Browser-Based: FlapMMO

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  1. OMG, did you HEAR?! FlapMMO was bought out by EA! They saw the pure, raw potential of this game, and just HAD to get in on it. They pulled the developers into a room, asked them such questions as “why is this not a subscription based game”, and “where are all of the microtransactions”, and “why is there not a timer restricting gameplay per day that can be unlocked with real cash money”, and “where are all the snarky pop-culture references”…and the developers, in pure AWE of the business savvy of EA, just had nothing at all to say. They just handed the reins over to EA, and silently walked right out of the room, bowing to the superior minds present.

    (EA would also like to put to rest the rumors that the FlapMMO developers have heavily armed and boarded themselves in a compound in Texas, and is currently in week #4 of a standoff with federal agents.)

  2. Ahh yeah….Forgot about April Fools. Some of the best videos come out this time of the year.

    This reminds me a bit of Kioskia’s sarcastic review of Crazy Bus. I love deadpan sarcasm ^_^

    Flap Commandos, Flap Flap On!

  3. Flap on flappy flappers? ………..I think by law I now have to stone you.

  4. I had just woke up when I got here but then I thought about it and looked at the date. Well played.

  5. sometimes, your shows write itself. And this is one that just did. Happy april fools day everyone.

  6. Oh, sure, it’s fun, but they ruined it by going pay to win. I get you need to make money, but charging to expand the gaps is just too far!

  7. Yes, just… yes. Laughed my ass off all the way through.

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