Trove (Episode 68)

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  1. I feel, that after all your videos I’ve watched, I should finally comment. I thoroughly enjoy your mmo grinder videos. I’m someone who has spent a great deal of time looking for THAT mmo, but have never really found it. I tend to try out a fair number of games, but I just can’t bring myself to join guilds or anything because I always get the feeling that I won’t be around long enough to build any decent relationships with my fellow players.

    I hope you continue to make these videos, and maybe someday I’ll be fortunate enough to play with you. Be well, stay happy and I wish you the best.

  2. Oh cube world, you wouldn’t take my money back then, and seeing as how things have gone since, I’m rather glad, but also rather sad because there was potential there.

    Anyways, Trove actually sort of surprised me, it really looks like it could work as a short bursts with people I know sort of game. Very informative as always, many thanks.

  3. Great review, I’ve played this game and though I loved it, I preferred to stick with FFXI for awhile even though I BETA tested this 1.0 and 2.0 version of XIV. I’m real open-minded and you’ve hit the nail on the head for everything on this review!

    This is an epic event IMO cuz this isn’t F2P so I wasn’t expecting this, received the newsletter about it and was psyched, good show!

  4. This is a historic event, first comment from a PS Vita! And now this comment is triple dated. Review was good too.

    • I was tempted to respond to this by posting via 2DS, but after using the internet on it just once, I don’t care to ever try doing it again.

  5. A shame CubeWorlds was never finished, I was planning to get it. It & Yogventures, which was also never finished.

    I was willing to sacrifice both defense & attack stats to get as much +Jump as possible. Of course, that jumping does make you hard to hit or even reach, but being able to practically fly over biomes like a ninja on a sea of rooftops is the best, & it’s an absolute godsend in places with lava & platforming.

    The soundtrack is ultra relaxing; you could put a baby to sleep with it.

    I love looking at other people’s towering cornerstones around the hub. So cool.

    Mowing the glass.

    I was wondering what the hell the Magriders were for, since they’re slower than walking.

    I’ve had pretty shit luck obtaining shadow keys.

    The burn out is true. I’ll play it for a straight month, then no touch it again for another 3-5 months, only to come back & find a lot of changes & new stuff.

    “You had me at Dapper Raptor Mount.” lol.

    I didn’t see your name listed, but seeing as your a friend of Phelan, I suspect you’ll stop posting at Channel Awesome as well?

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