April Fools 2016 Backtrack: LUNA Online


Well, another April Fools day has come and gone, and unlike last year, I actually HAD something… A very last minute something. Like, “the idea came to me at 11pm on March 31st” kind of last minute. This video also completes the set, since there is now an April Fools version of every MMO Grinder show:
MMO Grinder

If you’re wondering about “Sidebar”, that’s not really a show as much as its “the miscellaneous category with a title.”

Read on for your next foray into “Chaos Explains the Joke” as well as some other AFD stuff I found this year. This is for those who sarcastically quipped that there was no joke, or got super butthurt over something that occurs annually on the same calendar date every fucking year… FFS, my logo is in Comic Sans, and it said “Berktrerk” under it. I’m not exactly being subtle.

I HATE the PLUS Soundtrack. It’s fucking awful. I hate every single thing about the PLUS soundtrack. The original soundtrack is OBJECTIVELY better, while PLUS is phoned-in unimaginative garbage…
… the joke is that I would be so petty as to stop working on my video over something that stupid. That’s about it. I said it was a pretty last minute idea, didn’t I?

I think there might be people who won’t understand what’s wrong with the soundtrack, but even in the original review I did side by side comparisons of the original tracks to the replacement tracks, and that should be proof enough. The Login went from this peppy upbeat tune to Generic Fantasy Online 175. Alker Plains goes from this intense high energy dance track to a repetitive cartoon composition of whistlefarts. If I had some tracks to show you how Zakandia went from an interesting violin and bass mix, to a lifeless drum march, I’d have linked those here, too. The PLUS soundtrack is as much of a slog to listen to as the PLUS gameplay is to play through.

If you didn’t just stop by my site or channel and then give up on society, you might have found a few interesting AFD pranks from games and sites.

Youtube went with something along the lines of the “YouTube Collection”, as in there’s nothing that you can mess around with the video with, and really just another edition of “mo money, less funny”, this time with “Snoopavision”, a joke program and mode that would let you watch select Youtube videos with a 360 degree camera that sat inside of a theater with Snoop Dogg Lion Dogg, and various Youtube celebs that were flown out to apparently sit around and be awkward. (I thought Ethan Klein of h3h3 productions would be capable of a lot more interaction. He literally sits there silently for the entirety of one video.) It came across more as an advertisement for 360° cameras than anything else.

As far as fellow reviews, I only got around to watching Tom White of Weird Video Games do a hilarious parody of every “me too” bottom tier online reviewer, complete with poor edits, false information, and visible emulators and windows. Pretty amusing, and scarily spot on.

World of Tanks and War Thunder went all out, with the former creating a “tanks in space” mode by having you duke it out in a pool table shaped arena on the moon, and the latter “finally adding warships” to their game… by creating a pirate ship age-of-sail mode that most people are saying should probably remain a thing.

The only one I did get to play this month was a World of Warships mode where you played as toy boats in a giant bathtub, because it was fucking ADORABLE. One of my matches included below for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for playing along this year, and I hope you enjoy the REAL LUNA Online Backtrack.


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  1. In the beta. sweet christ, they’re currently using the Luna Plus soundtrack. Kindof a deal breaker for me

  2. Love the description! Though y’know, some people might still notice without reading the description simply by looking at how long the video is before clicking it ;) Still, if I’m apparently a little more special than someone else just for reading, I’ll take it!

    Happy April Fools! :D

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