“Tell Us How You Really Feel”: Scarlet Blade text review


Ever since my April Fool’s video I’ve been getting a lot of requests, be in here, on Twitter, or wherever to actually do a full episode FRSRS on this game… and… well. Yeah. While I’m perfectly capable of doing just that, as it fits all the criteria  is hell of a lot more of an MMO than a lot of the fare I review on this show, the reason I don’t is simply because… You know exactly what this game is like. You watched the video? You saw an ad or a trailer somewhere? Yes. It’s exactly what you think it is.

Still it seems that’s not entirely good enough, so in its stead, I’ll go into a bit more depth about the game and how I feel about, this time without the backhanded compliments and snarky subtext.

Scarlet Blade is… a thing. Trust me… ask ANY MMO player who plays that game, old enough to know how sex and sexuality works and this is the answer you’re going to get. Why? Because despite all the obvious overtly shameless sexual content the game is… competent. It’s not terrible, gameplay mechanics-wise. It’s a pretty standard game that would probably hold up well enough without its obvious hook. It’s… a thing. But we’ll break it down Grinder Style:


Yep. The hook. The shiny Plasticine women. The giant jiggling breasts. The sexual innuendo and not so innuendo THAT. ARE. LITERALLY. EVERY. FUCKING. WHERE. And yet, ignoring the “sexy dance” your Arkana does to mount their oddly phallic motor-unicycle, this game is actually quite pretty. There’s a lot of interesting detail going on in the environment, and taking a look at the surroundings, not just your character’s “assets” showcases some pretty cool looking designs. Of course, like TERA a lot of them look like “cool for the sake of cool” as despite how awesome the weird flying jellyfish in the sky look, there doesn’t seem to be any explained reason why they are there. The “Elk” you fight sure don’t look like elk, but they have a really interesting design that seems rife with imagination. The observation I made about the animations wasn’t entirely a joke and the animation in combat actually looks pretty smooth. In a sea getting ever more stacked with “realistic” brown and grey worlds, Scarlet Blade is at least looking vibrant, creative and colorful… as long as you can move your character’s breasts out of the way to see them properly.


The soundtrack is pretty generic fantasy/sci-fi MMO fare, and there’s not much to focus on beyond the sound. It’s not bad music, but it’s very unremarkable. I am glad that we are at least thankfully spared from all the attacks sounding like sexual grunts, and at least sound like attack yells… despite them getting extremely repetitive. Then of course there’s that hilariously spotty voice acting. The characters sound ok, but some NPCs are so robotic in their voice… and I’m not just talking about the first voiced NPC you hear that’s literally robotic.


Starting out, you’re asked to choose between two factions, the Royal Guards, and the Free Knights. Royal Guards serve “Mother”, the being that created the Arkana, without question, feeling they serve only as weapons and must remain controlled. Free Knights believe that Arkana should be allowed to live free of “Mother”, and should not live their lives in servitude. It’s an interesting dynamic that is unfortunately completely POINTLESS. The game remains exactly the same no matter which one you choose. No, scratch that… The major difference is that anytime you would see “Free Knights” in the text with will be replaced with “Royal Guards” and vice versa when you play on the opposite faction. Best example? When you play the first few quests, a spy named “Cherry” shows up and attempts to sabotage communications. If you’re an RG, she’s an FK. If you’re an FK, she’s an RG.  Same dialogue, same quests. Same steps same fucking COSTUME, it’s NO different. I’m sure it’s for some PvP system that I’m not entirely certain even exists right now, but the opportunity for an actual story dynamic is completely squandered.

Classes are pretty simple to grasp, with the “unique ones” pretty much being alternate versions of classes you’ve already seen.  Whippers are basic AoE damage dealers. Punishers are heavy burst damage. The loli class, Sentinel is unfortunately for the nature of the game, one of the more fun classes to play, but combat among all classes boils down to “click enemy”, press skills, win. This doesn’t change later on. If the skill is available, use it. Ta-freaking-da.

Here’s where the game’s mediocrity really shines. This is pretty much every Korean Grinder you’ve ever played. You jump from quest to quest, killing enemies of various variety, and while the starting areas are pretty plentiful in content, from what I have been told, the game becomes a literally grinder later on while you wait for more quests to show up.

