Ragnarok 2 (Episode 46)

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  1. Ragnarok 2 is now under Warportal’s control, & they’ve promised “updates, changes, & fixes.”

  2. I sadly cannot recommend this game in its current state. The developers seriously don’t know what they’re doing. They’re destroying their game, not fixing bugs, only adding more nonsense to their cash shop. The community is pretty much non existent since their recent update, Advent of Valkyrie. Numerous glitches with their new features they added in without warning or prior announcements, patched just forced on the community with no patches. I’m still finding glitches the game has had since it’s first official launch. If the game’s management wasn’t ignoring or trying to cover up their mistakes from their players/customers I wouldn’t be so disappointed. Seriously, don’t play this game, check its forums frequently if you want to see the issues going on. Once they finally fix their bullshit, maybe it’ll be worth playing again. I got up to Master level 2 and gave up since it requires endless grinding or repeating quests.

  3. Watched anime between 1989-2003, can’t stand Yoko Kanno’s music.

    Well, if you’re going to have bad voice acting, just go for broke, like Chaos Wars & Left for Dead 2; then it’s so bad it’s hilarious. Yeah it’s kinda bad, but not as wooden as Resident Evil or as over the top as Shemue 2.

    The bash-bash-bash-finish method is what I prefer, as I’m not a strategist. Even in Rift I managed to find the right soul combos where my cleric & rogue only need one attack, one finish, & no buffs.

    I won’t wright this off completely, but I can’t see myself playing it this year. Cutesy Korean Fantasy was my thing last year. Or maybe I’ll just wait for Ragnarok 3.

    • Finally got around to trying this; pretty nice! Very colorful & flowery, relaxing music, big connected story, kill quests seem to cap out at 4 of anything so they’re not too grindy, crafting doesn’t take forever & a day.

      My only complaints sofar is that it doesn’t support ANY of my new monitor’s preferred resolutions, in either full screen or windowed mode, so I had a half hour of tweaking.

      • Since he reviewed this:

        *If you’re on any channel but channel 1, it’s like playing a single player game, which is fine with me.
        *Didn’t have any problems with the camera at all; basic right mouse button steering, normal speed.
        *Something weird about craft leveling. I’ve been stuck on level 12 for days. When it indicates that my skill has leveled, it still says 12. Even checked to see if I heeded to do some kind of quest to lift this cap.
        *Music will randomly stop in Prontera & not go back on unless you log off & log back in.
        *Obtained 3 medium bags faily quickly. Way less stingy bag space than most MMOs I’ve played.
        *Kill quests are 4-11 monsters, & there’s a huge variety, so it doesn’t feel too grindy, even though it makes up 90% of the quests.
        *Rupi & Zenny = Zelda & Dragonball references?
        *Translations aren’t too bad. Real nice job with the crazy old man at Jacob’s cottage.
        *No waiting for level 20 to buy your first mount; gives you a free 6 day Chocobo-like mount right off the bat.
        *It’s almost April & they’re still having a winter event right now.
        *Got to level 10 in a day. The folks who said it took them a week must have been playing casually.
        *Still an issue with them insta-respawning. You literally have seconds to loot the corpse before it’s back, so i’s best to lure them away before killing, meaning you’re better off with any class but swordsman if you don’t want to be ganged on.
        *Costume porn. I want all of them XD

  4. I think one of the reason I don’t remember RO2 very fondly is, that I was short of an MMO Burnout when I started it with some of my old guild mates (and well, that I was basically playing alone because the one Guildmate was far ahead of me :( and the second first didn’t wanted to join and yeah..)

    In Korean, it was at first not such a bad grinder, actually. I made it around Level 12 in.. Well, I didn’t play much of the Game at the time, but I would guess it was.. 3 Days?
    One could find a lot of bags to make bagspace bigger and I think the Game actually had a Card Album, though of the last detail I am not sure. Maybe the Album had been a gift or something for beginners. The translation of the Game was very spotty at times.

    The Camera still drives me bonkers though.
    But I love the customization of the characters, the look of the Game. Its very anime and very lovely. But the voice acting is terrible.
    But also, the Music is so incredible good. I specially love the opening~

    Before I started to play the english RO2, I read a bit about it and its kinda sad, that they made it more grind heavy. And seeing it on camera is kinda worse.
    Your review was also very good and helpful. Hearing about the good community makes me want to give the game another chance^^ I love Games that have a nice communities. And I did play Solstice, which was an incredible grinder.. I think RO2 can’t be worse.. (famous last words, but I never made it in Solstice to the second Job-Change.. but Solstice had a wonderful community, when I played.)

