Twin Saga (Episode 92)


The usual crowd shows up here, as well as Tsarius, who was the most enthused by Twin Saga, while Karochi, a former X-Legend fan, has far less patience for the title. The rest of us, Dreskar, Dobar and myself, have different reasons to reach our conclusions…

Well rapid breakdown time, I don’t think Twin Saga is worth playing. It isn’t as bad as Dragomon Hunter but then again few things are, yet it hits every X-legend cliche in the book, has perhaps the worst crafting system out of all of their offering, gathering is one of the worst time waster systems I have ever seen in any MMO, and the combat is just alright. That last part is actually more insufferable with just how tedious the game gets in the later stages, where to make things more ‘difficult’ enemies get larger and larger health pools while you get tasked with killing more and more of them. You can mix things up by changing classes but why in the hell would you want to do that? The class you change to will be considerably weaker, only starts with a few skills making the combat even more repetitive then it already is, and is never a mechanic that is actually needed. Hell if you could change on the fly mid combat to react to what an enemy was doing, be it another player for the pvp or enemies with mechanical depth in pve, then the system could have been interesting. As it stands it is a gimmick plain and simple and outside of granting you some extra abilities for hitting class milestones that allow some simple spells to be cast by anyone it isn’t even worth your time to actually level them.
Perhaps I would be more forgiving if X-legend didn’t shit out a new one of these every other year, but the sad fact is they do and they just seem to be getting worse at it with every release. Now Dragomon was by far the worst to date but their most recent examples haven’t exactly inspired the same confidence in the developer that Aura Kingdom did and frankly there isn’t any reason to expect they might turn this current funk around. This is a company well past its prime and unless they actually try to break out of the rut they are in, this will be one of those “Oh that company made it, ya you can pass.” situations. Frankly this game is an insult to your time, there are far better free offerings out there and even better X-legend games so just avoid this one.
No seriously it is pretty shit, no jokes, no trying to twist things this is a game that never needed to be made and the formula they have for these titles needs to be sent back to the lab. Oh god I didn’t even mention the shit tier writing…
Recommended?: NO. There are better free games out there, and better X-legend games.


CONS: They removed the skip button. They removed the reasons to level multiple classes. They made class switching practically useless. They made the graphics shittier. They still didn’t put any other races back in. They put a grindwall right next to nothing interesting at all. The classes don’t feel very interesting having so few skills, and the customization is barely there. The crafting system seems like it would’ve been neat if there wasn’t a fun tax on everything is this fucking game; pay to plant shit then pay to put the plant into a bottle you also have to buy to make a potion to get a dinky title which gives +4 attack or some shit.
PROSE: Yeah, way too much prose. Fuck the writing in this game.
Fuck off X-legend, you haven’t been good since 2012.
Recommended?: NO.


This game is an inferior Aura Kingdom 2.  If you played Aura Kingdom, you played this, though Twin Saga does add a few things, though not enough.  I think like a lot of people, I hit the wall at 48-49 after a few days and have not bothered to come back.  I think it has been about a week from writing this since I have loaded the game, and I have no desire to play.  The story does not feel interesting, the fighting is dull, and it feels like there is nothing to do, but mindlessly grind, and if I want to do that, I have better games to do that in.
Even the dungeons do not feel fun, especially in group content.  It feels like a war of attrition rather than fun and interesting content.  This is still not worse than Dragomon Hunter, but that does not say much. The overly sexual and creepy dialogue you see early seems to dies down and just becomes boring blocks of text, with some memes and bad puns still showing up, but with how much text is thrown at you, it just feels meaningless.  Overall, after a couple days, this game was not a fun and entertaining experience.
Recommended?: NO. If you must go with a X-legend game, play Aura Kingdom.  Even then, there are many better options out there.


Another X-Legend game.  That, honestly, should tell you everything you need to know.  With that said, I’ve been loving the hell out of it and might end up sticking with it for a long time.  It has the class switching mechanics of Eden Eternal (but without the super messy bonuses for leveling classes), achievements that give titles that add to your stats (which makes sure even when you aren’t leveling, you’re still making progress), and (apparently, as I didn’t play much AK) the same feel of play as Aura Kingdom.  I believe they came up with a winning combination on this game.
With that said, there are issues.  A lot of issues.  At 48, you stop leveling easily.  At 50 you absolutely have to grind dailies or dungeons to get any xp.  Level 50-52 takes more xp than 52-55. Aeria games is the publisher, so expect semi-poor customer service, awful drop rates, and grab bags galore where the only reason they’re not considered gambling is the fact that you get worthless crap 95% of the time.  At the time of this Tribunal entry, there’s no content for level 60-65.  About 20% (it seems, I can’t check because I’m only lvl 54) of the current latest content is dubbed “future content” even though it’s already in the game.  Why they released content without translating it, I have no idea.
Recommended?: YES, assuming you can get past the fact that Aeria is the publisher and you have no issues with X-legend titles that aren’t named Dragomon Hunter.


I don’t even know where I want to go with this… X-Legend used to have no problem holding my attention, but lately… Eh.
I will easily say (as I have repeatedly said) that this game is unquestionably better than Dragomon Hunter. I was basically convincing myself that I enjoyed that game until I couldn’t keep the veil on any longer. This game? I enjoyed it until it annoyed me, but it’s wasn’t like Dragomon, where it annoyed me all along, I was just in denial. I love how Twin Saga looks. The faces are some of the most expressive I’ve seen since Ragnarok 2, even looking over the footage I was using in the review, I kept just focusing on how great and expressive the faces of each character looked, something sorely lacking in a lot of MMOs, without ever approaching the uncanny valley territory of Black Desert.
Combat was flashy, fun, and… piss easy, but I’d expect nothing less from X-Legend, even when Dragomon had us being one-shot by unfair, poorly, or failed telegraphed attacks. Class switching was once again a welcome sight, even though I never bothered to use it.
But the story, that seemed like someone on Aeria’s staff really missed writing for Scarlet Blade, was just overblown and uninteresting to read. There was times where I’d run across some pretty dark SUPAH KAWAII moments, like when asked to find a missing child for a quest you stumble upon their corpse, or losing a long standing quest NPC to a sacrifice, but nothing close to the pure nihilistic tragedy of the “Demon’s Heart” quest from Aura Kingdom.
Twin Saga should have been the best fusion of X-Legend’s two most intriguing games, but instead, it’s a dumbed down version of both.
Is it terrible though? Hell no. Still one of the better MMOs I’ve played in a while, but so utterly unremarkable, that I can’t say you should go out of your way to play it if you have no interest from the review. I’ll still give it a recommendation if you’re not as jaded as we are.
Recommended?: YES. If you’re not sick of X-Legend yet, it’s another solidly playable entry, and great for beginners.


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