I say, “show up” because the game doesn’t do quests in the traditional sense of “find NPC with icon over their head”, instead, just dumping the quest right onto your interface. You press a button to accept it. You press a button to complete it.

You have a limited level of customization in the form of the skill tree you’ve seen in every MMO since WoW. It’s where you’ll unlock new skills, or tweak and buff existing ones. Nothing really out of the norm there. The only other unique feature to the game comes in the form of summoned mechs you can use in combat, but this is nothing more than a usable “rage mode” you might have seen in other games. You have a cooldown timer, and the Mech is basically summoned with an “Oh shit” button, letting you wreck enemies for a very short period of time before having to wait a long time to use it again. Pretty anti-climactic.


There are only two types of people who play this game. Those who are obsessed with the breasts and ass aspect of the game, constantly asking people for sexy items and making lewd comments in chat, and those who play the game ironically, wondering just how bad the innuendo and forced sexual content is going to get. Guess who’ll you’ll be seeing the most of. Chat is unquestionably a cesspool, with horrible comments and arguments abound, but a lot more often, it’ll quite down, leaving only your typical “trading ___ for ___” messages you see in every MMO. Alternatively, there’s always the gold spammers. ALWAYS the gold spammers. Still the audience is obvious. Dont’ believe me? Here’s a few search terms that have led to my site since posting the fake review. Many MORE than once:

  • can u have sex in scarlet blade
  • pics of 12 year old scarlet blade character
  • scarlet blade lingerie unsealer
  • scarlet blade selling sex
  • scarlet blade first quest boobs out
  • scarlet blade “tits”
  • how to make boobs seeable in scarlet blades
  • scarlet blade underwear

That’s a small taste of over 50 sexually related Scarlet Blade searches. So yeah, thanks for that…


There’s an item that lets you make your character naked. I don’t need to say anything more. You can imagine this is the most sought after item, and community chats are crawling with people wanting to buy the “Lingerie Unsealer” but being completely unwilling to pay for it. Otherwise if the in-game outfits aren’t shameless enough for you, there’s plenty more in the cash shop as well. A recent addition is literally a haphazard wrapping of pink belts covering up only the sensitive parts.


PLAY:  If you have no shame, are a 12-year-old child just finding out about “the boobies”, are interested in seeing just how horrible this whole charade can get, or want a fairly slick-looking sci-fi based grinder, and are willing to ignore the more obvious draw to this game.

PAY: Must. Make. Character. Naked.

PASS: You have any sense of dignity.

That’s really the gist of the game. It’s anti-climactic. If the “Sexy women” weren’t a focus, there’d be nothing to remark… yet it’s competent enough to play. I personally find it’s shamelessness hilarious as I do painful, making me yell out in exasperation, “This… FUCKING GAME!” every time I read some painfully obvious innuendo in an NPC conversation.

However, the shameless is enough to set a LOT of people off (Jacqueline (who helped me write a lot of the April Fool’s episode) spent most of time raging at everything about the game while I played it for footage.) This fact is most evident in many articles about the game, like this one I found in a recent google search here: Crossing the Design Line: An Indignant Review of Scarlet Blade. It’s a pretty accurate experience of how you’ll feel when you first foray into this… thing.


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  1. Actually Scarlet Blade is just open and straight to the point on using nudity and sexuality to sell the game rather than making it in the silverline as do all the others. But if you are not the common us-europe mentality about nudity and sex, you can easly just dismiss this side and enjoy a very good game for the price you pay … lol
    I use to play GW and WoW, and cant say I aint exposed to sexual content and nudity in those, in most part because of the players. In SB I can ignore completely whoever I want, and I have no obscenity shoved down my throat because when you ignore people, you ignore them for good. In the sense of bogus gameplay, Im sorry, but ALL mmos right now have the exact same gameplay of kill N mobs to loot N items an NPC told you to directly or indirectly, meanwhile find hidden itens in chests, natural resources or whatever, and LOTS of keyboard smashing. The only thing is that while the hate makes you perceive SB is just going around killing stuff for various reasons and GW or WoW is not, is because of whishful thinking due to media cry. In actuality, when you go down to business, no mmo is actually different from farmville in mechanics and skill needed.

