The MMO Grinder 2013 Year In Review


It’s that time again, time for my totally subjective list in no particular order, where I’ll be listing several of the games I’ve reviewed and events of the year, along with arbitrary “awards” that have no meaning other than a reason for me to talk about them more. Remember all games looked at BEFORE January of 2013 will not be counted, and Maple Story is STILL my highest viewed video. Click the “more” tag below, to start, and thus begin the new rage.

Biggest Surprise: Age of Wushu

I was NOT expecting to like this game… at all. As I said before, its almost everything I hate in MMOs rolled into one. The PK system, the shoddy translation, directionless gameplay, and overall confusing experience should have made me write off the game the minute I played it… but I found it an oddly calming experience. It’s a game I could just enjoy the atmosphere of, and almost feel relaxed when playing…as long as a gank wasn’t imminent. Even then, it as always comforting to know that jerks could be sent right to prison where they’d remain out of my hair for a good while. It’s also where a lot of this community formed from, and even though not many, if any, of us play it anymore, it was a pretty solid run for a game I’d practically written off before even playing it. It spawned plenty of community memes as well (DokiDesuChan, our transformation of the game’s title into an adjective, referring to bug ridden games as being “very Wushu”) so there’s plenty I have to thank about this interesting, and occasionally hilarious experience.
“Sorry. I am a spy.”

Biggest Disappointment: Firefall

Oh, Firefall. This dishonor could have easily gone to Neverwinter, but when I thought about it, and realized NW would get a few more mentions, I remembered my disappointment with Neverwinter wasn’t based mostly on the gameplay. In fact, the time I reviewed Firefall, it had finally convinced me it could be something great… and one patch after the review, it took that all away, and kept getting worse and worse. Red 5 has apparently never heard of the philosophy “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” perhaps even going one step further by thinking, “If it ain’t broke, fix it til’ it is.” System’s entire core mechanics would be completely overhauled… during random parts of the OPEN beta. Playing the game from one patch to the next  was a crap shoot. Server stability would go from flawless to worthless in a matter of days. The game’s original entire POINT of being balanced PvP was completely abandoned in order to focus on the part it originally was shoehorning in, just because it wasn’t as popular as they wanted it to be right out of the gate.
Recently, the CEO Mark Kern was let go, or quit, or whatever, with absolutely NO mention on the Firefall home page of something that a LOT of people might find rather significant. Instead, all we get is a weird ranty open letter from Mark himself, on another website he writes for, filled with vague speech and more forced nerdy references than a recent WoW expansion. Hell, I’m inclined to think it wasn’t a very mutual decision. When Channel Awesome fired someone way back in 2009, despite not even remotely doing so on good terms, they STILL gave him a civil sendoff. This guy is in charge of the company, and not a word of his departure? That’s really suspicious. So either the terrible decisions were all his doing, and he’s been outvoted and ousted for it, or he left because correcting those terrible decisions were far out of his control anymore. Red 5 just comes across as a company with all of the ideas and none of the execution. Wish I could say it was the only one.
As mad as I can get at Neverwinter, I don’t once regret spending money on it. Firefall is seriously the only game I’ve ever experienced buyer’s remorse after spending money on it, and I spent money on Fantasy Tennis and DarkBlood, FFS.

