Warframe (Episode 45)

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  1. Good review but I think you miss two important points. One is that the revives are per frame. I didn’t realize this myself until I purchase my second frame. Next you probably should have mention weapon and warframe slots. Starting accounts only get 2 frame slots and 8 weapon slots. You can craft any frame for free but you can only hold 2 at a time. You can use your starting platinum to get 2 more slots. On a related note when you buy warframes or weapons with platinum, they come with their own slot as well.

  2. Don’t say anything negative about the voice of Lotus, she’s also the community moderator and has tons of admirers. lol

  3. Good review. I’m not really into shooters, but Warframe looks pretty interesting because space ninjas with guns.

    That preview… ugh. I got really into RO2 for like 2 weeks, and then I got fed up with all the things it does horribly.

    – Enemies respawning quickly, immediately aggroing after a respawn, and being so tightly packed that you can’t really loot and skin them all unless you carefully pull one at a time? Check,
    – Archers lacking any sort of pet or self-heals? Check.
    – Boorish community? Check.
    – Costumes only available via expensive grab-bags? Check.
    – NA “developer” having virtually no control over content/pricing? Check.
    – $20 bag upgrades? Check.
    – PvP gear being amazing in PvE? Check.
    – Updates breaking the game for extended periods of time? Check.

    It deserves some props for making me generally interested in playing a tank or healing class, but right now I’m staying away. I’ll look at the game again in 6 months or so to see if they got their act together.

  4. So, next week isn’t FF 14

    Wait, is FF14 going F2P?

    • No, but it doesn’t keep people from shutting the hell up about it.

      • I really do not understand why people do even submit pay to play MMOs to you? The only times you did them were when you either felt like it or it was an MMO you thought should get attention. This is a free to play MMO review show after all, but i still enjoyed that little near fake out before denying FF14. I was like:
        but then:

        and I have played Ragnarok 2 as well. Looking forward to your review :3

  5. I realise this is asking for trouble, but I have to say it – Warframe may well be the most hideous, ugly, messy game I’ve ever played, and that’s counting Xeno Clash. Half the time it feels like I’m playing glowing meatballs with beetle antlers. I’m sure this art style has its fans so I can’t really dis it completely, but how the game looks alone is enough to turn me off.

  6. Ooooh, RO2^^ This will be interesting. I played the Game in Open Beta when it was still in Korean and.. it was nice, but what killed me was the Camera. ..well, and the Party-find-Spammer. Got, that one, was terrible. I still have the codes to turn them off somewhere flying on my PC.

    With the spammer, its now easier to turn it off,, but the camera is just as miserable as before. I tried playing it and after one hour I was cursing a blue streak because the freaking Camera always zoomed in the (pretty) but terrible trees.
    ..just thinking about the trees, makes my blood pressure rise…

    But it will be interesting what you will have to say about it^^ Otherwise, I did liked it, the Music is fantastic. And I do like this style of MMO, the new Cinema-Intro, the custemazation pretty much stayed the same, but the issues with the hair-frame finally is gone^^

    ..oh, I should talk about this MMO??? ..ahm.. it looks nice? I am not a shooter-an though.

  7. Unless this game finally got changed to fix the whole porting issue I won’t be even looking at it anymore. I had so many issues playing with friends or even with strangers having huge lags on non solo mode.
    My modem won’t allow me to easily port forward unfortunetly. No game has issues other the warframe and I was able to play almost anything without lag issues or all that stuff…unfortunet as the game is actually quiet fun.

  8. I have been playing warframe a lot, and I have to say you pretty much nailed all the pros and cons of the game well. Also about the key controls here is what I do, I make the crouch/slide button “Q” and change the Items/consumable button to “Tab” That way it make doing the slide maneuvers much more easier, and the item’s menu is just one button over.

  9. Ninjas….in….spaaaaaaace!

    The music is very dungeounesque. Never played a game with a rock/metal/dubbstep OST, & don’t ever want to.

    Odd, I’ve always hated shooters, sci-fi, & robots, but this really does seem appealing. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go outside my comfort zone & try something new.

  10. Mairenaianelle

    Good review. Still think I’ll pass on this one but looks better than some folks make it sound. So that’s a plus.

    RO2….tried playing for a little while and just felt like it was the same thing over and over with questing. Get to be larger numbers of things you must kill at a time, drops to collect, and such. I didn’t feel like it added enough ‘new’ or interesting to want to keep playing. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about it, as with all games. :)

  11. As someone who plays this game a lot (because of the side quest video) I have to say you hit the nail on the head with this game. Only thing I have to say is that you should have waited until after update 9 because of all the difficulty curve changes and the inclusion of nightmare mode. That and you forgot to mention you have to pay for new weapon and warframe slots, the starting platinum only goes so far.

    and as a guess for the next episode: Ragnarok online 2

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