RIFT (Episode 44)

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  1. Downloaded this immediately after I got my new card installed. I can see myself going back & forth between this & Neverwinter all year, even if I do have serious commitment issues.

    Not really having much problem with storage bags; by level 10, I was able to cheaply purchase two bags with 8 slots each.

    You can do some realy funky shit in player housing, from “holy crap, I can’t believe it’s player housing” to simply making shit float upside down in mid air.

    I usually avoid other players, but I’ve been in tons of open groups for raid defense & rifts.

    The classes are all balanced & are all great for soloing. My Cleric & Ranger both have a summon & a little pet. Slap on a mount & I’ll feel like Momotaro.

  2. I just wanted to comment on Rift’s poor graphics performance. If you go on the rift forums or even google this subject, you will discover that the current engine is very, very poorly optimized. Regardless of your PC, if you were to buy a 3k dollar machine today, it would still chug during large invasions with many people on the screen. This is regardless of your graphics settings.

    Running the game on low render vs everything maxed produces barely any framerate change for me during large player events. It’s pretty frustrating when you’re trying to play with 20+ other people and only getting 12 frames per second. It’s the reason why I stopped playing the game

    • I haven’t had that problem at all, but my head did vanish for a solid half hour & the audio started echoing for an hour.

  3. I was dragged into this game around end-June, and only regretting how great of a time-sink it gets. Only once had I ever found myself play WoW for over 12 hours at a time, and it was for about a 50-hour weekend. Rift hasn’t gotten that from me, but it gets a good full 16-hour day from me each time I turn it on. The only problem I can find in it is the expansion souls seem to have balance issues, which makes me wonder if they were originally supposed to be unlocked at a higher level, the rogue expansion soul seems the worst offender to balance at lower levels.

  4. I tried this last night, and again this morning after the download was done, and it just seems kind of clunky even with the graphics set low. And I couldn’t find any way to get the font sizes up to something reasonable.

    I’m not sure what the issue is. LotRO plays fine for me, and Aion was at least obvious is being too pretty in the spots it got hiccuppy on me.

    • There is a UI slider in Settings > Display. I was playing alongside Tyger last night and he cranked it up so high that we could read the text on his 360p stream.

  5. Hey 44, got a 50th episode special planned?

    3:13 “The gun is good! the penis is evil!”

    The female body hasn’t looked this masculine since preHellenistic times.

    ::Sees “Sanitorum” as a handle.:: ::checks Urban Dictionary:; ::Facepalms & sighs::

    So I can make a warrior dude & make him wear a dress? Awesome.

    The only other game I know that lets you kill with flowers in MapleStory.

    Never have & never will play WoW unless it goes FTP.

    I’ll put this in my queue; I can tell the effects will run like shit if I don;t get a new card first.

  6. I noticed you have the ground effects turned off. Normally when rifts open they also alter the terrain to something matching the type of rift. Did you disable that for performance reasons?

  7. Regarding the 2 character slot restriction, it’s 2 slots per server. So feel free to feed your Altiholism among the game’s 10 servers.

    I played this game for a bit, but despite the awesome level of customization (teleporting rogue tank struming a lute) I haven’t got into it.

    Oddly enough, I have been playing a ton of Warframe.

  8. Hey Jon! Great to see you give Rift a try. I liked most of what the game had to offer, but I agree that the quests are a bit cookie cutter. Also the art design was a little off, too. If your ever back on Faeblight again, I’m Pyria (lvl 32 Pyromentalist, Guild: The Dal Riata).

  9. Rift was a game I was looking at for a long time, but never really got into. It looked really cool, but It seems to have so many classes that I don’t know which ones to pick. I do normally like to play a OC character I made for a project I have been working on, to flesh out personality, attacks, and such, but not sure what to go with in this game. The wiki confuses me a bit on this as well. Jon, what classes did you try out?

    I am very interested in the RP server. I never really went on an RP server in my other games… because well… they tend to suck. This one seems very interesting though…

    You said that there was 4 races per faction, but I can only find 3…

    Good review as always. At the end I thought you were talking about FInal Fantasy 14… but then I saw that gameplay at the very end and I have no idea what to think. It’s not Destiny… right?