Biggest Controversy: Scarlet Blade, and the Elin Rant

I know what you’re thinking. “The Elin Rant? Again?! That spells “TERA” you clever bastard.” No, you’re more likely thinking I’ve already covered my feelings on Scarlet Blade and the Elin previously. Well you’re right, so the links are there, and I’ll just go over this quickly.
Scarlet Blade is not a game I find offensive as I do utterly laughable and ridiculous. It’s a perfectly COMPETENT game that refuses to take itself seriously in any form, and for that I can almost appreciate it. I get why people would be upset by it, and I honestly think that anger is better placed toward the shameful marketing of Wartune and the like. Scarlet Blade is, at least, pretty damned upfront about its shamefulness and its target audience.
Again, I have to clarify, I have no problem with players who choose to play an Elin. You do realize that footage of the Elin I showed was a character I created, right? Sure, I made her look like a sheep version of Jay Leno, (Lenolin! God damn it, that’s hilarious.) but the point is you can play as the character and not be a creeper. That doesn’t mean that many other people who play as Elin aren’t doing it to be creepers though, and when they take such vehement disdain at things like the replacement of a visually 8 year olds thong, there’s clearly an agenda that’s far beyond simply wanting to play as a “cute” character. Some of the search terms that have lead to this site have definitely reflected this. I’ve made fun of the abundance of sexualized underage characters in MMOs plenty of times before. Only NOW is it somehow not ok? Sod off.

Biggest Annoyance: The FFXIV Relaunch

Two years ago, a game came out with such lofty expectations, it was crushed under the weight of its own hype, performed poorly to the standards of the players and company that launched it, and caused a large amount of people to get fired during the ordeal. Then this year it comes back, and everyone welcomes it with open arms. I’m sorry, what?
Yes, I know that they changed it from its original incarnation, but when you come right down to it, a game that scorned so many players returns, and not a single person can give me any legit reason why they like it, despite constantly touting it as “best MMO evar” and bombarding me with constant “OMG WHEN ARE U GOING 2 REVIEW DIS?!!?”
Short answer, never. Long answer, it’s not free, and even if it were to become free, I have no intention giving any attention to a title nigh universally played by Squeenix Sycophants. The sheer amount of ridiculous fanservice I saw from even a few minutes of gameplay when I watched a stream of it made me facepalm, in a simultaneous revelation of embarrassment and understanding. It’s a game Square made to ride the damned Final Fantasy popularity wave, reflecting a time when the titles weren’t a complete mess of nonsensical plots wrapped in over-crafted CGI cutscenes. A time only a few fans refuse to admit is long past.
I wasn’t able to get anywhere with those trying to convince me to look at this game, as again, I’m done paying subscriptions for anything, I didn’t like Square’s first FF MMO, and I still could never get an answer for why players liked it beyond the ever worthless “The graphics are good!” and “They improved the combat!” (again, not explaining how, why, or how it even worked in the first place.) In fact an innocuous comment that still gets inferred as inflammatory by the irrational that I left on Twitter (“Can’t wait until next month when everyone will stop talking about FFXIV”) got me such a swarm of staunch defenders spouting rage, and personal attacks, that I was actually forced to block two people for once. (Those people, by the way, have stopped talking about FFXIV.)
I thought we went over “New MMO Syndrome” and “First MMO Syndrome” before.
Game on the cusp of arrival; hype train builds steam.
Game is released; massive glowing gushing rants on social media.
Game has time to gel in their mind; people start to see the flaws and leave.
Lather, rinse, and bloody REPEAT.
To avoid offending those with delicate sensibilities, who are probably already off writing enraged comments at me, if you enjoy the game, great. I’m glad.
I’m not here telling you to hate it, but you shouldn’t be needing me to tell you I like it, in order to continue enjoying it. I’m not here to rationalize your purchases. I’m here to bring light to free to play games that normally aren’t at the top of the “OMG U HAV 2 PLAY DIS” list.

My most backlashed review: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Backlashed is a relative term here. But in the grand scheme of the year, the first review I’d done was the one that got the most flak. Again, it’s mostly due to the things I’ve mentioned about older MMOs. The set-in-stone playerbase doesn’t want to admit their game isn’t perfect, because in their minds, they are, and all critiques are inferred as indictments. Funnily enough, a lot of the things people were mad at, were things Skitch had said, or informed me about, who is an avid, long time player of this game, and was the reason I was even doing the review as soon as I was. However, I kept in mind two things: One, it was at least well enough received to be highlighted on a dedicated DDO podcast (where most of the raging fanboys game from, of course), and even a member of Turbine, the freaking DEVELOPER stopped by to comment on the video with praise, and I called their cash shop “an ugly mess”. As far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t care less what a bunch of sycophants feel about my review when the people who MADE it have no problem with it.

