Backtrack: Elder Scrolls Online (DLC Updates)

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  1. Is that Iron Liz I hear? Oh, so this is Dreskar.

    Aesthetically, the game makes me think of Oblivion. Even though it’s not built on the same game engine.

    I really should get around to actually finishing Skyrim before I play this. Out of curiosity, is Morrowind a place you can visit i the MMO? Been wanting to pop that game in again for a long time.

    Lol…Love how long it took for the texture on that guard’s armor to load.

    The voice acting is quite nice.

  2. Dreskar sounded a bit flat while speaking most of the time, although I suppose it wasn’t half bad for a first attempt at something like this. Jon’s had a lot more practice getting comfortable recording himself and finding good deliveries for common phrases.
    Also, all the Elder Scrolls lingo scattered about was kind of weird to listen to as someone that doesn’t actually play the game. Made the video feel like it was specifically not aimed at me, which wouldn’t make sense since anyone that ‘does’ play ESO would already know about most if not all of what was talked about in the video.
    One little nitpick though was that I couldn’t tell whether he meant XenoPHOBE or XenoPHILE since I swear I heard ‘phobe every time the topic came up, but then he’d talk about liking the argonians.

    • Exactly, this will just become more natural over time, I had done videos in the past but the gap between has been so long they don’t even matter.

      The point of this video was to update our review on the title, so really both should be watched together. As such this was aimed at those who had already watched the first review and weren’t aware of all the updates and changes made to the game since then.

      Also your nitpick makes no sense, I am an Argonian player and I am very xenophobic to all other races, why would I be considered a xenophile when I love the race I am part of but hate all others. I think you need to look up what both of those words mean.

  3. I wish there’s a section (at the end of video or in blog) where you list your conclusion (like the play/buy/pass in your regular episodes) and true thought (like the ones on the blog of your regular episodes)..

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