ZMR (Episode 66)

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  1. Well… That actually looks like a half-way decent game. Not sure about the cash shop shenanigans, though.

    Also, Jackyoh is right. On Steam, it’s called Hazard Ops, at least in Europe.

  2. First of all, I liked the thing you did in the Gameplay section (with the Sonic Screwthing).

    Also I tried looking for “ZMR” on Steam. It wasn’t there, probably because I’m not from North America. However, I did get as a result one game from Steam: Hazard Ops. At first I thought that was something different, but then I looked a bit closer at it and I saw that Hazard Ops too has as a “Developer: Yingpei Games” and even one of the Curators on Steam says “Ready for the next generation of 3rd person shooters? Hazard Ops has zombies, monsters, robots, dinosaurs, mechs and it’s free to play with a free DLC.” The game modes (while maybe named a bit differently) sound the same. It is however published by a different company (Infernum Productions AG situated in Berlin). Makes me wonder if it is just a different publisher for certain countries or if maybe a (slightly) different game. Probably not the later, because why should a company make a new/changed game when it can resell the same thing.

    • That last thing you said reminds me of Chinese & South American bootleg toys I’ve seen Ashens & Phelous review. They copy moulds from other toys, fill it with cheap low grade plastic, repaint them into into shoddy looking He-Man, Ninja Turtle, Wrestler, Spider-Man, Power Ranger, Batman, Superman toys, package them all together with some loose cockeyed Pokemon & a few unpainted weapons that don’t fit in their hands.

    • Hazard Ops is the Uk version of ZMR

  3. Random unimportant face: 英佩游戏 Yīng pèi yóuxì (Yeeng, pay, yow, shee, or Yeen,pay, depending on the part of China) literally translates into “Epic Games.”

    “Mech augmented dinosaurs” an does that take me back to Serious Sam 2. They just need cigars

    Patient Zero does sound like good fun.

    What ridiculous cash shop prices. It’s almost like they’re discouraging you to give them money. If game items cost $5 or less, people would spend money on the game every week instead of a few times a year.

    I will say that this is one of the few shooters I’ve seen where I like the landscape design.

    Got a nice laugh watching your ghost kill a robot by spanking it’s ass a few times.

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