Backtrack: Warframe (The Archwing Update)

Original Review: Episode 45

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  1. baloneyjustice

    I been playing this game allot and its pretty good except for a few issues that have been covered..

    Things I hate, as you progress, allot of the missions are simply not the sort of thing you can solo… the parkour aspect of the game can be annoying and sometimes parts of the map need you to be able to wall run or some other complicated maneuver. This would not be so bad if sometimes the map is not vary clear where you need to go… I can’t count the number of times I get lost looking for a exit that might require me to jump up 3 pillars to reach a ledge leading to the exit.. or wall run to something or just go up a rocky outcrop to ledge that makes you back trap on the map to get out. It’s a huge and annoying issue.. but I guess if I keep playing I will pick it up and then not have to be annoyed with it.

    I also hit allot of grind walls like I was able to grind out the armor and most of my weapons to 30 but now have to find some kind of upgrade device that will double there capability but cannot reach the area where the components needed for this stuff are.. this is to be expected.. but I got my first set of weapons and armor to 30 in 2 days of play.. which feels maybe like 1/4th of the way though if not half way.. I’m sure if its only a 1/4th way though the last 1/4th will feel grindy.. but its a little upsetting running into somewhat unnatural walls against level progression.

    The community is a bit of mixed bag.. there is the chats I just say far way from… guilds and clans that can be somewhat helpful… and then actual PUGs…. when your doing a mission and use the PUGs, it best to just try to fallow along as best as you can and survive.. If you get lucky and get on farm PUG where someone pulls and destroys huge groups of mobs.. just go with it.. you will figure out when they do this its a survival type match and how groups of enemies will die.. stick close to them and pick up your loot. Otherwise… just run as fast as you can and try not to get lost or frustrated if you cannot find a exit.. its one of those Parkour puzzles. People will help you out when they can usually but don’t try to push it asking specific questions.. you just need to look at the wiki for answers..

    Over all, I’m only a week in and digging the crap out of this game.. CHaos is on the ball with his review. this game is fucking awesome and fairly well optimized. I can for the most part run this on my duck-taped together rig… and looks great. The art style is great and i’m looking forward to completing my progression more. Oh Yea.. Shooting windows in outer space is cool, but annoying..I don’t think anyone can wall run to save their life… and Capture mission totally do make my skin crawl each time we tag and bag one. Dat scream!

  2. Calling it now: Warframe will hold the record for ‘most backtracked game on MMO Grinder” by a wider and wider margin for as long as the show continues.

    Unless he just gives up on this game, of course.

  3. Frankly, this sounds like a game I might like a lot… If the art style weren’t so bad. Helmets that make players look like bombardier beetles, enemies with little spindly legs but giant thighs, what looks like really really low gamma and harsh light contrast. Ugh…

  4. Always enjoy a backtrack when it is a game you really do enjoy playing.

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