Sidequest: Dead Island Epidemic (Closed Beta)

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  1. Sorry for the completely OT, but I haven’t watched your show in ages because adobe flash and/or firefox and/or my computer and/or windows vista refuses to cooperate with blip. Months ago I gave up and unloaded flash entirely and was able to run some youtube videos and most anything I see with a vimeo label, but when I came back here I got a suggestion from firefox to download the appropriate software to view media on this site and it was adobe flash again, complete with the endless chain of error messages.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had these sort of problems and if a solution was ever found as most searches I’ve done on the topic give results from 2010 that don’t much work.

    • Since I don’t have internet access everywhere, nor Flash, I typically download the Blip video files using Chrome consoles (Ctrl+Shift+I, look for the largest files in “Network”). You still need Flash to get the player to start loading.
      There may be Firefox add-ons that enable downloading, but some of those require the Flash player to load.
      So I guess my advice is to use a second computer to download the files and then transfer to whatever you want to watch them with.

    • I also tend to upload Youtube versions of the episodes for those who might have problems with Blip’s…. blipping.

  2. Why does this even exist….?

    That’s really all I can say/think of…

  3. I never fully understood this concept until I saw it playing out in front of my eyes, in a way so blatant that I couldn’t ignore it: The combat in this game looks really stiff. Seriously, that’s like, what, two frames of animation for a basic attack? I know the game’s in beta, but jesus… At least put a little more effort into your attack animations.

    Also, while I am definitely happy that game studios are out there making MOBAs that aren’t just more shameless DOTA clones, I’ve grown to thoroughly hate the Dead Island franchise, both for the massively disappointing gameplay and Deep Silver’s absolutely horrid PR. I don’t think I can ever forgive the series enough to play more of their stuff. Glad it’s fun and innovative, but I’m going to have to pass on this one…

    • If you’re looking for more dynamic “DOTA-inspired game”, there “Super & “Old” Monday Night Combat”. Unfortunately both of them are not under further development by Über Entertainment, since they’re currently focusing on getting “Planetary Annihilation” released released later his year. But who knows, maybe they will return making SMNC the awesome some game some of us used to enjoy a lot.

  4. Dead Island is pure garbage, but it’s nice to see this one is fun to play. Any DOTA-style game without some form of “gold” and “items” is one I at least have to try, so thank you for bringing this to light.

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