    • I did a real video review on this a while back that came to the same realization you did. It’s still a barrier for a lot of people worth mentioning but it’s a solidly made game with a terrible mid-game grind, that’s really the worst part about it all if you don’t mind the obvious bait. Though people really took personal offense to “If you have any sense of dignity” as a PASS point. Lord knows I don’t have any sense of dignity.

  2. i personally think game is ok but I kinda would rather be in another game because when u get to level 15-17 the free knight spy come out of know where and sence there red named monsters they attack you and I only had 600 HP and they have 7000 and even if you hide from one they still come after you and its no use in running they run faster than u anyway and its I time and place I think also I was killing 13 bullpups when one rlly pops up in front of me and attacks me besides that the game is ok so for me

  3. Let’s be honest this game is designed for a guy who lives alone, has no girlfriend and is not married. You’ll spend more time looking for ways to make the girls naked and viewing them from different angles and playing with yourself then playing the game for the actual gameplay.
    95% of the guys playing this game are single an 90% of them will remain single

  4. To be honest, I do like this game. I’m not a guy, so I’m not attracted by the skimpy outfits and overly busty women. I think the idea was pretty interesting, and the PvP for me is exciting. A lot of the Quests, admittedly, are not that good. I do wish that they made quests more personalized to your class or faction. If they covered up the models, and made them look more realistic (those boobs aren’t realistic and you know it), and then personalized quests and names by class and faction, then the game could attract a lot more people.

  5. scarlet blade… once I tought this will be a good MMo, turned to be another grinder, some stupid requests to kill that for that or find that for that…not so brilliant..and the characters..really..sexy..!?! when ??
    I tried it nd I was , sadly, pissed off…This is not a game for me..maybe for some kids that wanna see some strngely looking feminine chars , not so dressed, with shiny skin and strange way of moving around…

  6. Aside from the skimpy clothes and sexual innuendo, this is pretty much no different than any other MMO. I’d argue that the writing quality of the quests is of much better quality than TERA and WoW Burning Crusade (supposedly it was revised?), but this is brought down by the fact that they really lost a huge opportunity for some interesting storyline with the Guards vs Knights. Also they could have used different text for each arkana, since they supposedly have different personalities. The voice acting is pretty cringe inducing though, it would probably be better if there was only text without voice.

    In any case, I like this game. The text is fun to read and there is the automove feature, so I can eat while playing.

  7. To be honest, I thought this game was made in the same vein as Sarcastaball. I mean, the girls aren’t even that attractive. Their faces are weirdly shaped and look like they’re made of plastic. We’re TOLD they’re attractive and we’re made to believe that through skimpy “outfits”, but those eyes and that alien face creep me out too much. I keep thinking the game’s a giant joke the developers made after getting fed up with games like Tera slutifying women. I’m a little shocked people try to defend this game. I get this bad feeling this is going to turn into gamers vs. feminists soon.

    • Looking at your friend’s review, I now realize the characters are basically dolls, so them looking like they’ve been pulled out of the uncanny valley by rope attached to their faces was probably intentional. I still stand by what I said though- This game HAS to be what happens when designers get so frustrated at something they consider a pet peeve they make a game ENTIRELY based around said peeve just to show how bad it can become.

      • Actually she didn’t write that. That’s just something by someone I don’t know that I found when looking around online. Reaction was roughly the same, though.

  8. I thought your Snidequest on this was pretty clear and nothing more needed to be said. I do like that other review you linked to but she didn’t seem to add anything that you didn’t address. I’m more amused that this game actually exists than I am offended by it.

  9. Nothing I can say that wouldn’t be beating the long-past-dead horse.

    Instead, here’s an idea for the game’s designers, to maximize the game’s profitability before the user base moves on to actual porn:
    After X days of free-to-play without buying $Y worth of stuff at the cash shop on an account, a player’s characters get a new outfit: a sensible, conservative pantsuit, complete with jiggle-physics-stopping, boobie-hiding blazer. This outfit will be unable to be changed until the player goes into the cash shop and buys an item specifically to allow them to remove it. The cash shop item will be a rental item.

    That one’s for free, Aeria Games. (*wink/chi-chick*)

  10. I quite enjoyed your sarcastic review. It reminded me of NoNameGuy; He’s like the Stephen Colbert of game reviewers.

    After reading this, all I can do is dare you to review Second Life. Hahahaha.

