Hunter Blade (Episode 28)

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  1. It’s shut down.

  2. decided to DL this and u weren’t kidding about the atrocious DL speed.. the installer was downloading at around 50-60 KB/s when i usually DL at 1-2 MB/s

  3. Just letting you guys know, I cleared my cache, but I still had the issue. I think it might have been that I had AdBlock enabled, so Blip was blocking me from watching the video or something. I’ve had this problem with other sites that require you to view the Ads in order to continue. It’s only fair :P

    Anyway, after I disabled Ad Block everywhere and refreshed the page it loaded up just fine.

    • It might be a fault of the new player (or purposeful “feature”)

      Unfortunately, I can’t use my old player as the way I post the video on here defaults to this new one. I kinda left it because:

      A: It’s “cleaner” than the old player, being borderless and all, even if it does screw up the look of my title cards.

      B: “Loves” and comments are accessable from it, as well and the entire backlog… although I cna’t wait until I can set it up to play MMO Grinder eps only. I hate having to subject you to old “5 sec” movie experiments, Chaos Reviews and that ancient wiki team video.

      • While I agree it’s got some nice features, they seem a bit gimicky, as you already know we love your videos. ;)

        The old player seemed fine to me. It only had a play button with your title card on it and it was simple enough. Just my 2 cents.

        • The issue is I’m kinda “stuck” with it. I can’t use HTML to post video to this blog. I have no idea why, and I’ve never gotten a good answer. The player that embeds is a feature that defaults to the player Blip chooses when I simply post the link to the video. It’s a feature that WordPress has, and unfortunately the only way it seems to work.

  4. This is…terrible, there’s just no other way to describe it. The Monster Hunter franchise is very hard to play solo (260 hours into freedom unite and still haven’t hit G-rank quests), so an MMO experience should be like a godsent to people who solo because of the lack of option. Instead, this is vastly different from the actual game, in that you have levels, skills and the enemies are unbelievably simple to read and kill.

    To elaborate, on MH you have a map of around 8 areas, where you can harvest certain materials, fish, steal dragon eggs and fight bosses. The best part was the bosses. Sure, they had a LOT of health, but it was never actually displayed; if you weakened monsters enough or hit certain parts many times, those parts would break or fall off and the monster would flee to another area or start limping. While killing monsters is certainly an option, capturing them is where the real fun’s at – and it can be as difficult as it is rewarding. The difficult part is that monsters go into rage mode if hit consecutively or with certain attacks and deal more damage, move faster or use different moves altogether.

    As another person said, the quality of your gear should define your true skill in this kind of game. It’s not about dealing the most damage but being experienced in a wide variety of enemy archetypes. So, when hard mode just gives monsters 10000% more HP and double damage, it’s just not compelling enough to stick with.

  5. I almost forgot about Phantasy Star Online. I was going to play it when it came out, but everyone was talking about how buggy it was.

    I think I’ll try it.

  6. Wow 90% of the visuals were definitely monster hunter. It was creepy that the clone monsters had what looked like similar attacks and movement patterns. Gameplay, especially growth related mechanics, is something completely different.

    It honestly looks like a good distraction for someone who is sad about frontier and needs one. However I’ve found a lot of the die hard fans are obsessive over the relentless difficulty levels in the games. If the game is as easy as you make it sound then that alone might be a deal breaker.

  7. Hmm… I wonder if Hunter Blade will ever do some sort of costume exchange with DOA.

  8. I actually have Phantasy Star Online episode 1 & 2 plus for GameCube. I had no idea what it was when I bought it but I think I got it used for $20. I got the game because the word online was in the title. I found it funny because I didn’t know the GameCube could be connected online.

    • Well, Nintendo wasn’t really focused on online gaming and more on playing with your friends in one house gaming, so I can understand you not knowing that it could do that… ;-)

  9. i’ve heard rumors of another game in a similar vein to MH called.. Core Blaze i believe but beyond that it’s supposedly similar to MH i don’t know anythin about it. but yea.. capcom is the killer of dreams.. 1st no MH frontier no MML3 and no more MH games lately… i swear they just hate non japanese

  10. Something we would never see coming…. Is it hello kitty online? xD

  11. First time commenting on one of your videos:
    Some things I wanted to say that happened when I watched.

    Female armor they have is way too much even for my taste as a man.
    The Loli egg thing made my eyes bulge in seeing it for 400$ (I know of a few places that have 50$ items but still.)
    And even now, I hate capcom for not releasing it in america. But hey, at least PSO2 will come in America 2013. You just have to wait for it Chaos :(
    Love the reviews and thanks for getting me to play Elsword and Eden Eternal instead of wow.

    • I had to do a double take when I saw the price of that pet. I thought they entered it wrong, or I misremembered the exchange rate of Jade Shells. It’s completely insane. I could buy a permanent account for Secret World for that price…. and another one for a friend.

      I can appreciate SEGA for at least PORTING PSO2, but I included that whole thing because a few people kept telling me to play it because “it has an english patch” and I don’t count that. The article posted was my way of saying, “See. Now what purpose would an early video about the english patched version have served now?”

