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April Fools 2016 Backtrack: LUNA Online


Well, another April Fools day has come and gone, and unlike last year, I actually HAD something… A very last minute something. Like, “the idea came to me at 11pm on March 31st” kind of last minute. This video also completes the set, since there is now an April Fools version of every MMO Grinder show:
MMO Grinder

If you’re wondering about “Sidebar”, that’s not really a show as much as its “the miscellaneous category with a title.”

Read on for your next foray into “Chaos Explains the Joke” as well as some other AFD stuff I found this year. This is for those who sarcastically quipped that there was no joke, or got super butthurt over something that occurs annually on the same calendar date every fucking year… FFS, my logo is in Comic Sans, and it said “Berktrerk” under it. I’m not exactly being subtle.
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Backtrack: Warframe (The Archwing Update)

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