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The MMO Grinder 2014 Year In Review

Hey remember how in the past two years I put together a subjective list of meaningless MMO accolades and derision that ended up causing more internet arguments than debate and discussion?

Why not do this again! This past year had a lot of major changes. I dropped Blip for Youtube, something I thought I would never do. I ended up opening a Patreon campaign, which I was honestly expecting (and in the back of my mind, am STILL expecting) to go nowhere, despite reaching three goals within a few months. I was really bad about keeping up this year, considering both January and March went without any full episodes. Finally, this was the year we finally made Grindstone into an actual thing, rather than just a dozen regulars jumping into whatever game I was reviewing, going as far to get us an official logo now.

DISCLAIMER: The following statements are not based on any sort of fact. This is an onslaught of pointless opinions, observations, and anecdotal evidence, based solely on the concept that people really seem to dig this kind of crap at the end of every calendar year. I don’t get it either.

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Scarlet Blade (Episode 56)

“Tell Us How You Really Feel”: Scarlet Blade text review


Ever since my April Fool’s video I’ve been getting a lot of requests, be in here, on Twitter, or wherever to actually do a full episode FRSRS on this game… and… well. Yeah. While I’m perfectly capable of doing just that, as it fits all the criteria  is hell of a lot more of an MMO than a lot of the fare I review on this show, the reason I don’t is simply because… You know exactly what this game is like. You watched the video? You saw an ad or a trailer somewhere? Yes. It’s exactly what you think it is.

Still it seems that’s not entirely good enough, so in its stead, I’ll go into a bit more depth about the game and how I feel about, this time without the backhanded compliments and snarky subtext.

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Snidequest: Scarlet Blade

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