Scarlet Blade (Episode 56)

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  1. Heads up to new viewers: This game shut down last week.

  2. HealzPleaze the Medic

    I played this game as a Medic (“Yeeeeaaaaahhh???”), and I have to say the community was very supportive of me, especially when I stated I wanted to play as a Full-Support Healer (all healing, no offense).
    However while the players may appreciate a FS Healer, the GAME did not. There is no incentive by the game to do anything for anyone else. The game gave me no experience points for doing my JOB, and if I’m in a party healing other party members actually DRAWS AGGRO. I spent much of the Drasilmarch dungeon raid attempting to run away from monsters while trying to keep my party alive.

    I’d like to see reviewers keep an eye on this aspect of MMOs: Must you ONLY kill to gain levels? Can a support character do his/her job WITHOUT having to fight? Do all clerics have to learn how to break bones before they can learn how to heal broken bones? Do all cooks have to go out into the wild to kill dinner? Do all blacksmiths have to climb over bodies to get to the ore they want? Can you outsource?

  3. it’s a niche game and i don’t judge people that want to play it
    the Cash shop is what puts me off tbh

  4. I like to imagine that the immature players left when they discovered the countless terabytes of free porn on the internet that doesn’t involve grinding.

    That being said, the introduction of the Coyberblayde might hopefully be a first step in making the game actually sane.

  5. As I’m listening to this review all I hear is you knocking the game because of its sex appeal. Even when you try and compliment the game with its music, enemies or surroundings you seem like you feel the need to attack it because of its sexy characters. I wonder why, nothing wrong with eye candy.

  6. This review is tits! (that’s how the cool kids say it nowadays, right?)

  7. I read it for the articles! I mean, I play it for the combat! I mean juggs I mean TITS I mean dammit…. I mean I find the most erotic part of a woman to be the boobies I MEAN I don’t think of women as a collection of anonymous body parts, I think of them as breasts, butt, and legs WAIT NO

    Seriously, tho, I was kind of disappointed you didn’t do this in the Snidequest voice. Why? Because, fun story… my fiance is legally deaf, and came in one day while I was watching the Snidequest video, asked “what the hell that was”, and I answered “it’s a joke video”. After getting eyes rolled at me, I shoved her headphones on her head, and after a bit, I got an “oh, it’s that guy from those Phelous videos” out of her. (Sorry, she doesn’t watch this series, despite her playing more MMOs in her time than I ever have.)

    And it really, REALLY is bizzare, seeing the amount of effort and “better than it has any right to be” put into this thing. Especially considering how much pure garbage you can already find on the internet of the “over the top sexualization/degrading to women BUT you can’t criticize because it’s TOTALLY SERIOUS guys” variety. (“FATAL” or the actual “Queens Blade”, anyone?)

    Oh, also, “does scarlet blade have virus” made my day. In~~~~nuendo!
    …however, “pics of 12 year old scarlet blade character” then immediately went and made me depressed again. Blah.

  8. *blink*


  9. TERA’s male outfits are great. Too bad the same can’t be said for this game.

    So I’m wondering Who is the male class for. Are they trying to attract bisexuals of either gender? Maybe they just tossed him in when they read that 40% of MMO players are women. & the lack of dialogue change makes every male NPC gay for Chasers, which will attract gays & Fujoshi.

    But this class doesn’t fill in the need for “equal opportunity sexual objectification.” The Chasers don’t show enough skin, no promiscuous sitting positions on mounts or mechs. Since there’s only 1 male class, they really need body sliders & longer hair options.

    Nooo! Giant Mushroom Forest! My one weakness! Is there a tropical beach as well?

    Sentinel boots for the lose!

    Aww, no body sliders for the Cyberblades? Muscular bodies are so overrated.

    Haven’t heard you say “Pay to win” in a long time.

    I’m kind of surprised “boing boing boing boing boing” & “boobs bigger than head” didn’t show up on the list of search terms.

    Hmm, what will it be? Tales Runner? Rumble Fighter? Revisiting LaTale?

  10. Its good to see that they actually put some effort into this game. I know there is inherent crustiness to a game based around soft core porn but I can tell they could of gone for even lower hanging fruit. Its even nicer to see company even cares about things like story and gold spammers and that the community can keep civil despite the nature of the game.

