Tell us how you really feel (Episodes Defiance Special, 44, and 45)

Looks like it’s time for another special episode that would now technically qualify for a regular episode, another game by the same publisher, and a game that Grindstone has a heavy presence in… while I do not. Weird coincidences are weird.

Special Episode: Defiance
I have never ever seen a game ditch the Buy-to-Play model to convert to a F2P/Sub Hybrid, but here we are. Trion apparently had no faith in this MMO shooter, which I felt was the most solid of the available options. Decent graphics, FANTASTIC optimization, and a fun shooter with a very easy to follow and interesting story. Too bad somewhere along the lines the community was too angry about not “getting better guns all the time” and forced this bullshit power creep system into the game, involving the addition of bullet-spongey shielding, pay-to-win options, and an overall soured experience for all. I have yet to go back to Defiance since this change. I’m afraid to see what it’s become.
I did watch the entire season of the TV show, and I hear it’s being renewed for a third season… despite not having seen a single episode of the second season. Maybe I should get on that.
Recommended?: I’m sure the core feel of the game didn’t get hosed too much so… YES. Sure. Whatever.

Episode 44: Rift
Trion’s flagship/ WoW Clone du jour, Rift was the only game to actually convert to a F2P model while still pulling FFXIV style numbers as a sub. Embrace the market shift, damn it! What I respect about Rift is what I said in the video. It did the WoW clone RIGHT. It didn’t try to repackage old mechanics as innovations. It used dynamic events as an enhancer, and not a crutch. It allowed for full customization of your armor without forcing you into some convoluted “transmog” mechanic. Enemy factions could work and group together, and not be forced behind a language barrier and an artificial reason to want to constantly kill each other. The dungeons were inventive, impressive and FUN (Realm of the Fae ranks up there with one of the coolest first dungeons I’ve ever seen… right behind “Wreck of the Polaris (TSW)”) If you like the traditional two-faction fantasy MMO, you can’t go wrong with Rift.
Recommended?: YES.

Episode 45: Warframe
This is the beta that doesn’t end! Yes it goes on and on my friend! Some people, starting patching it not knowing what it was, and they’ll continue updating forever just because…
Digital Extremes doesn’t know what “Open Beta” means.
Never have I see a game go through SO MANY reworks to even the core functions than I have with Warframe. The Backtrack I did has already rendered itself obsolete, I’m sure. Despite all that, I really can’t get into the game. The aesthetic is messy and confusing to me. It’s like I’m watching a pile of geometric shapes try to fuck each other while my teammates can name the race, job, country of origin, and favorite food of an enemy or ally that, to me looks like a mess of blurry pixels half a map away. I am not into this game enough to function in it. Yet, there’s really nothing quite like it and shut the fuck up about Vanquish, already. Grindy but in a rewarding way, action packed like no other and plenty of lore and mechanics to delve right into provided you’re willing to dedicate yourself. I am not, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great game.
Recommended?: YES. As long as you tell me what the hell I’m looking at.


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  1. Defiance: The show’s on a THIRD season? I didn’t even know it got a second. The only thing more boring and anemic than the game was the show. Kind of shocked.

    Warframe: Someday, sometime, they’ll decide exactly what the hell it is they want to do with it.

  2. Warframe: I bought a founder pack in beta. I still have plat leftover from that. Their cash shop is the weirdest. They seem to be doing more skins now which is nice, and more of what it should be. The weird thing is how not worth it most things they sell are. “grinding” for the things you can buy in shop is insanely efficient, to the point where the pricing seems insane, and greatly favors f2pers. The only real worthwhile buys are slots, color packs, and the occasional potato.

    The biggest downside to the game is the grind that is mod fusion. More and more 10 rank mods are being added, and now at a rarity even above gold. 10 ranks, meaning 2^10 or 1024 times the fusion energy of a base mod of the same rarity is required to max it out. That’s 2048 copies of the same rarity mod of a matching polarity, or up to 8192 matching commons for a legendary 10 rank. That’s a shitton of grind, not to mention the amount of credits needed to actually do the fusion, and all of that just for ONE mod out of the numerous ones being released. They seriously need to rework the formula to be less exponential, especially if they insist on patching out all of the efficient farming spots.

  3. baloneyjustice

    I really should give Defiance a try… I really, really should…but I don’t really see it happening as I have so many other games installed as is.. MMOs do wear me down.. So to specifically want to play one means I need to uninstall another game.. which might be painfully hard to do.. this is partly why I can’t play rift.. I need to clear out space on my machine for it.

