Audition (Episode 29)

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  1. I don’t even know if I should be asking this…but with the release of Guild Wars 2…do you foresee this to a be a game in the future that you possibly might do an episode on? I know technically you have to pay for it…but it isn’t subscription based much like WoW is and even has an ingame cash shop which reminds me of alot of games you review. It definitely kinda has that F2P MMO feel to it…In my opinion at least.

  2. Be a better person

    Hey, Chaos, could you direct me in the direction of that credits music? Super Natural I think it’s called. Searched Youtube and Google, and I just can’t find it.

    Though, admittedly, I never looked past the first page.

    • It seems M.O.V.E. rendered their name ungoogleable. Supernatural and “Move” bring up nothing but an endless parade of the theme song for the TV show “Supernatural” called “Move on”.

      If you google “Move(Japanese Band) you get a BIT closer, yet Supernatural never appears on any of their discographies.

      You know how I got the song? Audition. I just recorded it off the game.

      On the only plus side, Move’s other tracks are pretty awesome, and they’re most known for the Initial D soundtrack.

  3. Hey Chaos, will you ever do a sidequest of Planetside 2’s closed beta and/or a review when it come’s out?

  4. I remember seeing this game on ads for various websites. I never got a chance to try it at all because of what you said about the graphics and the character…
    WAY TOO CREEPY! And i use to love DDR too.

    I may not play it ever now, despite the different game modes. Still, i enjoyed the review you did for it. Now I know to not touch it and return to my Project Diva game on PSP.

  5. Try Audition 2) Its a lot more fun and looks waaaaay better)

  6. You’ve known the consequences twice before, my guess is youre either doing DCU or DDO.

  7. It’s like if you took the heads of the Azumanga Daioh girls & plopped them onto Chou Gals bodies.

    Hehe, Puzzle Bubble Bobble just flows right off the tongue.

    Uh, the girly way the boys dace is giving me the weirdest girl boner.

  8. Not only did you have to remind me of that movie, MMO Grinder… But now there’s an equally creepy game? :-P

  9. huh. “big”? I know you did the sidequest for GW2 (not to mention it’s not really FTP), so I’m pretty sure it’s not that. Everquest II maybe? Not to mention it is a whole ten episodes after the WoW episode, so maybe.

  10. Seems a lot better then you would think out of a music game really. It’s what you would expect, except with a lot more content then 1 or 2 modes like you would expect.

    There’s some god awful music mmo’s out there though for sure, so I wasn’t positive what to expect with the preview, lol..

    • I didn’t know there was as many as there was, considering the few people guessing Steps Evolution before even thinking of Audition. (Although it looks like the two games are painfully similar)

  11. OMG, I actually guessed the right MMO he’d do this time! I wouldn’t have thought that’d happen.

    I used to play Audition back in the Nexon days and then briefly after it moved over to RedBana. I have to say, RedBana has done a much better job of presenting the game, even if the community hasn’t changed much through the move. I did like some of the music from Nexon’s collection, but at least these are actual songs you can dance to and not just music tracks so you can hear the downbeat. And as a former player, I have to admit, you do suck, man. I was a much better dancer than you, and *I* could never complete the level 6 exit license game. Speaking of, does Audition still have license challenges for the levels, or is it just a matter of earning experience as fast as possible.

    For those who are curious, it used to be that, at least in the Nexon days, that you could earn experience just by showing up and playing various modes… until you reached level 5. After you reached level 5 and maxed out the XP you could earn, you either had to complete a license challenge or suffer down as a level 5 poser; at least you could earn beats as much as you wanted. In the license challenges, you enter a special solo room with one of audition’s own tracks and had to earn a certain number of points and/or complete certain tasks within the restraint of the song. For instance, you might have had to earn 200,000 points and completed at least one finishing move (which is an elaborate level 9 dance move; you only get one bar to finish it or it counts as a miss), or perhaps achieve 5 Perfects with at least 3 in a row. Complete this, and you level up; fail, and you got to try the dance again. The nice thing is that you get unlimited tries and practices as the game, even if you get no bonuses for failures.

    Other game mechanics you failed to mention (and these aren’t level specific, fyi):
    1) If you manage to chain perfects together, you can cause problems for your rival dancers. You can tell you unlocked it or are targeted because the circle around your feet has changed. If you are being targeted, you have to achieve a Perfect move (or perhaps a Great at best, been a while) to prevent your score from being nullified for that move. Succeed at fending off the “attack”, and you’ll see a green face appear over your head while a yellow one comes from the attacker; fail, and you see a red face over yours and a blue over the attackers. This only occurs in dance modes where everyone is competing at once, either choreography more or normal/freestyle mostly.
    2) It’s not really important, but each move pattern always generates the same dance move from your avatar. Want to see a certain dance from your avatar, be certain to type in that pattern. I thought it was neat, at least.
    3) 4-key mode verses 8-key mode. You were struggling with 4-key so I can understand why you left it out. If you pressed Insert on a freestyle mode, or selected certain options in the various dance modes, you have the option of performing moves that use the outer 8 keys of the keypad that score more points but are harder to pull off, especially in the faster songs. The dances also get considerably more impressive for those who can pull it off.
    4) You didn’t really talk much about the timing issue. You can type in your dance move as fast as possible, but you have to wait until the beat before “entering” it. Pressing space when the beat bar is in the dead center of the flashing zone, and you’re on the downbeat of the first beat in the bar; the closer you get to there, the better your score and more in-time with the song your dance is. Hit it outside the zone, and it counts as a miss, even if you entered all the right moves, you get lowered in rank and have to wait for the next bar to start dancing again.

    Wow, that was a lot longer than I expected. Maybe I should start doing MMO reviews. … Nah, I don’t have a camera and I’m slightly camera shy. I could stick to just text, but who would want to read that?

  12. Everquest?

    Just a guess.

  13. Here’s some fun nightmare fuel for you:

    That daughter you talked about, with the creepy mask? Well, that’s a legitimate (supposedly) style of cosplay over in Japan, called Kigurumi. It was pretty much the extreme level of cosplay where instead of JUST the costume, one would also wear a mask that looked like the character’s face. I think it originated from stage shows that were put on based on certain sentai or magical girl series, and people thought it was a good idea *shiver* to utilize it.

    You’d pretty much see this sort of thing at conventions and whatnot. It was also customary not to talk while wearing the get-up, as it would break the illusion that you were that character. So you’d just have these people walking about, never speaking (unless necessary I’m sure), but they would be the life of cons.

    My sources are I used to be one of those people that just never knew when to NOT click on links or search for nonsense. I’ve seen some things, man… I wouldn’t recommend it! (herp-derp, Family Guy reference!)

    • I would have thought wearing masks for the cosplay came, at least in part, from kabuki. Then again, I admit to knowing nothing about that style of theatre beyond it being traditional Japanese. I’m pretty sure some kabuki actors wear masks as part of their characters, which might have influenced the stage shows you mentioned, but I also like pulling facts out of my ass. If kabuki doesn’t use masks, though, the only other style of theatre I know that makes extensive use of masks was ancient Greek dramas (possibly comedies, too, but mostly dramas).

      • If anything, I’d figure the stage shows could be inspired by kabuki and other sources. It brings up a good point about its roots. I admit what my thought was, was that people would watch these stage shows and seeing these actors wear the full-character costumes people thought about doing the same thing but outside for conventions or in niche shops (like maid cafes as someone else pointed out to me).

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