    Also, finally being able to read the Quests probably will be a bonus. I remember the cave-quest, with Ghosts?? It had an very interesting boss.. (well, easy but the look of it was interesting at least)

    Also, the Party-Finder is much more easily to get rid of. In the original Korean Version one had to use special codes or something to turn them off. I still have them. God, was that a spam.
    Oh yeah, I still don’t really like the chat box though.. but one can’t win them all..

  5. I never got into this game, but yes, way back in the day I read the manga. It was typical of the sort of Korean Manga that would make it to the US, including the creator stopping the series on a whim right at the end of the first act and a D&D stats block for each character.

  6. A couple thoughts:

    1) Knight is one of the only classes that doesn’t change its rotation significantly from class change – some classes actually get pretty interesting rotations by the end. You probably should have mentioned something about Monk and BM completely losing all their first class skills as well, since that is really one of the few things that RO2 does to set itself apart from the pack.

    2) RO2 is perfect proof why good Voice Actors need a good Director to go with them (and, y’know, not loop the same voice clip every time you finish crafting something/talk to an NPC/etc). Any game that can make me sick of listening to Johnny Yong Bosch needs to reevaluate a few things.

  7. Stephen Clancy

    I mean no offense but it seems as though you did little to no research about Ragnarok 2 before going to review it. While this is fair as not everyone is going research a game before they play it, it was clear at many points of the review that you clearly didn’t understand several things about the game. If I may allow me to explain a few things that I feel need explaining.

    First off, everyone who knows little to nothing about Ragnarok incorrectly assumes that its a series based completely off of Norse Mythology and this is completely wrong. Absolutely completely wrong. Ragnarok Online 2, and Ragnarok Online for that matter, are entirely based off of a Manga Series aptly titles “Ragnarok” which was written by Myung-Jin Lee. Ragnarok itself is a 10 volume series, that was planned to be 40 volumes long, which was very loosely based off of Norse Mythology to the point where the names are really the only thing that relates the two. While Lee was writing the series however Gravity, the company that created and runs RO1 and RO2, asked him if he would consider creating a game based on his work to which he agreed to and put the manga into a never ending Hiatus. It really really really urks me when people don’t know this and just assume no one knows what their doing because its not Copy Paste Norse Mythos. Hell, in RO1 the servers were named after characters in the Manga.

    Secondly, like in most mmos, you can create new chat tabs in the chat bar and customize what information shows up in them as well as turning off channels from existing ones. This means you can turn off Public Chat immediately as no one uses it for anything other then to troll or complain in RO2. Seriously, one of my friends spends most of his day in Public Chat because he enjoys the stupidity that goes on 24/7.

    Third, for Dungeons you mentioned the Que System and Asking outside the Dungeon which are both true, though Dungeon Finder sucks even after having to be fixed, but their is also another way to look for parties be they dungeon or leveling. If you press the N button, which also brings up the Que System, you will notice two other tabs in the menu. The left one, since Dungeon Finder is the middle tab, is Find Party and here you can search for people who have parties already made and are looking for others or post requests yourself to which people can ask to join your party. Until recently the Dungeon Finder was literally broken to the point you could que for Culvert, the level 8-12 normal dungeon, and end up in Fortress of Sandstorm Hardmode with level 50’s which led to Find Party and being outside the dungeon to be the safest and quickest ways to find dungeon parties.

    Finally I’d like to talk about the Cash Shop and PvP starting with explaining why PvP is always being complained about. Colosseum, which is the FFA Arena that happens three times a day, is how you obtain the absolute best armor in the entire game PvE and PvP wise. Whats that you say? PvP gear is better for PvE then the PvE Gear? Yeah and I’ll get into that when I talk about the CS but let me finish about why this is an even bigger problem. You get points in PvP by KILLING Players or Monsters and whey I say KILLING I mean LAST HIT. Unless you get the LAST HIT on a mob or Player you get 0 points, that’s right, 0 points. What this means is that if you are playing a Ranged Class, be it Priest, Ranger, Wizard or Sorc, you have an absolutely incredibly higher chance at advancing to the next round then a melee class does which equates to higher Blood Points, the PvP Currency used to buy Armor and Accessories. Not only that, but Priests and Sorcs have access to heals which offset their squishiness that lets them stall for time in order to survive longer as you LOSE POINTS every time you are killed.You get, on Average, around 60k BP per Championship in the Arena. It costs 800k BP for most classes to get their Tier 1 PvP Weapon. If you lose the 2nd round of Colo you get around 8k BP. This, as a result, allows Ranged Characters to gear up faster then melee and stay ahead of the curve as PvP gear, as should be expected, increases damage you do in PvP. Classes like Monks and Beastmasters are also terrible in PvP with almost no Gap Closers and incredibly long animations that people actually pitty them. This is where all the complaints come from, mostly melee classes saying its unfair and ranged saying that they suck too, that and about how Guilds can time entering colo together so they can start with buffs and focus non guildies so their guild can gear up faster.