    • Some of the parts you can visit in Second Life make Scarlet Blade look like nothing. There’s all sorts of people and places there, some are as G rated as they can be, others are full on XXX. I mean, after bendy prims got added I was playing around with making hair that worked like hair while others were making wobbly dildos.

      I saw one bit of advice on making Lindens (the game currency if I remember the name correctly) that said you should get a sexy nude skin, some sexy dances then offer to dance at one of the adult themed areas. I just shook my head and went back to tinkering with building stuff and playing with scripting.

      • You know how Google Images includes tons of images that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject you’re looking up? Sometimes hooker dresses & lingerie from Second Life keep showing up.

  11. I totally got frothy on the game for the graphics, but then I realized that it’s hypocritical of me to get that way without actually playing the game itself. So far I’m at level 7 and my main reaction is that this game is awkwardly try-hard. Like it’s trying SO hard to be sexy and risque that it ends up just being dull. Like, I’m laughing at the sexy attempts more than anything.

    Ultimately it’s kind of sad. Like that’s it? It’s still tacky and tasteless, and yet it’s got this air of desperation about it; like the game knows it doesn’t have anything else to offer players. And ultimately that’s why I’ve put my rant pants away. I can’t pick on something this lame. I just can’t.

    • So it’s basically the game equivalent of Eiken?

      • Pretty much. Only difference is you can play the game and mostly ignore the boobs (save the running animation where the camera is focused not on your environment, but on looking down their shirts)

    • From below:
      “The sex jokes and the like ease up more as you go along, they just keep hitting you left and right with it for the first stretch, combined with the skimpy outfits it’s hard not to groan, a lot, when first starting out. By around the level 20+ mark some of the quest text can be goofy and fairly fun in a non-sexual way ( http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y400/To_Post_Online/InvasiveSporesalad-_zps58ac8f18.png they’re plant like critters of course), it mostly then becomes fairly standard stuff seen in other games, some sexual type references do come up (like a virus infecting the wildlife that is abbreviated to STD), but are not nearly as common as they were early on.”

      To add, it gets a better in the teens but there’s this perverted security guard that keeps dragging things down. The first couple NPCs you meet in person in the second major area will make you groan, but when you get there you will see your first Narak (the invading aliens), find out what the deal is with those constructs you first encountered around level ten, some background on the Arkana, and other stuff. Plus the content like the dungeon that opens up at 20 or 21 can and likely will kill you a few times before you get it right or realize you can’t do it at your level compare to the easy stuff you’ve had so far. It’s not going to be for everyone but the first stretch is what’s going to turn people off, thankfully you get through that in about 3-4 hours which for MMOs isn’t too long.

  12. I apologize for the length, I’m just trying to touch on this or that to clear some things up having dealt with this more than most here. If you don’t like the game, that’s fine.

    Overall this is just an average game, but it can be fun. There are those that just play it for its prime selling point, but they don’t seem to get past the first major area so when you’re there it’s constantly “how do I get their undies off” and such. I turned all the chat off within five minutes when I started which the game thankfully let’s you do. After you get to the next major area (level 20+, takes about 3-4 hours of play, longer if you take your time more) the chat is fairly typical for a F2P game, ok but not great having largely left you with those playing the game rather than there to gawk. The forum community is decent enough though.

    Regarding how quest chat for both factions are a carbon copy of the other with just names swapped, It’s obvious as heck early on due to the fore mentioned NPC and others but later quest test gets more neutral and other opponents show up. I don’t like it either and it’s a recurring annoyance people bring up in the forums, even the localization team chimed in to state they didn’t like it and want to change that. There was a survey just recently asking people about the importance of quality story/quest text and the like, whether anything is ever changed or not is another matter.

    The sex jokes and the like ease up more as you go along, they just keep hitting you left and right with it for the first stretch, combined with the skimpy outfits it’s hard not to groan, a lot, when first starting out. By around the level 20+ mark some of the quest text can be goofy and fairly fun in a non-sexual way ( http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y400/To_Post_Online/InvasiveSporesalad-_zps58ac8f18.png they’re plant like critters of course), it mostly then becomes fairly standard stuff seen in other games, some sexual type references do come up (like a virus infecting the wildlife that is abbreviated to STD), but are not nearly as common as they were early on.