My most well-received review: RIFT

I place this here just so I’m not repeating titles too much, but otherwise, it’s because I was honestly the most worried about this review. RIFT was newly F2P, and had a pretty dedicated fanbase, and of course, the most worrying of all, it was one of the cases where making “WoW Clone” references was absolutely inevitable. This game was, and still is the definitive WoW clone MMO, and luckily, even the community was like, “Yeah, he’s right.” Maybe it’s because I avoided using phrases like “rip-off” (which is used all too commonly in gamer lingo) and made mention that despite using so many of WoW’s tropes, it refined them to a point that the game still felt like it’s own, and that’s honestly what’s more important. And just like WoW, it’s a game I’m too afraid to play for fear of it consuming my life again.

My most watched review (of this year): Neverwinter

This one JUST edged out DDO for the top spot, and I’m honestly not sure how. It’s certainly the most discussed review on this site, found its way to a few forums (*shudder*), but overall I didn’t think it’d be as popular as it was. Perhaps chalk it up to timing and interest, and even the Caturday fiasco probably had a few more people coming back to check it out. Regardless, I’ll have more to say about this in a few.

Best Community: Everquest 2

For once, a game centered around older MMO tropes, and filled with those types of players, wasn’t hell bent about being exclusionary for once. Questions got answered, and players did what they could to assist when available. Rarely did I see an argument beyond the few foolish enough to fall for obvious chat trolling, and it was an overall good community experience. Just too bad it was nigh impossible to talk to most of them. Of course, an out of game community sane enough to understand that I’m a newbie’s show is always welcome.

Worst Community: Neverwinter

I… wanted to like you Neverwinter. I was so expecting to like you. I polished off the Age of Wushu review with great anticipation and excitement for the next title I was playing… and my hopes were dashed upon the rocks. Yes, I predicted there would be strife between the two types of players this game would attract, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad, and given up upon so damned soon. NW’s mechanics are fun for a short while, until they become merely bearable, so when you’re accosted by several hundred chat screamers, offensive names, node thieves, PvP abandoners, and dungeon quitters, the tolerance levels for the game’s flaws plummet into nothingness. My Backtrack only served to remind just how absolutely unsalvageable this community is, and it’s disheartening to the point of madness. Yes, you can shut off chat channels and player names, but the asshattery doesn’t even remotely stop there. I’m still rather interested in starting a guild in this, and getting a group of regulars to play, but there’s no way I’m looking to the game’s general populace to accomplish anything, and I advise the exact same of others, unless of course, you happen to be as terrible as they are.

Runaway Success: Scarlet Blade April Fools Video

I was NOT expecting this reception for this video. Despite a decently strong showing on April Fools, the game’s audience hat a second massive wave (on Youtube) when the Tumblr blog “Escher Girls” (which showcases and mocks the ridiculous and overly sexualized proportions of women in various media) blogged the video, netting it a ton of reblogs.
Of course, my biggest complaint from people in that video was the “snobbish” voice I did throughout it, often complaining it was annoying. Yeah, that’s was the point. The game deserved nothing more than an endless mocking tone. Did they expect me to just stop doing the voice after a few lines? When I commit to horribleness, I freakin’ COMMIT.
On the down side, my consistent talking about Scarlet Blade ended up making it the most common result for those searching for info about the game… terrible, terrible info. You people are horrifying sometimes. I should compile a list of the search terms and place them on Tumblr sometime. They’ll go great there.

Best F2P conversion (for a former subscription game): TERA

“But, Jon, you hate TERA.” Yes, but for completely different reasons, and I give credit where credit is due. Just like NCSoft’s Aion, (which people are so convinced is where TERA jacked half of it’s ideas, the other portions being “Lineage” and “Blade and Soul”) TERA managed to gut it’s former subscription glory without sacrificing anything that made the game playable. The only downside I’d have is the lack of character slots (which I heard might have been raised. It’s not like I’m going to go personally find out), as any class driven game thrives on being able to play multiple characters, and limiting it to two, and charging for more is as jerkish as a loot-based game giving you next to no bag slots.
Speaking of… no “Worst F2P conversion” this year, even if some might want to give that “honor” to RIFT for the above mentioned reason, nothing has come close to last year’s winner’s asshattery.

