ArcheAge (Episode 63)

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  1. The instructions on how to get an emblem into the game at the end made me honestly go “what the f were they thinking”, like properly dumbfounded, and you didn’t even finish the sentence. I guess its just one of many symptoms of this games not stellar game design.

    The ending scene was hilarious as well. I wonder if this game was made for all the people who like to hunt glitches.

  2. In order to become a pirate, you have to get sent to prison multiple times… In order to get sent to prison, you have to kill people weaker than you and wreck their stuff… The makers of this game designed it in such a way that players are actively encouraged to act like douchebags, because they know they’ll be rewarded for it with a cool title…

    That’s it, that’s all I need to hear. The fact that the game was designed to reward players for being pricks instantly invalidates anything positive there is to be said about this game. Fuck this game and fuck the developers for putting that system in.

    (for real though, even if that system wasn’t there, this game still looked incredibly boring and tedious from all the promos I’ve seen for it.)

  3. Wow, I wasn’t exactly thrilled by the two days of closed beta I played, but it actually sounds like the game got so much worse instead of better, or rather that I was right to bail & missed out on all the stuff that would have really tested my patience. I mean everything on the pass list is like a punch to the face.

  4. Not finding this on steam at all. There’s the similarly named ArcheBlade, but that’s… I don’t even know. Some sort of arena where you fight people with the whole light heavy block rock-scissors-paper thing mixed in with “real time” attacks (adjusted for latenancy, host usually wins could have been fixed since I played the game about a year ago.) The game’s asthetic seems to be Warframe before the space appocalypse.

    • Or it’s a completely different 3d based fighter. Not sure what game I was thinking of.

      • Blade Symphony. (Sorry bout the spam.)

        • It is / isn’t on steam, they had it on steam for awhile then the links all broke, then they put the trailers on and those broke and now its in this weird limbo, if you got it before it broke it works fine and you can find its page, if not then you have to get Glyph.

  5. It’s kind of sad that the trade run didn’t seem to finish by the time the video had finished.

  6. Did you intend to repeat yourself when talking about human enemy designs being tedious?

    “You’ll have plenty of human bandits, pirates, and raiders with varying pallete swaps and model changes that get very tedious. There are very few distinct designs. You’ll have plenty of human bandits, pirates, and raiders with varying pallete swaps and model reskins that get very tedious.”

    • Not at all. I actually reviewed that part of the video several times, never catching it before someone pointed it out to me. What worst is that the biggest downside to YouTube it’s that I can’t correct it without deleting the video.

      • Honestly, I noticed that too, and I just thought it was a joke. Like “these enemy designs are so repetitive, you just can’t help repeating yourself when talking about them” :P

  7. Your review pretty much highlighted all the reasons I decided to pass on this game. The sandbox elements sounded interesting but the combat bored me to tears and when I knew it was going to be an open world pvp setting I knew it was going to be a giant mess. Thanks for confirming that.

    There seems to be this contingent of players back from when UO was a open world slaughterfest and had it’s name tarnished forever who keeps flitting about from game to game promising the old MUD PvP experience and can’t figure out why the games keep failing. -.-

  8. You know, when I saw that Age of Wushu had a forced PVP world, I thought it would be a mess. After watching your review, I gave it a chance and had quite some fun with it mainly because the random player killing had huge punishments. Now looking at Archeage, it seems to be my thoughts on what Age of Wushu’s player community, and in turn the random player killing, was going to be given life and let loose on the world.

  9. While mostly being a part of the Grindstone guys in TSW, I was curious if their experiences were going to be the same as mine were when I was actually able to be there. Yes, yes they were. The community as a whole is absolutely insidious. There are some good spots, but the general F you over aspect of the PvP zones is insipid to the point of being gross.

    I wanted to like this game, I really did. But the need to be one of those who had the extra income to purchase the founder’s pack combined with the way people just seemed to not give a care about the community turned me off from it. It did it faster than Tera and Neverwinter. It’s… sad.

  10. 41:20 <—–The most fun we had in this game, hands down.

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