Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 22, 23, and 24)

Man, I can’t wait for the aftermath of the last one, granted, I didn’t get much of a reaction to saying I had a knee jerk response of schadenfreude when a highly beloved game got shut down, but I’m not really good at predicting what people will react to. I’m still shocked people spent so much time asking me why I don’t play SMITE anymore. (That will be explained when we reach that point, don’t you worry.) As for now, we have three different games, and only one with any personal history. Off we go.

Episode 22: Brick-Force
Brick-Force is a… thing. Great promise ruined by a terrible immature community. As a game it’s stupid, but solid. There’s an easy to play arena shooter, and really cool build mechanic taking obvious pages from Minecraft, as ya do lately. Creating custom stages is fun and easy, although the fact the “Easiness” is alleviated with a RENTAL cash shop is a little garbage. Still the game became infested with literal “Call of Duty Kiddies” who would, NO JOKE, say, “I play call of duty, so I’m good.” because a stupid little browser-based arena shooter with wonky gun physics is TOTALLY the same thing, right? I distinctly remember, even before Grindstone was a thing, how much Grindstone member Nate would protest every time I brought this game up, and wondered why I covered it so much. I really have no good answer for that. It’s a game unquestionably ruined by, and reliant on the people who play it.
Recommend?: I play Call of Duty, so I’m… NO.

Episode 23: Aion
I was sold on this game by someone who gets excited by pretty Korean grinder garbage, so I should have know better past me! Granted, I also know I used to be a fan of the same thing, sand the “grinder” part, and unfortunately Aion was my first foray into what I am now dubbing “Lineage clones” (See also TERA) but regardless about how I feel for the aesthetic and style now, I… really liked Aion.
“Really” might be too strong of an adverb. I subbed for only about 2 months, as the gameplay was still pretty “WoW Cloney” (I mean FFS the new expansion is almost an exactly copy and carrying out of the events that happened in WoW’s Cataclysm expansion) and the flight mechanic was a really deflator of hype and expectation. Then of course it was so grindy. But regardless of all of that, I think Aion is probably the most solid of all the games of this ilk. Great graphics, a fantastic character creator, and a really big world to explore. And yes, Asmodians > Elyos.
Recommended?: YES.

Episode 24: Spiral Knights
HELICOPTER CHICKENS! Spiral Knights was one of the games I got a lot of requests for, with a simple description of “It’s like Zelda!” I guess you could say that. It’s more like Four Swords with the option for guns. What bothered me most about the game was the energy cost to do everything. It’s been removed, I hear, as Three Rings did with most of their games, I heard, but it wasn’t something that irked me so much that I didn’t drop money on the game to keep playing. It’s WAY better with friends, though. It’s simple and cute enough just to hop in an enjoy, not a drain on any resources, and has a seriously catchy soundtrack. I still have an empty script file for “Spiral Knights Backtrack” on this PC, don’t I?
Recommended?: YES.

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  1. The energy thing was why I quit Spiral Knights very early on. Also the game itself didn’t seem very deep. A lot of repetitive content, more than anything. May or may not go back if the energy system was reworked, just to see how it all is, but no real hopes or motivation drawing from what I saw back when I played.

  2. Nathan "TERAObsessedAsshat" Rivadeneyra

    “Another out of touch fail article. Dear dumazz, Tera is opening another server it is doing so good. Im a lineage 1 and 2 vet and these games ARE NOT the same. In fact L2 has gone levelless. I progressed in Tera normaly. No major gring. Enemy mobs change often as well as maps. Kill 20 is most…. Ive played “kill 500″ in chinese games…. Took weeks to get 5% on exp bar. Not in Tera or Aion. Your brains so broke its making you blind. Or you lie because failing as a journalist and need contraversy.” -Nathan Rivadeneyra

    • “Or you lie because failing as a journalist and need contraversy.”

      I don’t think I’d ever stoop that low. Besides, it doesn’t seem to be working for you.

  3. baloneyjustice

    I tried Spiral Knights after they cut the energy system a little.. I think.. its still free to play.. but makes the game grindy.. I’m worried you casual look at the game really does not do it justice when you get into mid level section of the game where you will die and need to use energy to buy lives.

    Keeping a whole group of people’s interest vested at this point might get rough. plus keeping a guild up and running costs game money to keep going..

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