    That said the boring pve combat and grind walls is a deal killer for me. I’m not going to go up on a high horse and say I can’t get enjoyment out of scantily clad women in a video game. But if the game itself is boring I’m more inclined to cut out the middleman then slog through a boring mmo.

  11. “Tits: The MMO”
    That just made my day, thank you.

  12. I remember getting Mark’s quest! And I think my jaw literally dropped. I’d put up with a lot of the innuendo at that point, but that was the point where I got full on grossed out. I didn’t last too much longer than that because I started hitting grind walls and got tired of it (around level 20 I think?). Maybe that there’s a Cyber Blade I’ll give it a second look.

  13. Next game with a new publisher? I think that will be Allods Online? :)

  14. The search results were the best part of this review. I’m glad you shared them. But despite how easy porn is to look at or obtain off the internet these days; I guess some just want an MMO for it. It was only a matter of time before this happened, but perverts and virgin children have a right to be entertained just like the rest of us. It’s something different, unlike all the copy/paste WoW wannabes that aim to do nothing but steal crust crumbs off of Blizzard’s leftovers. I’ll never play this thing, I’m irritated enough just with games that put women in skimpy outfits for no reason other than cocktease, but I am glad it exists. I like R rated content, not Teen rated stuff that tries to do it but can’t show anything. Scarlet Blade is not a cocktease. You’ll get exactly what you came for, whatever that may be.

  15. As it turns out I can’t edit/append to my last comment, here’s an actual bit of feedback on the video: Well done! The game looks like utter dross on the surface, butt tits nice to know it at least has the potential to be interesting. Gameplay sounds more than a little… Boring, frankly, but then that’s my opinion of most MMOs of this fashion. The sci-fi element is definitely interesting and something we don’t see in MMOs a lot, but it’s somewhat undercut by setting the game in the same Fantasy forests anyway. Or so it seems from the footage, anyway.

    Maybe that’s just me, but the giant boobs and fetish gear don’t bother me, at least not on a principle level. There’s nothing wrong with a bit (or a lot) of perversion. Sadly, my issue with them is more one of design. Whenever horndog artists sit down to draw essentially strippers, they seem to always draw the same woman in the same general outfit. I could deal with some of the swimsuits or next to full frontal nudity, but I draw the line at those ridiculous heels. Seriously, why does anything and everything trying to look sexy have to wear buffalo-hoof platform heels. They don’t look good, they don’t look comfortable and only serve to make the whole thing even more silly than it is.

    Me, I’d play it for that stealth class… But I have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t stay as clothed and will end up in the same stupid needle stilettos anyway. The grind just doesn’t feel worth it for a game that’s essentially a joke and an a single ogle. I mean, if I were THAT pressed for 3D boobs, there’s always Umemaro.

  16. “Find some high-level enemies and grind on them for experience.” This two sentences after you talk about how the innuendo in the game stopped :)

  17. How do mine for boobs n scarlet blad?

    In all seriousness the enjoyment raidcall got out of this game, even those of us that didn’t directly participate, makes this all worth it. It is such a shame that the game is good underneath all the rampant perversion, sexism and fetishism and I bet more then one of the designers on the team face desked several times when their interesting world and story was covered in tits and ass.

  18. Reminds me of what I repeatedly have to say about some of my favorite shows and anime: “No, really, if you can get past all the blood and titties, there’s a good story here!” Sounds like kind of the same thing with this game.

    I feel like I’m crazy saying this, but… now that you’ve full explained everything, and with the improvements to the community and at least the first steps towards gender equality… I kinda want to try this out… *dodges tomatoes*

    Oh, and that post-credits bit was side-splitting. XD It made me think of an old webcomic called Mac Hall, where there was a running gag with the authors that because of one joke they did, one of the top search terms that brought people to their site was “Digimon Porn”.

    • Ah Mac Hall. Good times. The comic you’re referring to is this one

    • I was introduced to a panchira anime like “Agent Aika” & “Blitz Tactics Najica” back in my anime club days. This guy was trying to justify it by selling it like “if you ignore all the panty shots, it’s actually a pretty good show” & another guy said “It’s actually really serious, but there’s so much underwear thrown at you that it’s unintentionally hilarious.” & a girl said “Yeah? That’s what they said about Eikan, & f**k if I’ll watch that again.”

  19. Good show…wonders if the creator wanted the tits or not!

    Watched this at work..riskee!

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