Sidequest: Tales Runner

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  1. Yeah, it’s definitely attracting the Rumble Fighter crowd. *sigh*

  2. Unfortunately, this game seems to be picking up the Rumble Fighter community more than the LaTale one.

  3. Well, this sounds about right. Online multiplayer just sucks because of the coin flip chance of what you might get… But that’s a different rant.

    Remember playing this back when it was hosted by gpotato. It was fun, but I soon noticed a trend towards ‘skill-based’ tracks. I didn’t mind at the time, but now… I’m kind of seeing the problems.

    Seriously, since when are games like these serious business? Have some fun already…

  4. Seems the video’s troubles have been worked out. It’s running fine for me.

  5. Is it wrong that I was thinking ‘is this the game with the forth or fifth bounciest female animations that ChaosD1 has gone over… no, likely lower’?

  6. I don’t know what’s happening to Blip right now, I even bothered to delete and reupload the video in hopes to fix it but most are still getting this error message.

    If the issue does not become resolved by noon today (like, 20 minutes from this comment being posted) I will host the Youtube version of the video here instead until the Blip issue is resolved.

  7. you FINALY upload a review (sidequest) for my favorite mmo racer of all time and blip won’t let me watch it, what level of hell is this TT^TT

  8. oi, Chaos, blip’s saying the video “isn’t available quite yet” due to being recently uploaded. something wrong with blip?

  9. Is there something wrong with the video? I can’t watch it for some reason.. All other videos work just fine. I just get the message “Sorry, this video may have just been added to Blip and isn’t quite ready to watch yet. Please try again later.” and the video has been added yesterday?

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