Sidequest: Marvel Heroes

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  1. Daniel Haughton

    DCUO is having itself a gigglefit if this is the best Marvel can do in the MMO arena.

    • FRSRS. Marvel seems scared to truly enter the MMO industry. Not too scared to keep suing it, though…

      • Unconfirmed sources suggest Cryptic were tasked with making a Marvel MMO way back when Marvel sued NCsoft, supposedly as part of the settlement. For some reason, Marvel pulled out of the deal mid-way, leaving Cryptic with a half-finished MMO they couldn’t release due to no longer having copyright on the fictional universe, in turn forcing Jack Emmert to sell City of Heroes to NCsoft proper, purchase the Champions universe and release Champions Online.

        Given how Marvel have behaved in the MMO scene, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I mean, Marvel Heroes is a cute game within the context of mobile apps and browser games, but it just doesn’t look like it has a major investor behind it. Seriously, if this is the best they could do…

  2. I found Marvel Heroes to be one of the worst Diablo clones since Harbinger. The gameplay is stiff, the progression and loot system is Diablo 2 (which I hate with a passion), the graphics are actually incredibly bad for what the Unreal engine can do (wonky character proportions, flat textures, lack of detail)… Really, the only thing the game has going for it is the Marvel brand name.

    I guess if you’re a Marvel fan and really wanted to just play around with their characters, there are definitely worse choices out there. But I’m a child of City of Heroes. I want to make my own character, tell my own story… Or at the very least play a good game, and Marvel Heroes offers none of that. At that point, I may as well just play Diablo 3. That, at least, has finally abandoned the fucking tripple-tree character progression system that Diablo 2 infected gaming with by means of World of Warcraft.

    Besides, I prefer private instances to group “dungeons” and public areas. This game would have worked better as a literal Diablo clone by means of a pseudo-MMO system. Would have made the world a lot less goofy when you don’t see a zillion Wolverines running about.

  3. It might be because I have OCD, but I never get tired of same sameness. You throw something in my face & tell me it’s a Diablo clone, I’ll play it. Though it’s an MMO so possibly not….Diablo clones are a dish best served solo.

    the color pallet sure is lacking. Can’t tell the streets from the sidewalk.

    Do I have to pay to play Gambit or Mystique? Is Mr. Sinister playable? Is there a story or a sense of humor to it?

    • gambit, mystique and Mr. sinister aren’t in the game (not sure if they’re being added later or not) come to think of it, it’s just heroes and the odd anti-hero (deadpool etc.) there are no out and out villains.

      The lack of visual advancement really ruined the game for me, my crappy lvl1 hawkeye looks exactly the same as a max level super duper hawkeye, there’s just no changing the look of your character outside of the costumes

      I feel it’s also worth mentioning just HOW expensive some of the heroes are, you’re looking at around $20 for iron man.

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