F.E.A.R. Online (Episode 64)

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  1. Hey Jon. How did you get review footage for this game in October when it shut down in May?

  2. I should comment on the game, but all I can think of is how awesome that Illuminati cosplay outfit is. And how I want a Templar one now.

  3. You look pretty sharp in the business jacket, tie, & sunglasses, like an MiB agent in a kevlar vest.

    Shooters don’t make the best horror games. If you want a scary element, you have to take away the guns. There needs to be a lot of stealth, the feeling of being underpowered, the fear that the enemy will hear you, unexplained mysteries with no real backstory, unseen enemies, maybe the fear of falling into gradually appearing sinkholes, the fear of running out of flashlight batteries or torch fuel, bodiless that follow you only in total darkness, clothes snagging onto things when you run, small objects randomly rearranging themselves in places you visit frequently, enemies that attack suddenly without making any noise, unexplained shaped lights off in the distance, weird creatures that appear in a different spot every time you turn back to look at them, creepy paintings & whispering in a few haunted looking places (but not all or even half of them), little unnerving things that don’t slap you in the face & shout “here I am!” Coupled with a flat eerie soundtrack with no guitar or drums.

    In the UK, they call flashlights “torches.” Maybe that’s why it’s slotted to T.

  4. I’ll admit it, I was one of the people who voted for this. Kept seeing it added on the launcher when I would go to play Aura Kingdom and was curious what it was like. Yeesh glad I didn’t waste time downloading to find out.

  5. Oh boy… That just looks bad in all kinds of different ways. Zero-effort cash-in arena shooter, and then some. Maybe you should have required people to actually play the game before suggesting it :)

  6. Judging just from this review alone, it sounds like ZMR does what FEAR Online does, but better. I wish ZMR had won the poll >_<

  7. Poor F.E.A.R. Went from being a ‘survival horror FPS’, to a ‘action FPS with horror elements (and one big effed up finale), to a ‘BroOp shooter’ (with admittedly interesting mechanics for player 2) that pretty much weakly went “boo!” every now and then but you didn’t really care because you were too busy trying to screw your co-op partner out of points to watch ol’ Alma’s “oogedy boogedy” routine.

    And to think, Warner Bros took Monolith off this franchise to make…an equally bad online FPS called “Gotham City Impostors”.

    At least Monolith is still kicking today with Shadows of Mordor, I guess.
    (wish they’d get on a Condemned 3, or at least put the other game on Steam. >.>)

    p.s., for Chaos D1, you might not have liked the final stretches of F.E.A.R. 1 , if you had gotten to it. It’s KIND of dickish by the end. Much quickloading and gimmicks abound.

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