Off-Week Update (04/05/2014)

Well, it’s closer this time, at least… Yeah, it’s been a LONG while since I’ve done a full episode, but rest assured there’s work being done on the new one… and not all of it is by me. The overabundance of Sidequest and mini-sodes isn’t about to cease, though. Until then, let’s look at what’s new.

Sidequest: Tales Runner
There’s always something nice about seeing a once dead MMO make a comeback, even if you’re not personally a fan of it. (Don’t let that be inferred as me stating I don’t like it. I know how ya’ll be.) Tales Runner wins hands down in the uniqueness factor as I’ve not played a single game that controls or plays like it (“Mario Kart clone” is a bit of a stretch when you actually give it a hands-on shot. Trust me.)
The biggest issue I see forthcoming is the community. This game is attracting the painfully annoying crowd that feels you must play a certain way, mocks new players for not knowing maneuvers that aren’t covered in the tutorial, or prefer playing in the “no fun allowed, guys” modes and tracks, disabling item usage and playing on tracks that have little to no traps or obstacles. Those were honestly the most frustratingly boring matches I was in, as the minute someone gets ahead they STAY ahead, and there is physically no possible way to catch up to them if they don’t hit an obstacle themselves. While there was few instances of the Brick-Forcian “GOGOGOGOGOGOGO” crowd, evidence was there as most players entering a room would leave within several seconds if the match didn’t start.
It’s unquestionably attracting the infamous Rumble Fighter crowd, and this could potentially explode out of control as Rumble Fighter will be shutting down on May 23rd. Of course, maybe that means they’ll ALL be going away, but I really don’t see it happening like that. Friends-Lock this game if you don’t want a headache.

Sidequest: Landmark
World Builders, Minecraft clones, what have you, are becoming increasingly popular and common nowadays, and this is probably the first instance of this kind of game not being utilized entirely by the indie scene. Instead with SoE at the helm, we might actually get the first true intended hybrid of an MMO and a World-Builder. (Because the combat system in Minecraft is absolutely terrible, and every mod built around using it, subsequently so.) As of now, it’s pretty much a very slow creative mode sandbox… but with some serious creativity potential.
The main debate is how this game ties into Everquest… if at all. As I mentioned before, this game was called “Everquest Next: Landmark” before dropping the EQ title. It is technically part of the Everquest Series, but as explained by the devs,  the freedom to create would break immersion faster than a lack of fall damage when your human decked out in fantasy gear walks past a mech station and a McDonalds. Still, the talk of how Landmark will, if at all, tie into EQN is a bigger topic for debate than whether or not Elsword has anything to do with Grand Chase.
I think there was some confusion when it came to what I was saying when I asked about interest in revisiting the title. In more than one place I got comments similar to “I don’t watch videos of other people playing video games” or “I love those Minecraft LPs!” which I’m guessing means they outright assumed I’d be turning Landmark into some sort of ongoing “LP” series. I would not. I honestly not even remotely sure how people could jump to such a bold conclusion, when the exact quote asked if people would want to “see more videos through additional Sidequests with every major update.” That’s all I mean. Combat system gets implemented? New Sidequest. Progression system revamped? New Sidequest. TBH, I don’t understand how people can just watch focusless videos of people playing Minecraft either.

(April Fools) Browser-Based: FlapMMO
LOL. Yes. This is a real thing and I put it together in about an hour. It was actually a backup plan, as my original few plans, once again didn’t go the way I wanted them to. I’d known about the game for a while, but it was suggested I do it as an April Fools joke. I figured it wouldn’t be all that hard to do. I’d tell you my alternate ideas, but that would spoil potential things for next year.
I also make it my personal rule not to make AFD jokes blatant trickery (At least two other Channel Producers had titles and titlecards for things that their audiences desperately wanted to see them review, to instead bait-and-switch with something else.) I piss off enough people just doing this show, and I’d rather make people laugh on AFD, than get their hopes up and shatter them. Maybe I’m doing it wrong…
Yes, there was a lot of truth and personal feelings in that rather harsh ending to the video. I guess, unlike fad memes of the past, this one directly annoys me due to the fact that it was simply a big ball of nothing made out to be the greatest game in the world. I do not find Flappy Bird to be addicting, fun, or even worthy of more than a passing glance. It’s an endless runner, a boring one at that, that just got lucky to be exploiting three of humanity’s worst traits. Celebrity recognition, “Just one more” addiction, and “Forbidden Fruit” syndrome when, as stated, the creator’s own crippling fear of success caused him to pull the title from the market. It’s not hard; it’s based entirely on rhythmic button presses, timing, and endurance. The only challenge comes from how long you can play it before you want to stab yourself in the eye. All that bragging about Flappy Bird high scores is going to feel as silly as telling people you they were in a Harlem Shake video, naming their guild “Gangnam Style”, or asking people what the fox says in about a few months time.
Saddest thing? When looking for an image for that video’s title card, you know what one of the first results said? “FlapMMO Hacks”
Really? Really?! WHY?! For WHAT?!

