Sidequest: Dragon’s Prophet

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  1. What my issue with this game is that I just can’t play it at a reasonable framerate…at all.
    I can play anything at a reasonable framerate…maybe an AMD issue?
    I dunno but when my Skyrim with ENB comes around at 50ish frames per second and then this game often droping to 10-20 even on the lowest settings..I dunno but I’ll skip this game then I guess.

  2. So I guess Angry Joe’s female co-commentator was spot on, in his video, when asked “what stands out about this game” and she answered “BOOBS!”. 5 sliders? Jeez.

    What stands out for me, tho, is that it’s a reticule combat system with no reticule AND no lock on? Like, really, there’s no lock on? And it’s not that you just overlooked something?
    Why’d they even bother designing a game with a combat system like that and then give no lock on?

    • No reticule is weird but no lock on is fine, just like you don’t play FPS with aimbot.

      • Only problem is, FPS games do not equate reticle combat. The skill of an FPS comes from your accuracy, but MMOs require control of the battlefield. Without being able to hone in on a single target, you run the risk of tossing damage out at random, which can completely ruin the flow of combat. This is a big problem in Neverwinter specifically, as it’s all too easy to end up hitting the wrong enemy as you can’t lock onto anything specific, leaving nearly dead enemies just as much of a threat as full health ones, making it far tougher to focus fire and take out targets strategically than you would, and should normally have.

        • Neverwinter does lock on targets automatically and it is exactly why it a problem because you can’t always easily select the target you want. It is not a problem in TERA or RaiderZ when playing a melee because most of your skills hit everything in front. If you miss your target, well you need to practice more. Aiming become part of the fun, part of the game. The game is designed for it, it isn’t EQ with long CC skills.

          FPS is reticle combat? With guns, and a reticle.

  3. A small note I’d like to make- although I’m not going to try and justify the need for multiple breast sliders, the face options being limited I can understand since most of the time you’re looking at your character’s backside or a long distance view of the front.

  4. Mairenaianelle

    I’ve been trying for a while to get the game to actually work past character creation for me. ….and having the devs try to help find the problem didn’t really do anything at all. Got to a point where they were taking so long to answer me back after a couple of times that I just told them I was going to wait a few months before trying to play again. …so I can’t really say anything past what I’ve noticed about the character creation. I wish there was more color-wise in some parts but looks like they will have more for cash. The breast sliders seem a bit much. One or two would be fine…but not ‘that’ many. Size and droop should be enough… Try making huge-breasted women and they end up looking really awkward.

  5. Yeah, I guess there can never be enough breast sliders O_o

    And call me conservative, but dragons ARE “giant winged lizards” by definition (okay, the wings aren’t always necessary). It’s applaudable for the design team that they came up with lots of creative monster designs, but calling them “dragons” just makes me suspect they’re called that because they liked the name “Dragon’s Prophet” and didn’t have enough actual dragons in it (and I guess “Monster’s Prophet” sounded too similar to “Monster Hunter” ).

    This kinda reminds me of an old series of horror anthology comics that had this odd habit of calling EVERYTHING a “demon” – even if said demon is a raygun-shooting extra-terrestrial from space. Because aliens are apparently not horror enough

    (Okay, that was a pretty obscure example, but it’s the most fitting one I can recall)

  6. um at least from this vid i didn’t really see much of a similiarity and i play a fair bit of MH

  7. One dragon was like the lovechild of a Blue Whale & Audrey II.

  8. I know you said that the dragon designs look imaginative, but most of them look like they use models that were ripped from Monster Hunter and reskinned to prevent people from noticing this.

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