  12. The only monster hunter game I played was Tri on the Wii, and it was quite good. Never got far in the epic stuff, but I enjoyed myself. This game does remind me of it, but I don’t think it looks as good. Plus the outfits are just so…. wtf. I liked how the outfits and weapons were made to look like the monsters they were made from. Plus, a Loli pet… for 400/500 bucks? She better one shot every boss.

    I never understood why Capcom is neglecting it’s American and European Monster hunter fans? It’s not just the MMO, but most of the recent games have not been brought over here either. Then again, Capcom… has done a lot of questionable things as of late.

  13. Hmmm, I want to guess some dance or music one like Steps Evolution Online. But I also wonder what the end result of that would be from Chaosd1, lol..

    • Given the amount of “casual game turned MMO” games that have been featured, I doubt it would be something so simple. So, let’s think seasonal… Guild Wars 2 was released, and his “you guys will never guess what I chose” was either sarcasm or a red herring… or thinking seasonal as in school-time. It could be a high-school sim MMO with dating sim elements, social status elements, and so on, like if SMT: Persona 3 was an MMO… if that was ever made.

  14. I’m starting to really hate blip lately. For a while, the videos would sometimes cut out about partway through, sometimes in the first minute or two. And now with videos automatically going into a playlist, it’s becoming even more annoying to try and stop them. But that isn’t your fault at all.

    I’m guessing monsters are only in instants? Nothing wrong with that, but I just wanted to confirm that. Seems a bit like DDO insofar as it’s an open world to various dungeons. Seems interesting that any weapon can be equipped by any character. I’m sort of curious how the weapon leveling system works. That part of the review was a bit vague, but otherwise I think the major part of the MMO was covered.

  15. I’m not sure why, but Blip isn’t loading the video.

    • It may be a cache issue on your end, or you were watching at a time where everyone crashed Blip because of the TGWTG Year 4 special being released. If you still can’t see it let me know.

    • I’ve had that problem a LOT with blip, and I think it might just be Blip itself (server software not loading videos if a stream is full or not loaded,) as a video will not load one minute, the next the box won’t even load, then be perfectly fine without resetting internet cache, flash cache, or anything.

  16. Great review!

    I’ve been watching all of your stuff and I really enjoy your takes on mmos. On to the game…. it’s a Chinese carbon copy… and like all Chinese copies there will be parts ripped verbatim (like that crab you fought at the start, seriously, complete copy), and parts that have been changed so that they just don’t feel right… (which, judging on what you’ve shown here, is probably everything else.)

    One of the great things about Monster Hunter was that there was no level system, you only have your skill to rely on (that and your gear… so my argument falls apart a bit.)

    Once again, thanks for the review.

  17. Triangulation Technician

    Wait a minute. Was that “Loli (Pet Egg)”?

    So you pay 400 bucks, get an egg that hatches into a cartoonish little girl or something? And your $400 girl runs around and helps you fight?

    Oh China, sometimes you’re even crazier than Japan.

  18. ChaosD1, after watching your review, I can assure you 100% that this Monster Hunter clone is vastly inferior in literally every way. The graphics/textures are worse than the most graphically un-advanced Monster Hunter game, the UI is sloppy and uninspired (the Monster Hunter one is very minimalist), and as for the designs for the monsters, armor, and weapons, well…

    In Monster Hunter, armor and weapons are made from pieces of monsters, as what makes better armor than the hide of a dragon you broke your sword on? Additionally, the armor and weapons in Monster Hunter serve as trophies for your kills. When you kill a certain monster, you can make a sword out of it, and everyone who sees you with that sword knows you have experience with that monster. The armor in Hunter Blade does not have this aspect, and severely detracts from the experience.

    The monsters in Monster Hunter, all seem very realistic (or at least more so than other games). It honestly is not hard to believe that some monster designs might have been what some dinosaurs or other prehistoric animals looked like, and there is even a sense of branching evolution, where monsters share the basic shapes because they came from the same ancestor, but their abilities and specific details about them differ due to their environment. Take for example three dragons, the Tigrex, Diablos, and Rathalos. They share the same basic form, implying they have a similar ancestor but the Rathalos is the only competent flier of the bunch and the only one that breathes fire. The Tigrex and Diablos lost their fire sac for enlarged lung capacity, granting them greater stamina than the Rathalos, and while the Tigrex can still barely fly, the Diablos traded in its wings for digging claws and heavy armor scales. You still get the sense that they are all related, but that despite their similar shapes, their environments shaped their abilities and attack strategies. You do not get this from Hunter Blade. The creatures in Hunter Blade are just slapped into their environments because the developers think they look cool there.

    Also, in Monster Hunter, boss fights don’t involve smaller enemies joining mid-fight unless said boss monster has the ability to summon smaller enemies (instead Monster Hunter opts for dynamic wandering boss monsters that may or may not come across your fight, assuming they are even on the map).

  19. Triangulation Technician

    So RaiderZ is the next sidequest?

  20. Your next review isn’t Steps Evolution is it?

    On another note, you are getting better at this, tho I would like to see an improvement in visual quality sometime in the future.

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