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Ragnarok 2 (Episode 46)

Sidequest: Marvel Heroes

Age of Wushu Code Giveaway and Guild Info

For those of you not in the know, I am rather enthralled by Age of Wushu. If you haven’t seen the review yet, feel free to check it out and see just how crazy the game can get. If you were or are convinced to give the game a shot, I have some codes to provide for you from Snail Games themselves. While I do have a LOT of codes to provide, they are in limited supply, so get them while you can.

In order to obtain these codes, fill out the following questions and send them to my email address ( and I will reply with your code, and instructions on how redeem them. These codes are for the “Searing Viper Gift Pack” so if you’ve redeemed any sort of giveaway codes from Age of Wushu before, you may not be able to use these codes. Fair Warning.

  1.  Character Name in Age of Wushu
  2.  Server in Age of Wushu
  3.  School or intended School in Age of Wushu
  4.  Are you interesting in joining the MMO Grinder guild?

While your answers to these questions will not effect whether or not I will grant you the codes, it’s really so I can be sure you are capable of paying attention to directions, as this game and the code redemption process isn’t exactly forgiving to those who aren’t. Again, to recieve your code, please send the question answers to and use the subject “WUSHU” so I know why you are emailing me. (This also applies to those who would, for whatever reason, get sent to my spam filter. I will reply to you with the instructions and the content of the pack, as well as the code. These codes only work ONCE so if you try mailing me for several codes on only one of your characters, you’re SOL.

Guild info for Age of Wushu is as follows:

  • Server: BlackTortoise
  • Guild Name: Grindstone
  • Guild Leader: Xanthier (Me)
  • Vice Leaders: Maolai and DoctorKen

You can apply to the guild via the Guild Administrator NPC in many towns and schools. Keep in mind you might need to be a certain level before the game will let you join. Hope to see you in game! (When I get a chance to play, that is.)


Sidequest: World of Warplanes

Sidequest: DOTA 2

Backtrack: League of Legends

Original Review: Episode 10

Sign up for League of Legends here!

Sidequest: Defiance

TERA (Episode 38)

Sidequest: Warframe

R.I.P. Outspark (Off-Week Update 02-11-2013)

So quick news on the MMO front. If you haven’t heard by now, or on my Twitter (either account) it seem MMO Publisher Outspark, hosts of the previously reviewed Project Powder, Fiesta and the recently shut down DarkBlood, have completely shut down, losing and shutting down all of their published titles, like the cutesy World MMO, “Luvinia” a host of other titles, and all of the previously mentioned games, save for Fiesta, who have been picked up to be published by Gamigo. On the plus side to Fiesta players, you don’t have to do anything to move your account over to Gamigo, and all assets and information have been moved over to the new site. Just patch up and you should be back in the land of cel-shaded grinding once more.
This is pretty sad news, as Outspark, while not exactly king of the publishers, had a good foothold in the market, it seemed, and published a lot of memorable titles over the years. The announcement that they lost their flagship Fiesta, was pretty much no different from an announcement of closure, and unfortunately for fans of their titles, that’s exactly what it turned out to be.  With the only publisher that actually had a media department keeping me in the loop with their plans, it’s sad to see this one go, whether you saw this coming or not. R.I.P. Outspark. 2007-2013

Also I’ve been keeping my streams up semi-lately, with playthroughs of Portal 2 Community Maps with Phelan “Phelous” Porteous, as well as trying to play more Secret World alongside Chris “Rollo T” Larios. I also tend to show off the next episode I’m working on, provided I don’t feel like recording it instead. (Yes, I’m aware I can get the streamed recordings but I don’t want to do it that way.) As a stream related side-note, the “Chip-In” I have on the bottom to allow people to donate is apparently going away due to the company shutting down. Not sure if I want to replace it or not, as I do have a thing against the ideal of accepting money for what I deem to be nothing, but I won’t refuse the generosity of others… if that makes sense.

So, let’s go quick over “Path of Exile” which… well it held up well. Not nearly as popular or well loved as DDO, but it’s gaining a following of very impressed people. I, again, am not a major fan of the dungeon grinder, but I see the charm in this game. I don’t plan on deleting it, and I’d like to see how it improves later on.

Yes, the next episode is TERA. Yes, I am NOT a fan of TERA, but this isn’t going to be a Maple Story review of ranting… However, like Maple Story, I find things in it that I can enjoy, but the fans tend to render the game’s faults insufferable with their refusal to address them as such. I’m sure I’ll mention it soon enough.

My main concern is that I won’t be able to finish this episode, as I’m heading out of state for a week, from the 17th, to the 24th. Cutting into both this episode and the next. Stupid tiny month. Let’s hope I can get some progress done this week. I’m already off to such a bad start!

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