    • I think the footage at the end is Warframe, was recently announced to be on PS4 “at some point”. 14’s open beta is probably not for a couple of weeks yet.

  10. Funny, I started playing Rift about week ago. There’s a lot things this game doesn’t tell you, like being able to sell items on rift store tab.

    Here’s a hint for those who want extra character and bag slots. Standard edition grants total of 4 bag slots and 6 character slots. I paid 5 euros for my copy. It’s a bargain compared to the prices in rift store.

    With boxed copy you also get 30 day patronship (=subscription) that everyday gifts 2 hour buffs that speed up exp gain by 40% + few other buffs.
    Amazing thing about those buffs, if you don’t collect them one day you will still be able the next. Those potions stack in 7, I think.

    This game’s weakest point is the questing itself that is so familiar you go through same emotions as in any other mmo. Joining adventures goes just as Jon described, it’s very common having to run from one end of map to another. I que adventures less and less now. It’s a shame because adventures award huge loads of exp and loot.

    Overall, I like this game. I love the talent trees, rift events that liven up the world & dimensions. I also adore how rewarding exploration feels, last evening I went hiking around Stonefield mountains and I found 2 purple gear pieces that both were upgrade for my mage.

    As a last bit, I got bad experience with Rift’s mobile authenticator.
    I had to contact support because the game didn’t accept the code no matter how much I refreshed and rebooted my lumia 900.
    General consensus seems to be the authenticator for this game is very unreliable, so be very vary of this.

    • I was coming here just to point out that you can sell your junk anytime you want in the Rift store.Discovering that made my bag situation feel much much better, though. Another thing that’s not mentioned is that you can craft, and turn in for crafting quests, items that are in your bank, so you never have to carry crafting materials.

      I bought a boxed copy a little over a week ago for $7 (including shipping). I didn’t know the buffs from patron stack. That’s good to know. My internet was out for a few days earlier this week.

      My character was created under Rift Lite, so that seems to have granted that one character the extra bag slots and Storm Legion souls (before I bought my copy, my main had 5 bag slots, but a newly created character only had 2). I don’t know about the other classes’ Storm Legion souls but the Tactician for the Rogue is fantastic.

      I pretty much only play MMOs as a solo experience, and, while I still play Rift that way, it’s A LOT of fun to have the impromptu groups for the dynamic events.

  11. I don’t know who else has emailed you about this, but maybe you should mention later on how there were numerous rewards available for people who use Raptr, most of which are still available (mount, pet, helmet, and shoulders), but most notable (and the only one that isn’t available anymore) being a code for a free copy of Rift, the Storm Legion expansion, and 30 days game time.

  12. I tried Rift recently, due to some Twitter friends of mine. For some reason, I found the control scheme incredibly awkward and off-putting. I initially thought it was because of coming out of shooters and Neverwinter, where the mouse is free-look. But I started playing SWTOR (due to Nash), which has a similar control scheme, and not having free-look didn’t annoy me that much there.

    Did I just get used to it, or is there enough of a difference between Rift and SWTOR to make one control scheme unbearable to me and the other fine?

  13. This whole “subs guarantee better community” is just a myth. If you need proof just look at WoW. Although it’s by no means toxic community you find in Korean grinders, it proves that subscription alone means nothing because nowadays everyone either A) has a credit card or B) has access to one. Not to mention MMOs are not, in fact, secret little clubs anymore and when you open your doors to a larger audience the percentage of idiots you get is also higher.

  14. Very good summation of Rift’s ups and downs, I think. General chat is some of the worst I’ve seen in ages. Something I think ought to be noted, though: If you were ever a subscriber for any period of time before they went F2P, even if you stopped long before they made the change, you get a bonus: You will be awarded loyalty equal to the time you were subbed for, and a small handful of cash shop credits. I had a sub for a year when it came out, and when it went f2p, I found that I had the first two tiers of loyalty bonuses instantly filled in when I came back to check out the F2P bonuses, plus about 2500 credits. If nothing else, Trion has treated their customers pretty well.

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