tough to run. Was it just to make the shot look nicer? Did you not think to turn the settings down? Can the game not run well even on minimum settings? Or am I just reading into this too much?

    • This was actually my first actual try to run the game again without tweaking anything. Towns still run horrible now, but “Lineage2 town” horrible, making the fault more of the population, not the engine. Dungeons run far smoother, but still lend themselves to choppiness.

  16. I remember playing Spiral Knights for the first time two years ago during… I guess you could call it the alpha. I fell in love with it and was really disappointed when it ended only a week after I started.

    When the game was officially released, I started playing it again, this time for half a year, before being burned out by the given content and not being that satisfied by what new content they presented. The PvP didn’t really do it for me since I had LoL for that, Blast Network being sometimes rather iffy to control and Lockdown being easily broken with the right equipment, and when the first DLC was released, I felt kind of ripped off since I expected at least what little story the game has to stay F2P. Nowadays, they have more fun selling accessoires in the same way Team Fortress 2 does: randomly and for cash.

    Speaking of story… while it’s true that the game barely focuses on it, what little story there is just makes the whole scenario really plothole ridden when one thinks about it.

    For example, since the plot is about stranding on an unknown planet that’s filled to the brim with mechanics and mysteries, what seems to be the main drive of it is a troop of knights that vanished on their quest to the Core and getting away from Cradle even though they discovered at least two sentient races and ruins of an ancient civilisation. I just really can’t get myself to give a toss about those guys because OOO doesn’t really seem to take advantage of the setting it’s got.

    One of those races, the Gremlins, has been rumored to have constructed the planet and is, obviously, not very pleased that somebody’s leaving a big hole on something their kind spent Lord knows how much time building up. Meanwhile, the knights are trying to get to the Core to use its energy to repair their ship – which, I might add, you don’t get to see anywhere but in fan interpretations even though it seems to need as much energy as the entire fricking planet and can therefore not be very small – to return home.

    Instead of, you know, asking that race that supposedly built an entire inhabitable planet for a bit of help. Killing them appears to be the better solution.

    It can’t be communication problems either since, despite supposed to speak an “indecypherable language”, several gremlins talk face-to-face to you in a way you understand them. And what caused this war? No idea. I guess they were just scared by those giant rats with sharp teeth in hoodies wieding oversided wrenches yelling at them for demolishing their front yard.

    Wow, I didn’t expect this post to become that long.

    Still, can’t find myself disagreeing with anything said in the video. I like the art design and music of the game (hell, I actually bought the soundtrack) and it’s still nice for a quick round. Just never question anything in the plot and never try going from the first to the last level in one go. It’s really exhausting.

  17. The game does have story, but it’s kind of a searcher storyline. It works a lot like Fantasy Star Online 1+2. Kinda feels like it too. Having up to four people play also gives me a bit of a flashback to Crystal Chronicles (freakin’ loooooved that game). As for the energy, playing ONLY free-to-play makes the game time for playing/crafting a sort of casual game. But once you can solo Tier 2 and 3 without too much trouble, you rack up enough Crown to buy Crystal Energy and it’ll pay for itself. Free to play, free online play, halfway decent game economy, controller support… It’s one of my favorite games to jump on so far.

  18. I’ll just say this: the Zelda vibe of this game is entirely deliberate. They even confirm this somewhere on the forums.

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