Favorite Overall: Dragon’s Prophet

This was a surprise. The game is almost a 20GB installable joke. My Sidequest mocked the game for its alpha level issues in “Open Beta”, and the review itself still mocked the audacity to call itself a launched title with CB level issues still plaguing every corner. The game’s women can be created to look absolutely ridiculously proportioned, and there’s plenty of shameless skimpy outfits to go around.
But god damn it, if this game isn’t fun as shit.
I adore the combo system, which felt a lot more fleshed out from the “Open Beta”. It’s exactly the kind of system I was hoping TERA would be, but knew it wasn’t.
The classes are pretty standard, save for the Oracle, but playing each one grants more interesting combat opportunities, and not having a healer class makes so no one is ever shoehorned into playing “healbot.”
And you can RIDE DRAGONS. Yes, the “dragons” take on some “interesting” forms at time, but as does one of my favorite movies “How to Train Your Dragon”, which this game is practically an online version of, and thankfully not horrendously chat restrictive as a game based on that franchise would probably have to be. (SoE and Runewaker, get on licensing me a tameable “Night Fury” plox kthx.)
While quests aren’t anything too interesting to behold, they are plentiful to the point that you’ll feel like you’re at least making progress (unfortunately that loses a lot of steam once you reach the second continent). Enemies are challenging without being overwhelming, meaning that as long as you stay on your toes, you’ll be able to handle even some of the more difficult challenges.
This game combines so many MMO systems and tropes in a manner that gives something to a lot of people who play it, and even though it’s a bug filled monstrosity, I love the hell out of it, and can’t wait to get some more time playing it again.
With that I draw this MMO Grinder “season” to a close, and should be back January, providing what strain of the Plague I catch at MAGfest this year. Wish all us congoers luck.


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  1. Hey Jon just want to start by saying despite DDO being your “Biggest Backlash” due to some key things u were incorrect about the review overall was quite well done (as I’ve come to expect)

    I was just wondering if there’s any chance of doing a backtrack on it the ALOT of systems have been completely revamped or improved so I’d love to hear ure take on hit…here’s a few examples:

    – The forming of a player council

    – An overhaul of various defensive systems (Armor Class, Physical Resistance and Dodge), An complete rewriting of how the enhancements system works

    – A new “crafting-like” system called augment slots (yeah the devs still can manage to make a real crafting system…I blame their hate of making anything even similar to LOTRO)

    – A new auction house that uses “astral shards” which can only be obtained by spending real life money aside from special dev events,etc.

    – New “Iconic” characters that pre-mix a class with a race to make “Iconic” characters such as a Bladeforged Paladin…all of these are basically slightly modified existed races (ie. Purple Dragon Knights are of Mix of the Half-Orcs model shape with the human ascetics)

    – Addition of a few new skills and some changes to existing ones

    – A new free daily lottery of random constantly changing items (w/ option to pay for more spins)

    – The penalties to multiple runs of a quest now degrades over time (24hrs. clears any penalties)

    – Collectable turn-ins are now much more user friendly using a new UI called the “Barter System”

    – The “movement penalty” has been neutered by the new defensive system so it’s no longer an issue. The “Spring Attack” feat now grants a bonus to dodge%

    – The cosmetic system has also gotten a much better UI and becomes less punishing for getting new armor,etc.

    – There’s a “scaling” system that changes various things to make questing without a group less well “Elite People Only” exclusive

    – The “Renown Decay” has been removed to make being in a guild less of a chore and allows smaller and even 1 person guilds to participate in the fun

    – Lvl Cap increased to Lvl 28 w/ Lvl 29-30 coming soon with no plans to increase past that.

