Defiance (Special Episode)

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  1. Is there a chance you ever gonna make a RO II review?

  2. So the game isn’t all that bad? I heard so much bad things based on the launch.
    The only thing I would have issues with would be the guns. Needs more plasma other then that I might even pick it up as it isn’t all that expensive anymore.
    Thank you very much for bringing this on my radar as I’ve totally overlooked it due to the launch.

  3. Hey Boss Man, just a heads up, the Xbox 360 version of defiance DOES in fact have a subscription fee.. Sort of.

    My personal issues with Microsoft aside, they required that all Xbox players of Defiance have a gold sub to Xbox live which, last I checked, is about 6 bucks a month.

    Also, supposedly it was Microsoft who required that Trion NOT make the game crossplatform. As I hear it, it was working cross platform at a tech expo, and microsoft as much as said they didn’t want sony players and microsoft players on the same servers.

  4. Daniel Haughton

    Er, I meant Palladium is barred from making an MMORPG. Rage, I tell you… Pure rage.

  5. Daniel Haughton

    I won’t play Rift, and I freely admit that my reason may be juvenile. By insisting upon that name, Trion Worlds has effectively shut the door on any chance of an MMO based on the Palladium Books pen and paper RPG known as Rifts. There was even a lawsuit and Palladium is now legally barred from ever making a Rifts RPG. I’d go into my feelings on that, but the Internet isn’t designed to handle that much rage.

    • Didn’t Palladium try a Rifts game for the Nokia N-Gage a few years ago?

    • Have you noticed that we have two mmorpgs based on the Dungeons & Dragons IP? One is called Dungeons & Dragons Online and the other called Neverwinter. I’m sure Cryptic Studios had the same problem, so they decided to not use the words “Dungeons” and “Dragons” in the title of their new game. If Palladium wanted to make a video game based on their Rifts setting, they can call it anything they want as long as they don’t use the word “Rifts”, and they’ll be just fine.

  6. Surprisingly enough, this is not the first MMO that’s done the “Available for a limited time then never again content” thing. Guild Wars 2 has been doing it for a while, and while some have complained, others have given a mix between “This stuff is awesome” and “I’m done in three days where’s the rest?”

    The Living Story it’s been doing has been doing this and more, with month-long or longer events that, even when done, still tend to leave something behind. While you can’t, say, go back into that dungeon that came out in April with the wide-eyed charr and the weird norn with the mohawk again, the fallout from the events is still seen in another area (Which was actually a new area brought in from an event that came up in November). It’s an interesting combination, and you’re sure to eventually see people wearing backpieces or other items as mementos from the one-time event that formed some kind of story.

  7. Hmm… Shooter MMO. Did you ever play Tabula Rasa when that existed? I loved the concept, but never got much chance to play it. First few years of college, didn’t have much in way of money for games at the time.

  8. Not a fan of shooters or the sci-fi genre, but props for genre blending, antitrolling, get-it-while-you-can missions, & forced cooperation. The show looks like something my mom & uncle might like.

    Rift will be more my style. So what’s the average amount of time a non classic MMO uses a subscription model before going FTP?

  9. Wow you actually remember .Hack, amazing.

    This is interesting to me, you may have sold me.

    As for Rift, how many thousand people have mailed you about it going F2P?

    • Fewer than you’d think. Had an offer to use an account, a tweet, and a joking message from Mega G Wolf.

    • .hack// had an MMO? That would make an interesting tie-in with the books & shows. So would ReBoot, tron, Bastof Lemon, GetBackers…..

      • Even though I was taking about the planned synergy of the .hack franchise, in that they were all created with the same story in mind, there WAS a short lived .hack MMO in Japan. It, and MMOs weren’t popular enough at the time to port it over here.

  10. Mairenaianelle

    Been watching some folks playing the game when it first opened and it does look interesting. I’m just not able to toss around money at the moment. Still working on getting over some “emotional triggers” when I hear or see guns. I’ll at least keep an eye on it.

    And yes, Rift is free to play and it isn’t all that bad, really. curious what you’ll have to say about it.

    Hope you’re feeling better. Being sick effin’ sucks.

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