    Part Two, the Cash Shop. Until level 50 the cash shop is completely optional if only a little gambley for Costume Items, which can be 30 days length and not perm like the mounts. Then, you hit level 50 do RHD’s to get all your Pre-Raid Gear, and you finally get ready to raid but all hell starts to break loose. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but Raids aren’t supposed to require you to have gear better then what the raid itself gives to beat right? Well Ragnarok Online 2 says pop-cock to that and tried the reverse. For the first two Raids, Garden of Baphomet and PvE Arena, you can do them perfectly fine on Normal Mode even though PvE’s final boss is questionable and most people glitch the fight to beat it or break up the raid. Then Hardmode comes, still doable but its the point where if you don’t have VIP and are a DPS you have a 90% Chance to be one shot by the bosses AoE’s. Finally you move onto the next Raid, Culvert of the Abyss and suddenly shit gets real. I’ve never actually done COA Normal before but I hear its completely do-able if you have a good group/guild but CoA (H)? Better hope your entire raid party is decked out in Colo Gear with 10 Spinels, VIP and every Cash Shop Buff you can buy or else you aren’t completing the dungeon. Ok, sure, I’m exaggerating slightly, but Collision, the best guild on the entire server, went into it with that exact set up and failed to beat the final boss without glitching it because of how brokenly hard it is. Now also realize in other versions of RO2 you get a 3k HP buff when going into the dungeon because of how hard it is and you start to realize how important the CS in the game is at end game.

    Honestly I couldn’t recommend the game to anyone myself, and I have four level 50’s because it only takes like three days to hit 50, but these are just things I wanted to point out in defense, except for the last point, of the game. I’m sorry if I come off as abrasive or offensive as this was not my goal but instead just to give a larger picture of the game. Thanks for the video though and keep up the good work.

    • um beginners guide remember and who cares? It’s not like the manhwa (fyi it’s a manhwa not a manga manga japan) was big outside of korea so why go on about it or the first version of rag 2

    • And how many people who hear of this game are going to necessarily know/care that this was based on manwha? I actually was -familiar- with the title and still didn’t connect it because it was so long ago. ‘Ragnarok’ has a very specific meaning to most people and that’s the version tied to Norse Mythology, so for a game to use this title and then balls it up is going to lead to confusion!

      Also dude: just take a deep breath and chill. It’s a grinder MMO :)

    • Also, Find Party? Oh yeah, that one. You know that a lot of people just turn that off? I did it.
      It was pretty easy to find.

      (seriously, find a party is a terrible spam in the Game.)

    • Rufus T Fyrfly

      You completely lost me after you “history lesson”. Don’t take this the wrong way, but this is why the advent of tl;dr came about. As a beginner, I’m not going to know or care what RO did or did not do to the Korean MMO scene. Take a deep breath and relax. Slow down.

    • Nice review, loved the smite bit. It doesn’t really seem like the kind of MMO I’d be interested in at the moment.
      I’m presuming the next episode is on FFXIV, and I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts, as from the beta I’ve been struggling to see anything particularly good about it, except the visuals, which are, admittedly, lovely.

  8. Taksi is actually how you spell Taxi in Finnish

  9. Mairenaianelle

    Aww…you didn’t use the music that’s played during your first boss fight ( the gold beetle ). That’s pretty much my top favorite song for that game….for as far as I got in it, at least. What you had to say was spot on. …and it just taking so long to level just…annoyed the heck out of me. More because it just took so long to kill some beasts that I needed…and some people were coming in to attack stuff that I was already fighting…so that was a bit annoying. …I like to play in peace. :/

  10. Excellent as ever. Would like to see you do the same for Fallen Earth, a Fallout 3 style mmorpg Think you could like it!

  11. Honestly, in your teaser from the last episode made me think you were doing EQ2.

    • I’m actually NOT terrified of Everquest. RO got a campaign not unlike CoH that ended up nearly topping League of Legends… in that game’s prime. That many people don’t need a newbie guide they are just going to pick apart.

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