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The Blipocalypse is here

So if you’ve been looking around the site today, or attempted to head to to check out my channel you might have run across something like this:

It might have caused a mild sense of panic, but rest assured all my videos are now linking to my Youtube channel. I spent the last month, (and the rest of today) switching over any links on this site that still linked to (MAJOR thanks to Christopher “Tebble” Torres, for snagging up most of the links for my videos in a text list, so I didn’t have to keep hopping around between Youtube and the site looking for those video links.)

But if you liked watching videos on Blip for… whatever reason… your options are now severely limited. As of today, August 20th, 2015, is no more. Bad decision after bad decision left the site a smoldering crater for a long while now, and only now have the final embers of life within it have been snuffed out.
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