My Patreon Page
So this is finally a thing I’ve been battling with myself to put up, due to the endless stigma behind this kind of thing. However, I’ve felt it a slight necessity for quite a while now. Instability is a huge part of all of this. I’m at the whim of whatever CPM and ad campaign is running, whatever totalitarian system Youtube is unleashing upon its users that week, whether or not Blip wants to get bought out by yet another company and break its servers for the 15th time that month. I’ve also had plenty of people ask me if I accept donations, due to the fact they prefer to run adblock. Patreon seemed like the best compromise.
Hopefully those willing to contribute find the goals clear and concise, and if you have any questions on how it works, feel free to let me know. However, if you don’t wish to, or cannot, one thing I don’t need to hear is “Sorry, I can’t donate because…” Honestly, I really don’t need to know that. If you can’t, or even don’t want to, it’s your prerogative. At no point do I want people to feel they have to do this, so you don’t owe me anything. Not even an apology. This is merely an option for those who wish to do this. Nothing more.
One of my major goals with this? Getting the community much more involved and far more rewarded. Not every MMO should be solo’d after all.

In the meantime before the next full episode, we’ve been running steadily in The Secret World, running SMITE Nights over on my stream and are planning for an upcoming 1v1 tournament. Details on that in the forums and an official post will be made soon.


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  1. Well, while I have no real interest in Landmark, I do want to see how it fits in with EQ Next.

    Although EQ Next keeps giving off more and more bad vibes the more details are given to begin with.. Sure it’s not as “What the hell is going on…?!?!” as something like Shroud of the Avatar, but I was looking forward to their original plans/description of it..

    Anyways, I’m not “outraged” at the quick stuff yet, but I have to admit I’ve been rolling my eyes at the “I HATE MOBA’S…………SMITE SMITE SMITE, JOIN ME FOR SMITE!” and all the many rip offs of dota/lol that aren’t any different then god damn flappy bird clones really..

    • I never once stated, on the entirety of this site, that I hate MOBAs. They’re a favorite genre of mine, and something I see great potential for expansion upon, allowing interesting, simple to create games that could span and incorporate multiple gaming franchises.

      I hate MOBA COMMUNITIES. I hate the meta-gaming, min-maxing, “no fun allowed” types who permeate the genre. I hate the fanboyish keyboard warriors who sycophanticly latch onto one specific game, view every other game in the genre as a threat and feel the need to blast every other title in every space available, rather than just admit “different strokes for different folks” as if somehow the mere existence of a similar title upsets their very livelihood. The worse the community is in one game, the less likely I’m going to play it in my off-time. I only recently swore off LoL after I ended up with a group of MLG wanna-be min-maxers during the damned “April Fools Day” game mode.

      And the SMITE thing is something we’ve been doing weekly on stream and Raidcall for around three months now. We like SMITE.

      • All this talk of MMO communities makes me think of the more boisterous chunk of MMO fans who stick with 1 series & wear their sense of entitlement & elitist attitudes like a badge of honor. WoW-Only fanboys scorn any MMO that imitates their own, & people who hate on FTP’s microtransactions wrongly assume that free players are somehow paying MORE than them. Subscription games won’t refund you your $15 if you decide you suddenly feel like trying a different game that month but already paid, but if you can play FTW without spending a dime, or if you put $5-$10 a month into cash shop currency, it will always be there until you spend it.

        Then there’s the jackasses that make big public announcements about why they’re leaving or returning to their favorite MMO, as if they were delivering a moving epiphany to savages that would change their whole way of life. Like creatures of habit, they satiate their short cravings for something different by crawling out from under their little rocks, only to scurry back to familiar territory, not comfortable enough with change to be a nomad.

        • To be fair, that whole “I’m leaving this forever” style of public post has been around since the days of Usenet. I can’t count the number of them we received on an old South Park forum before we were forced to create a rule against them. Desperate final pleas for attention from people who have no one who care about them. It would be sad if they weren’t such asshats about it.

  2. Speaking of rising from the dead, good old Trickster, (& of all things, Maplestory Clone) Ghost Online. Why couldn’t it be KitsuSaga?

    I can only imagine how boring Mario Kart & Trials Evolution would be without obstacles. Watching people fuck up is the highlight of the game.

    Yeah, it’s always scary when a game with a shit community closes down, because assholes need something to preoccupy their time & you don’t want them migrating to anything you actually enjoy.

    Speaking of Minecraft clones, wonder how long it will be before Trove goes FTP.

    Yeah, don’t know how they came to that conclusion either. I mean, have you EVER done an LP? If they actively watched your series, they’d have no reasons to suspect you would.

    Well…If I had to choose between playing Flappy Bird & filing my taxes, at least the paperwork doesn’t have you writing the exact same thing over & over.

    I read or heard something about Google hiring people to do nothing but flag videos. Can’t remember if I read it in Maximum PC or if I heard it on a podcast hosted by The Cinema Snob’s friends; Josh Hadley & Hart D Fisher.

    I already have you on my whitelist for AdBlock; I will suffer commercials if I like someone’s show enough.

    Sofar, RIFT is still the only MMO I’m willing to play with others. It helps that no one has TIME to talk to eachother during Instant Adventures. Okay…There was that time I helped a new player get to Courcle in Mabinogi.

  3. Yeah, I noticed it that 99.9% of the obnoxious trolls I meet in Tales Runner greeted you with ” Anyone else from RF?” Seriously,I remember once the RF servers were down, and at LEAST five or six different RF players complained about how much TR sucked,all the while whining about how they couldn’t log onto Rumble Fighter,because obviously RF and Tales Runner are the only two games in the entire .fucking. world. That being said,apparently there was a cross-over event between the two games going on,or at least that’s the impression I got from all the “Just here for RF”s I got. After a while, it seemed like most everyone I played with was a Tales Runner vet,most of whom were very friendly and smart enough not to respond to any obvious dickishness. Or maybe I just got lucky,who knows. At any rate,I still have hope for the Tales Runner community.

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