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Sidequest: Gigantic

Sidequest: Crossout

Cloud Pirates (Episode 98)


Not too many contributions to the Tribunal, as it seems I was the only one having fun with the game, while Dreskar and DraikTempest both offer us their less than enthusiastic takes on the Not-Wargaming Fantasy Dreadnaught.

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Overwatch (Special Episode)


Despite having plenty of people to play alongside this time, only three people were willing to contribute to the Tribunal this round. This is also the second episode in a row I gave Dreskar a break from writing… which is probably why I’m so late. Anyway, enjoy the tentative praise of Dabeer and myself, and some classic sarcastic rage from Karochi.

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Sidequest: Overwatch

ZMR (Episode 66)

S4 League (Episode 65)

F.E.A.R. Online (Episode 64)

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