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Kritika (Episode 101)

A HUGE Thanks to Michelle Moffat for supporting at the Guild Leader level for this month’s episode. Please check out her book “Innocent Parasites” here which I will place behind a link because good god Amazon needs a better direct linking system:


Weebtacular games tend to be polarizing among Grindstone, but this one didn’t have the turnout from all too many, but those that did I highly appreciate their input and support. Dreskar, DragonsDusk and I offer up our extra ribs to bring you our thoughts.

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Revelation (Episode 96)


This is no April Fool’s joke. It just feels like one. Come watch Grindstone members Dreskar, Jabber, Ackost, and myself line up to take a final swing at this hyped-up nonsense game before we officially throw the uninstall party.

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Tree of Savior (Episode 87)


We have plenty along for the ride this time, as a lot of people wanted to say something¬†about this title… Check out the entries from Word on the Wind, Chachera, Dabeer, Dreskar, Karochi, Dobar and myself as well close out this chapter of an actual free-to-play game for once.

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S4 League (Episode 65)

Onigiri (Episode 62)

Audition (Episode 29)

Hunter Blade (Episode 28)

Fiesta (Episode 26)

Elsword (Episode 19)

La Tale (Episode 17)

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