    Grind is fairly standard, if you just hammer away on mobs after running out of quests with that char it’d be the usual slog as you go up in level. Although if you do your dailies and move on to other things in or out of the game or play other chars it’s not bad.

    Organized PvP is mass PvP with some 15 to 35 or so on each side bashing away on each other in one of two play fields you can join every hour at level 20+, every two at level 15-19 (only can access the one play field at that time). There’s also dueling and a mixed PvP and PvE zone when you hit level 23. More PvP zones including one where you play soccer of all things is coming.

    Regarding the outfits and such, honestly it’s not all that shocking compare to what else is out there, it’s just everywhere rather than occasional. There’s various games where the male knight is a massive hunk of muscle that looks like a wall of steel in his armour, then there’s the female knight in a string bikini with plates of metal strapped on here and there. When I was playing Atlantica Online I was getting the feeling my level cap gear was going to be some well placed band-aids. There’s TERA and others where the high level gear covers you less than your underwear ( http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y400/To_Post_Online/TERA-armour_zps281f9164.jpg ), then this one popular outfit in Dark Blood was basically boots, gloves, wings and little bits of nothing over their boobs and crotch. You just come to ignore it all soon enough in Scarlet Blade if you’re not 13 or so.

    There’s suppose to be a content update this coming week, it’s still sort of content light in its current form but there’s a fair bit more in Korea, including a male playable class (called the Chaser, yeah, I groaned at that name too).

    With the nice things out of the way…

    The item mall is SHIT, no really, worst piece of crap I’ve ever seen. It’s not a store, it’s a fucking casino. Most anything of particular interest are in random boxes with absolutely dismal odds (people often come up empty after getting 50-100+ of them), a single $200 costume package with maybe $25 in extras, gamble wheels, gamble this and gamble that. Then there’s these volume purchase ladders where if you buy enough other stuff within a few days time you can select from other items as a “bonus” which may also be gambles and items exclusive to those ladders. If they do offer direct buy the items are overprice and they may even limit you to one per account. Seriously, if you’re going to take a pass at this game, do it because of this piece of shit “item mall.” If anything kills this game, it’s going to be this as with it as it is it favours a revolving door customer base rather than a long term loyal one. It’s been up a bit over two weeks but there’s already a 74+ page long thread of people yelling at them to put up an actual item mall rather than a casino with it growing by 10-20 pages after every fuck up.

    Then there’s the errors, of hell the errors. Items priced one price here, another elsewhere ($0.69 vs $3.69 for instance), items in the web mall but not the in-game one or the reverse and items marked as being unable to trade that you can trade. Should I quit, this joke of an item mall will be the reason and some people that got those $200 founders packs during closed beta have already left due to this thing.

    • That would just seal it for me. The worst examples I have are S4league and freejack. God, freejack went through a HUGE change, and then they told us to gamble for better CHARACTERS! That’s not a game anymore. If you think it is, good on you, but I’m not playing to get lucky. Oh, and the chance of that giving you that char is abysmal.

      Oh, and guess what? Vanity items, that have no effect on gameplay whatsoever, are rentals only! Like furniture. What was going through their head when they thought that was a good idea?!

      • A number of the Korean F2P games love the rental system for inventory expansions, vanity items, whatever, this one only has rentals on inventory and personal warehouse expansions, permanent ones exist but they’re in random boxes… The thing that REALLY gets me about the cash shop here is how the Aeria Games one compares to the Korean publisher’s one. The one in Korea has almost no random stuff at all, the only random boxes are with some misc stuff in it apparently that people get to resell in the auction house. If we got that item mall here, people would be ecstatic.

    • When looking at what is written here it feels like you’re more against this than TERA. Take the target and hotkey combat, that’s used in many other games including, unless I’m grossly mistaken, The Secret World. In others you give it a “you might not like it, but that’s the way it is” kind of comment, here it’s a source of ridicule.

      The sex jokes aren’t *EVERYWHERE*, more common early on but take the robot ones you listed, that’s gone. I started midway through “closed” beta and it was gone then. Now she complains about how long it’s taking to boot up so she names it deja-vu, the bot then complains back about not being obsolete or something along those lines.

