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Sidequest: Triad Wars

Sidequest: Armored Warfare

Sidequest: Tree of Savior (Closed Beta)

Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 4, 5, and 6)

New day, new list. Well not really “new day.” I’ve been typing these up during my downtime and scheduling them accordingly so they go up once a day, but it’s technically a “new day” for you, so there’s that.

This time my show had time to get its feet wet with the next three episodes, and I started setting into a formula. Of course, that didn’t really affect my opinion while PLAYING the games, did it?

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Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 1, 2 and 3)

If there’s one oddly common theme I’ve been getting since my YT channel has received a ton of attention, is those who keep mentioning how they’re “confused by the video” and are “unsure if I liked the game or not, or even recommend it.” If you are new here, that is not, nor will it even be what MMO Grinder is about. I like to think of MMO Grinder as a resource. An account of a firsthand experience with a game, and explaining some of the odder nuisances of the game without letting personal preference completely steer the tone of the video. It’d be like looking at a reference guide or encyclopedia that said something along the lines of “Pac-Man came out in 1980 and it’s stupid and dangerous because it got my son addicted to video games.” …actually there was an “anime encyclopedia” that did pretty much exactly that, and it was as terrible as it sounds… moving on.
Sure, I will occasionally voice my like or dislike for a game or mechanic within the game, but that is never meant to personally influence anyone’s decision. I don’t want anyone hanging onto my every word as gospel. We are not kindred spirits, trust me, and I don’t need any more moments of someone thinking we have similar thoughts and personalities, have that illusion shattered by the first time we disagree on something, resulting in a violent over-steered rebellion against everything I do. That shit’s creepy.

I’ve never considered myself a “personality” reviewer anyway, but there’s still a ton of people who want to know my thoughts. I usually make those thoughts WELL known if you ever join us in a game when in Grindstone’s Raidcall channel (instructions can be found on the forums). Still I also understand that while many people watch, less people comment and even fewer participate… so in order to placate this, I’m going to write up three quick opinionated¬†thoughts a day, about every game I previously looked at, with a solid YES or NO recommendation from myself. I am well aware of what kind of can of worms I’m opening here, and eventually this will lead into something like this following every MMO Grinder episode. Beats the hell out of calling a 3-month gap between articles an “off week update”.

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