Open Beta Tester Event: ArcheAge progress

Week 2.
I no longer remember my human name.
We’ve been losing our crew as the days go on. Those of us who’ve managed to survive have endured hardship after hardship. One of our crew was left so broken and battered, we though we lost him, but he managed to recover at a great loss to his sanity. We endure, but not without a loss of our souls.

What a damned adventure this has been, eh guys? It’s not too late to join the Open Beta Tester Event in ArcheAge if you so desire! If you’re not on board with our crew during this event, remember you too can test your mettle by going here:
Remember to register for the boards, or that link will lead to an error page!
Most everyone in the guild is a different style class, and we don’t find ourselves “needing” any one specific thing, so feel free to roll whatever you desire. We just highly suggest it be some form of mage or archer. For your sake.
We have a few upper level characters, we want to murder everyone, and regular trade runs are happening as we speak.
Feel free to add anyone on that list to your friends list with “Shift-V” to see when we are online, and get yourself an invite to the guild.

Speaking of the guild, or the MMO Grinder community-at-large we call “Grindstone”, we have a symbol now! Check it out below!

Grindstone logo

It’s available with or without the added text. You might also notice that default avatars on the forums are now this image.
If you’re thinking, “Man, that would look awesome on a t-shirt!”, well, so was I! Here’s the link to the image on a shirt at Redbubble! Available for purchase whenever!:

That’s not the only new shirt to grace the MMO Grinder store, as my commission of Ciann a few months in the making is finally complete. While the original intention of the image was to replace the WoW poster behind me, I thought the image was so cool that I included it in the Redbubble store as well. Artwork by Andarix

Ciann Art Nouveau

If you’re a fan of mages, redheads, red-headed mages, flowers, red-headed mages with flowers, art nouveau style, red-headed mages with flowers in art nouveau style, original characters do not steal, or just bad-ass artwork in general, feel free to get a shirt or poster of Ciann Magnol here:

Also, don’t forget to vote in the Halloween Poll! Even if you’re already voted, there’s a week long “cooldown” on the voting process, so you’re free to vote again if you haven’t done so since it first went up. remember the poll expires on the 13th, and the winner WILL be the Halloween episode for this year.


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  1. Not gonna lie, I am a fan of both redheads & art nouveau.

    How much has changed in Archeage since closed beta? I’m too involved with Trove right now.

  2. I’ve got Arche Blade in steam that’s… nothing like this.

  3. Obscur DemonLord

    Archeage sucks so much even a black hole is jealous

    Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 22:29:45 +0000 To:

  4. Aww, no option for a Ciann body pillow? Talk about a ripoff, I thought you were the greatest waifu; not even a throw pillow ooption. Joking aside I dig the new logo, and that commission’s pretty sweet.

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