    – The Stealth system is actually usable now, offering an entirely new way to play the game

    – The reincarnation system has been redone and updated for the higher max cap (although I doubt u would talk about this)

    Oh and the cash shop is still messed up, the graphics are still outdated and the community is still fairly ravenous but its still a great yet incredibly complex MMO despite being buggy as shit :)

    • Sorri that was much longer than I planned…my orum posts tend to suffer from the same fate :P

      • Oh also the developer that commented “Cordovan” is pretti awesome…it’s one of the things that I love about DDO that outside of when the devs are in “Silent Mode” (aka crunch time for foums) there’s alot of communication…despite what the forum-goers would have u believe :P

  2. Dude, Final Fantasy XIV is probably my favorite MMO made.

    It’s got flaws, specifically the gold-spammers, customer service being utterly atrocious and the fact that it’s hard to level outside of FATEs after the first job come to mind, but it does a lot right too.

    The story, while not groundbreaking was really enjoyable and honestly gave me a reason to want to keep pushing forward. It makes me feel like an actual hero rather than just some adventurer who runs from hub to hub. It also (IMO) has a pretty natural progression from nobody to hero.

    The combat is simple and enjoyable. It certainly isn’t as fast paced or involved as “action MMOs” but that’s what I like about it. Sometimes I don’t want a fast-paced experience (If I did, I could play TF2 or LoL both of which I’ve pretty much dropped) it’s, in a sense, relaxing when it needs to be (soloing/leveling) and can provide some intense moments when it also needs to (dungeons, etc).

    The graphics are honestly wonderful. People often consider this a cop-out, but it’s nice being in a game with graphics that don’t come from 2004. Other MMOs can take this claim too, but I’ve always loved FF’s universes and XIV is no exception.

    Look, I’m not going to say XIV:ARR or even XI were perfect games. They had a lot (and still have a lot) of flaws, but I don’t blame anybody for singing their praises either. There’s a certain charm that these games have and I just love it for that.

    And yes, I know you said that you weren’t trying to convince me to not like it, but you complained about people not providing reasons for liking it, so there you go.

    Despite my love for that game though, I left it for a long while. Remember how I said “S-E Customer Service is atrocious”?

    Yeah, I got hacked (at no fault of my own, no downloads, RMT etc.) and then after reporting it to S-E, they simply closed my ticket and banned my account. I tried opening another 5 tickets using both email and service support chat and constantly got the run-around and people telling me I’d have to come back later.

    Eventually I just gave up and bought the game again when it was on sale (price of a monthly sub, so all I really lose was my beloved character).

    Kind of random, but just thinking about that instance makes me so mad I want to rant about it.

  3. Well god dammit. I need to go reinstall Dragon’s Prophet now. I’d forgotten about it after making a mental note to give it another shot after the review. I wonder if my horrifying abomination of an archer is still on my account.

    • Oh, and thanks for the great year. Your reviews only get better, and the interaction with the community that came from Grindstone pumped up my enthusiasm for the show even more. Looking forward to another good year of good-and-bad mmos in 2014. :)

  4. Thank you Jon (Chaos D1) for all the reviews and all of the effort you put in providing an objective view of all of these MMOs. Thanks to your reviews of both War Thunder and W of Planes, I was able to start up playing War Thunder this past holiday and I might try out the other one during summer. Keep up the good work and I look forward to all of your future endeavors. I’ve loved all of your vids up till now and your reviewing style gives me so much info on this genre of games and are quite entertaining to boot.

  5. I still enjoy coming back and watching the show, even though I might wait for a backlog of 2-3 episodes to build up.

    After 3 attempts to get interested in Rift, I finally fell for the game. Even now, I’m thinking of reinstalling it and grinding out some more crafting levels, or running around in Freemarch closing Rifts. The f2p conversion has worked fine for me, but that might be because I bought the Storm Legion expansion and was subbed for a few months before hand.

