Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 28, 29, and 30)

In this next block, I cave into the only MMO version of Monster Hunter we’ll ever seem to get, I revisit another game I played a while before I started the show, and I look into the final superhero game that was available… at the time.

Episode 28: Hunter Blade
USE YOUR SHIELD WELL! Hunter Blade was likely my first run in with a really Chinese cloney MMO. All the fun stuff was here… Stolen assets. Copious amounts of pay to win. Broken AI. Chaotic interface. Ridiculous publisher name (BeeBoom), It wasn’t that bad to play though, and while I’m not and am still not a fan of Monster Hunter, this was a ridiculous facsimile that didn’t serve as a proper replacement. The shutdown was inevitable.
Recommended?: Watch yer fingers! Argh. Damn-eet. NO.

Episode 29: Audition
This was a Nexon game once. It was weird then, and it feels even weirder now.Creepy faces, skeletal arms, and a pretty weak and difficult to respond to, music game. Song list felt a LOT better now that Nexon was no longer filling it with odd choices like Christian Rock and whatever ancient flavor of the month was in the game, but the new track list wasn’t all that current… or good, but it worked, and there were plenty of decent tracks. I’m still incapable of getting “Supernatural” out of my head once it starts. Still… unique as this is… I can’t suggest you go out of your way to play it.
Recommended?: NO.

Episode 30: DC Universe Online
This is probably my least favorite of the three Superhero MMOs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. The combat felt best of the three, unquestionably. The graphics were nice, and the soundwork, and especially the voicework, getting DC cartoon veterans Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy to reprise their respective roles of the Joker and Batman, was amazing. What I didn’t like was… everything else. Character creation was the weakest. The setting was nothing but hopping between Metropolis and Gotham. The story was weak and convoluted, making you into nothing but a veritable copy of an existing superhero or villain who always took a backseat to anyone who’s name was followed by a registered trademark symbol. However, all that, it’s solid enough to hold your attention if you have a thing for DC. I’m more of a Marvel guy myself.
Recommended?: YES.


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  1. Question about Audition: Was One-Two mode gone from the game when you reviewed it? It never showed up in the video.

    One-Two was Audition’s version of Space Channel 5 gameplay, and was my favorite back when I played. The freakish thing was that everybody else seemed to suck at it, constantly leaving my lobbies when they saw me set it to the harder tracks.

    Don’t tell me they gimped it down into that stupid “meow woof” thing you showed. If so, I can see why the game died for so many publishers.

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