S4 League (Episode 65)

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  1. What a bummer. I remember playing the European version of the game and having a lot of fun in the touchdown mode and enjoying it’s weird ascetic immensely, especially it’s iconic taxi-cab inspired outfit and semi-rifle look. Few of the maps I liked seemed to appear in the video but then again I hardly played most of those modes. It is very sad to see it went down hill so fast but with the cash shop system all being rentals I can see why.

  2. I’m surprised there was no comment on the rampant boobage. That seems noteworthy. Although to be serious, I do like the art style and aesthetic. This seems like it could have been a pretty cool game.

  3. Looks insanely boring. I could never play a game that didn’t have a shit ton of multitasking to compensate for my adult ADD.

  4. This barely resembles what I remember playing around its original launch. I ended up leaving the game because of the initial rise of hackers. I’m really sad it’s come to this, because the base game – the base concept – was an exciting one.

    Oh well. It’s a loss, but it’s not the end of the world.

    Thanks for the video, it’s good to have a look at where the game has gone, even if where it has gone is a bit sad.

  5. FYI the ost was done by many of the same artists as the DJ MAX series as the game developer pentavision is the same as DJ MAX

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