    I played RIFT for a while and thought it was good..I feel it is a younger but more mature version of WoW, that happened to be cheaper than WoW. All the creatures are far more grotesque, and something about the end of days like storyline start of the factions sits in pale comparison to wow.. I do like it, and still have it installed, but it does feel overwhelming to think about going back into play it… but I always ended up soloing quests, and it did have weird error issues on my machine.. one of these days I might get back into it.. but really its just another game I could end up uninstalling and never look back at…But I could also just as well try picking it up.. I have no idea what the fates want me to do with this game.

    I also have played Warframe.. Its the most recent game I’m losing interest in.. I do like it, but it suffers two problems.. let me get into why I still like it first.. First off it does have some pretty well laid out controls.. it really feels great, Its very parcore like, (just like loadout.) and does the the upgrading warframe aspect a little better. I still can’t wall run to save my life, or do a basic powerslide.. but that might be because I’m still on keyboard playing this game.

    Next I really do love the art and lore of the game… it is jarring and fantastic at the same time. You go to some pretty well done places that are done perfectly and then gut people decorating the walls of these place in blood, and guts. but then you find the sprinkles of historic lore thought the game.. and wow.. for someone that gets a plot based erection some of these sprinkles really do help to enjoy the game know there is world beyond the borders I can see..I especially like the endgame area and how it is regal federal european interiors with gold encrusted highlights on white. I not seen anything like this in a while in my gaming experience, so its nice to see it pressed into use. But to top that all off, I actually can play this monster looking of a game on my shitty computer. I am really astounded this computer keeps chugging with this game… I also don’t always know i’m looking..and while I can agree to the term ‘geometry fornicating..’ I am not so bothered by it.

    So the big reasons I don’t keep playing? It takes so long to assemble a group to do a specific mission if you can only PUG it. Even if you do get the group this does not make it a great experience since people will run off and try to pick up treasure in weird places, leave you far behind, and Or just want to play it for daily quest ruining what might your first run through of the game where there might be a cut scene boss they will defeat before you ever get there and then have to find another group because the quest requires you to be present for the fight.

    Even if you try to go with friends it can be such a pain. They will get dropped, never be able to load up with you, or be disconnected mid fight ruining any chance of completing the mission you had hoped for.. The wants you to really PUG or ask a guildie for help with its very grindy feeling missions that make you play a planet 20 times.. (some of those planet levels will not be the same.. but general they all look about the same being based on the same level asset collection.) Which is the final reason why I decided to take a break.. Its grindy.. way too grindy, and the most fantastic looking levels quickly will get boring once you realize you might of played on this space station or mountain range half an hour ago on another planet.

    For a online multiplayer experience.. I feel like I should not be frustrated by all those points.. I can put up with grinding though the same environment for hours, but they really need to better handle the multiplayer experience in PUG and at the least make the wait for a specific mission you might want to do take far less time than the never if nobody cares to wait for forever so that 1 or two other people agree to play it.

    As for all the changes.. that seems to be a weird ongoing thing in some games… The problem with lots of games is you always need lots people to actually play a online multiplayer game for people enjoy it. If it ever gets to be ghost town like, the person playing it might not be able to complete tasks, wonder why people quite, and may quite playing themselves. Lots of games struggle though the issue of what to do to keep the playground looking alive while offering challenges to older players more likely to keep spending money on the game. i think warframe does have the potential to solve this issue better as its a lobby game..and not a sandbox.. but its been exploring new markets as much as it has been studying options of self fueling..

    Warframe solution to the issue is to offer new frames that have to be level up in newb area’s to get them strong enough to endgame content, offer important parts to endgame content in newb content. Its not a perfect solution but it does help… most of the people I met playing when i did ended up being endgame veteran working on leveling up a new frame or weapon. I can’t be sure but because so many of the levels look like they even use the same basic layout, I have to wonder if the alert missions could be used to get more people to play the level but set to accomplish different missions.. (they don’t do this.. but if they did instead of needing to have 20000 people playing at the same time to have enough saturation for all the missions to be filled it could be as little as 6000. Yes.. I did think about those numbers… but don’t exactly feel like explaining when I been thinking about this all day.)

    In any case I feel personally they bludgeoned the newbie experience by not considering how often people come in late to a party and wonder what is wrong with everyone.. when i tried to play nobody wanted to deal with such low level content. except for a few guildies whole we’re always trying to throw me into the shark tank that was endgame content.. ((void runs..)) It was very cool.. but I could never use the stuff given to me..

  4. Still play Rift to this day, always new content, cash shop is not pay to win, I get to tank with my Mage and heal with my Warrior. Your initial review is what got me into this game and I thank you for it good sir.

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