      The shop is a great source of frustration but you largely just said “look, you can get this thing that lets you take her underwear off.” You can be sure there are some that get it just to do that, just as some get the skankier underwear in Vindictus just to stand around in town like that, or take their top off and stand around town in Age of Connan with her boobs hanging out, and so on. The unsealer in this game is so you can put on other underwear which gives some HP and SP (mana) bonuses.

      Some of the costumes like the one you mentioned are worse than others, just as some of the costumes/gear in other games are worse than others. One of the newer mercs in Atlantica Online that as far as I know is or did come over here is wearing nothing but strips of well placed cloth and a hooded cloak, plus she looks about twelve. One of the underwear in Vindictus is a mummy wrap with the strips in just the right places. Pretty sure I’ve seen that motif elsewhere too, like that one character in Mortal Combat.

      It’s not the most amazing thing ever or the epitome of taste and decency, but it’s a Korean game, what else is new? It’s like HAWKEN, some will not be able to get past the drab look of it all or other aspects, others will like it, then others won’t really care and play it for what else it offers.

      • Umm. Don’t start being that guy. You’ve already replied to this thread 5 times, now. You don’t need to defend your own opinions from mine, nor do you need my approval of this game for you to enjoy. You don’t need to convince everyone why you like it. Your replies are starting to get oddly defensive. You enjoy it. We get it. Please let it go.

        • The thing is, especially in the second half, you’re coming off as looking for bad parts to point out, even ones that exist outside of the game experience (another review & web searches) which you have even spoken out against doing in videos (like stated in the TERA video near the start). That or adding a slant to make it seem worse, like the camera in the video, or handling of quests here. You can put the camera where you want to, I find a well back and 75% angle the most effective and trouble free, while you were shoving it into the ground on purpose at that point, which made no sense, even for the sake of a joke video. With quests, usually having to needlessly and constantly go back and forth from town to the field to hand them in and get new ones is a source of complaint for most, here it looked like you were doing the reverse, how does that make sense? There were reviews **just like** the one you linked here for Dark Blood, also done by random bloggers and the like, why didn’t you link any of those then, or any game reviews from others before now? There’s also reviews for Scarlet Blade where they say along the lines of “sure it’s pervy, but it’s still pretty decent.”

          In the HAWKEN review comments you responded to someone asking about browser based games by saying you don’t want to come off as promoting something you find terrible, yet it sure seems you find this terrible. If it’s so completely objectionable to you, even more so than TERA, you should have left it alone from the start as you’re saying I should do now.

          Lately it seems like you’re purposely trying to poke the hornets nest in some things. Like the recent TERA one, I figured you had already dealt with all that in the review comments, but you felt the need to bring it up again to largely repeat yourself in more detail, yet I’m being defensive and “that guy” here? Putting a DOTA 2 and LoL video back to back with a SMITE one not long before (haven’t you said you’re against doing the same kind of title too close to each other?) looked like it could get messy if the fans caught wind of them, and I said as much at the time. This seems to be more of the same, and it’s getting to be a disturbing trend. I don’t really want to say more than this on the topic, but it really does look more and more as of late like you’re trying to be the on and off “edgy” guy for the sake of getting more attention.

  13. I think Scarlet Blade, in all seriousness, might have had a chance at being a decent kMMO-style game if it did ONE thing that had not already been done by Lineage II and every other kMMO in the past decade.

    I mean c’mon. You have guns, busty cyborg women, and sexism. It’s like the anime checklist couldn’t have gone any better, and then they just said “And now let’s plagiarize NCSoft.”

  14. Mairenaianelle

    A game I have no interest in trying. I heard about it some time ago but didn’t see much of it so figured it was a bit crazy but doesn’t really earn all the talk about it. …now I know from reading this stuff and looking into it a bit more recently this year…. Yeah…I like the Elin in Tera because they’re adorable…but I’m not “crazy” over them. …so absolutely no reason I would want to try this game out. …uuuugh.

  15. I… didn’t really wanted this anymore. But thanks for sharing the link and this review. It’s very spot on, and I’m glad you don’t review too many of these types of games. They are literal timesinks with nothing else in them. I don’t see the enjoyment in these games anymore.

    With types, I don’t mean sexy MMOs pretending to be mature when they’re not types. No, I’m talking about grinding MMOs, I’ve been in a fair few of them, and I really do not want to get into those things ever again. They’re boring.

  16. Most necessary review evar.

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