    I haven’t given FFXIV a try, but I’m curious. I’ve never really played a FF game before, and really, the only thing keeping me from playing this one is the subscription. I’m already subbed to SWTOR and AO (yes, I sub to Anarchy Online, even though I’m rarely on), and

    I’m desperately beating back the urge to sub to Fallen Earth, since that would open 20 crafting slots, rather than the one slot I have now as a freebie player. In a game where it’s almost mandatory to make your own armor, weapons, and health/stamina/gamma buffing items (or buy them out of the auction house), the more crafting options I have, the better.

    I still haven’t tried TERA, and I’ve only goofed around in the DP character creator before uninstalling it. I wouldn’t mind playing DP, but it feels like other games are calling me lately.

    My New Years resolution is to try to organize my time better so I can fit in streaming, reading, writing, and, oh yeah, drawing (might as well TRY to use those 2 art degrees I earned 10 years ago!). Hope 2014 is even better a year for you Jon!

  6. Final Fantasy XIV is my favorite game (played since the original version’s closed alpha), but it certainly doesn’t have to be yours. I’d be annoyed too if I were in your position. I’ll keep playing FFXIV and you keep coming out with those amazing reviews of yours.

    Over the length of last year, I’ve become a big fan of your show. Compared to the forced “acting,” unfunny slapstick and shrill over-pronunciation often featured on Channel Awesome, your show is very, VERY refreshing. I’m looking forward to another year of your amazing episodes and backtracks.

    • You pretty much nailed why MMO-Grinder is the only show from BT that ever stuck for me. I catch an Angry Joe Show from time-to-time, but the only one I consistently come back to check for updates on is this one. It’s a well-structured review show that, at this point in time, in unparalleled by any other MMO review show I’ve seen so far. I can’t wait to see where it goes this year.

  7. Just realized, there are no MOBA games mentioned on this list. I’m surprised since you’re such a big fan of Smite. The other MOBAs you looked at weren’t that impactful though so not surprised you didn’t mention Dawngate or Infinite Crisis.

    • A lot of the problem is that, beside League, every MOBA on the market right now is in some form of beta, making final judgment calls kinda iffy. It’s would just be inviting a lot of strife, which is another MOBA in beta.

  8. 2009? that was years before Spoony, Bhargav, Distressed Watcher, TCWTGoggles, & Lordkat left. Who could it be?

    Scarlet Blade doesn’t offend me; it’s pretty hard to offend a woman who reads Go Nagai mangas.

    FFXIV must have gone from bad to mediocre, because I haven’t heard a word on it from anyone in a long time.

    I still have mixed feelings about DDO. I remember as early as level 15 or 18, I ran out of quests & would have had to either grind the same quests or purchase sets of quests with actual money; can’t really call that FTP. Of course the game was still relatively new at the time.

    “WoW Clone” means nothing to me. The only 2 things I really know about World of Warcraft is that I can’t afford to play it, & that the male Elves are offensively hideous.

    Out of habit, the very first thing I did in Neverwinter was disable chat. I guess it was the right thing to do. lol. I do enjoy the game, but for some inexplicable reason never feel any desire to play it.

    Wouldn’t mind if Snidequest is a regular series. Reminded me of Kikoskia’s sarcastic review of Crazy Bus.

    I’d like to suggest Perfect World International for “Most Boring FTP MMO.” Having 5 playable races with their own starter areas couldn’t even help.

  9. I would argue DP but it it your list so…yeah. Maybe I just hate it because it ceased to give a damn on my PC and lagged like I was trying to play Skyrim in Windows 3.1…I’d even argue that is more possible than playing DP.

    Jokes aside:
    Other than that my personally favorite MMO would be Tera. Haven’t played it for that long, don’t really like the whole sexualization but the gameplay is fun and I might even give it a shot come to think of it.
    I’d love for an animal taming MMO…or an MMO in general that has more non combat variaties like SWG pre combat upgrade with more up to date graphics and..maybe something more fantasy.

