Sidequest: Landmark

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  1. I hadn’t heard a damn thing about this until I actually decided to look up Everquest Next on YouTube. Honestly, whatever fits into the schedule would be fine. I’m very curious, as this seems something like a natural progression for a sandbox/crafting-centric game like Minecraft, graphically speaking.

  2. Social Darwinist

    I want to see Tree Fortress ))

  3. Love to see more videos of this thing. I heard from an acquaintance of mine that the forums are filled with people who want to make the game more hardcore, any truth to this?

  4. I am. This game resembles far too much a similar tile further along in its development called Planet Explorers that seems to be one of those Single player/Server based hybrids. Sharing generic textures, aesthetic, and character models, except replace the EQ fantasy with generic sci-fi. That game kinda bombed for me though, either because the game’s not balanced for single player or I was doing something completely wrong, so it’d be nice to see how another game takes it.

  5. Crafting having always been one of my favorite things in games, I think I’d enjoy this game greatly
    I’d like to see more videos of it

  6. I guess I’d like to see more updates on your experiences with Landmark. I’m trying to pare down the amount of MMOs I play, if only to try to get a character higher than level 30 in one of them. I’m also still occasionally on EQ2.

  7. I actually never got into the Minecraft phase, but I would like to hear more about Everquest Next…. Landmark? Truth be told I wasn’t quite sure if it was two separate games or if it was just one game. For now I’ll just assume it’s one.

    Anyway, I would like to see more about this game, I’m tempted to jump into the beta myself, but I’m a little unsure atm on whether it’ll be worth it or not.

  8. Hmm… Surprising. I’m more or less “done” with MineCraft stuff, but I’d be interested in seeing you play this, definitely. This seems like a cool project to experience vicariously. So yeah, keep us updated :)

  9. I would definitely like to see more updates on this as development progresses. At first glance, the game seems to look mechanically and visually similar to the sci-fi themed Planet Explorers alpha, which I’ve been enjoying, so I’m really interested to see what a big-time studio can do with the open world resource mining and voxel construction genre.

  10. Looks interesting, so updates would be welcomed.

  11. This looks very nice. And I think id like to see more updates from you. It looks like something i might enjoy. …And I haven’t heard of everquest next….

  12. Everquest Next has been my most anticipated game since SOE announced all the details at SOE Live this past August. I am currently playing Landmark, and am the owner of a Trailblazer’s (founder’s) pack. I always enjoy your coverage of games and would be interested in hearing your opinion on Landmark (and EQN, eventually) as the development cycle progresses.

  13. Interesting episode, didn’t know this was a thing… and kind of forgot about the whole Everquest Next thing as well. Still, very fun to watch, and I personally would enjoy seeing some more sidequests on Landmark after they implement some more of those features… as well as seeing your eventual Ewok village.

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