  10. So your favorite free MMO is Dragon’s Prophet despite the lack of population? Does the game even have an instance finder?

    • I kinda hate people so it works out in my favor. Neverwinter would be more tolerable if it weren’t for the people playing it. DP might be low pop, but at least the people that are there are decent or unintrusive.

      And dungeon finders are not as needed for a game that isn’t really following the rules of the trinity.

  11. I play FF14 and I do like it the reason is I do not look at it like an mmo but more like a regular JRPG game ya know sides the instance’s with a party.I like it but it is pretty generic they do some interesting things such as the class advancement system. Also the fact that much like Eden eternal from lvl 15 of your main class you can play and become any other class as well,and even set some of the other class’s moves for you to use such as a lancer being able to use Heal if you have a conjurer that has learned it.

    The gameplay….is pretty generic it is a mix between action and turn base as in fact that your moves have cool-down you click on a enemy once to use an attack plus you have a preforming time in where a move takes a certain amount of time to actually fire its not instantaneous. You can not usually move while preforming them(except if your an archer)which can be annoying at times.

    Actually the combat reminds me a bit of Eternal Sonata in a way,I do find it engaging enough though it has a nice old school charm to it though its not that different from most click to attack mmo’s. Idk there is just something about FF14’s go at it that makes it fine for me I think it boils down to the style of it,and the fact that I like the story.

    The story is actually pretty good nothing spectacular but it is engaging enough where you want to know what is going to happen. However this brings my issue with FF14 it really should not be a sub game. As it feels more like a regular FF installment rather than an mmo which is not a bad thing mind you.

    If I was square I’d either do what Secret world did where you pay once to play for life or just make it a Single player release. Yep change it from a mmo into a straight forward Final fantasy game..which in my opinion would improve it a lot As it is pretty much already a solo experience(again minus the party dungeons),which are not badly done though the queue times from someone not a tank or a healer is crap.I think I let this mmo get away with stuff because it is FF(yes I am totally guilty of this) but it is still very well done for what it is which definitely helps me forgive it for some of its genericness.

    Basically if you do not like Jrpg’s or FF this will not sway your mind at all as it really is just a regular FF game with some instances where you team up with random ppl. Even than the ppl in your party might as well be npc’s cause they rarely talk(despite how many ppl play I found my experiences rather silent). Also if your looking for a break away mmo..ya this will not do it. I hope that answered some things about FF14 i’m not a good at explaining.

    • You are the only person who ever bothered to explain it properly, so thanks for that. I can see the appeal of a game that so fully relives the days of old, but it’s the fact that the sycophants are so willing to forgive every transgression made by a company intent on riding the coattails of their past successes. I get that’s kind of a “What have you done for me lately?” attitude to have, but there’s way too many people who do that, and ignoring those that truly are trying to innovate. It’s why I lean toward buggy messes like Dragon’s Prophet and Age of Wushu, in that they are at least working to break the mold. (Unlike GW2 who was more concerned with breaking the mold, than making sure the product was still in one workable piece.) LSS: Polished but generic is still generic, and I have no love or nostalgia left for Square.

    • you sum everything like i think it is so yes, you explain really good. I pay to play this MMO because i’m a fan (yes guilty me too) of the Final Fantasy Universe but you will not find anything really groundbreaking yet. The new patch 2.1 brought some interesting new things but let wait to see what the future reserve about this game.

      The community is great and my opinion said that a pay to play game tend to keep the *bad* crowd away, yet some exception exist.

  12. thank you for the awesome year of games and i hope 2014 goes just as well. ill keep on watching. best wishes mang and a happy new year.

  13. Rasp ONeill (Alt-Encephaon)

    apparently there have been many rumblings from employees that Mark Kern would make a lot of bizarre, impulsive and outright disruptive decisions that caused more than a few issues. what can you do when the CEO walks right in and tells you to change the way you do things? I guess we’ll see going forward. I really want to like Firefall but they need to fix some things before that can happen.

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