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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for turning me onto this game. I’ve tried MOBAs in the past but I just could never get used to the overhead view that goes on with them. It just feels incredibly wonky to be controlling one person with that RTS control scheme.

    Hope to see some of you in game. I’ll give you one guess as to what my in game name is.

  2. I never played a MOBA before, but I am going to give this one a try. It looks really fun, and I like the character designs, even if they are a bit off of what i remember from my history classes. You still have some Beta keys?

    • So far, yes. Just make sure to e-mail me.

      • OK. Just sent the e-mail. I wanted to clarify something. SO we have access to every God right now during the beta, but when it’s out we only get 5 onless why buy the ones we want, or do that 30 dollar deal? Also, have they said how many other gods they will have, and if they will go into other Patheons, like Japanese(Shinto gods), or Native Americans(Some Incan or Mayan gods would be pretty cool to see)

        • I don’t think I was very clear. In matches, you only have access to 5 gods. But in the “solo practice mode” where you’re playing only one lane against a computer controlled Manticore, you can choose from any available god in the game. This way you can see how a god plays before you buy them. (Unlike LoL where you can only play as the new champion for free 2 weeks after they are released. If you want to try them, you have to wait, and only have one week to try them.)

          They didn’t outright state their limits, but they said they fully plan to add as many gods from as many Polytheistic pantheons as possible. Hell since doing this video, Cupid was recently added as a god from the Roman Pantheon. (Although Greek and Roman gods are carbon copies of each other, so if they wanted to keep him Greek, they could have called him Eros.)

          • Ah I see. I like that idea. find out who you like offline and then take it online(if you bought it). I may do that 30 buck deal you mentioned, if I decide to keep playing the game, if it truly is that you get every future character.

            Yeah, I saw Cupid. They really seem to be going for a wide range of play styles and looks.

  3. Could you do an episode on Team Fortress 2? I already play it, but I want your opinion on it.

  4. I have, in a strange twist, been more of a target in SMITE matches of the insults and blame for losing then any time I played League surprisingly. League was quiet compared to SMITE where now me getting insulted is a flip of the coin. Some matches I will do extremely well and people know that I am playing a utility God (Ymir rocks) that helps with stuns and ice walls and not kills. And other matches I come across games where they spam the kill and death count saying I suck and promptly spam the surrender button 10 minutes in.

    Truth be told though, I have been “trying” to call these players out but it’s just fuel for the fire. I should just stick to reports and trying to improve the game.

    • If you’re still in the early levels, my guess is you’re dealing with the League jerks who aren’t good enough to play League, so they just migrated to a new game to pretend they are experts. I dealt with a lot of those at the early levels. Again, if they’re basing their overall success on personal score, they’re not playing it right. I once managed to finish and win a match with 0/0/0, but I managed to keep my lane defended entirely on my own, and even managed to take out a couple towers before the enemy team surrendered.

      The problem is MOBAs are filled with childish power-gamers who think their kill count matters more than how they actually helped the team. Here’s to hoping they think SMITE is too “easy” for them and they fly off to annoy some other game.

      Also, the one problem with calling out other players… you can’t be the one to do it if you’re the target of their ire. It works a lot better if someone else on the team is the one that gives the obnoxious player an earful. If you’re the target, it looks like you’re just arguing. If I’m the target I usually just keep my mouth shut, and possibly report them later on depending on how vitriolic they’re getting. If you do want to call out someone on their behavior, make sure it’s when they’re belittling another player on your team.

  5. Don’t know if anyone’s ever tried it, but I like the idea of having a primary server where 3 complaints about your petulance gets you permanently moved to an all-trolls server. Naturally to avoid getting moved from false accusations, an employee would have to check the accused’s chat log.

  6. This seems quite interesting, and I actually LIKE the character design for a change. Here’s my question, though – what bugs me the most about League of Legends is the “runes” system which asks me to invest quite a bit of resources into making a “build” applicable for one character that might now work as well for another. How deep is this kind of customization in *scrolls up* Smite?

    Personally, I prefer simpler games with less to number-crunch and more to actually DO in-game, and if this one is it… Yeah, $30 doesn’t sound too bad.

    • Originally during Alpha, a system called “Tributes and Offerings” was in place which was the equivalent of Runes/Masteries in LoL.

      Since CB, these are nowhere to be found, and while I was trying to find any word about whether or not they would return, it seems the community as a whole is vehemently opposed to having them back. If that’s the case, I would ADORE this game even more so, even if it does render level gathering rather pointless beyond a “status symbol” and makes this game even less MMO-ish than LoL.

      Time will tell. I’m saving up my favor either way.

      • Seriously, if that’s the case, I WANT this game. I don’t really have anything against the DOTA model as an idea, it’s just level-grinding and stat-tweaking that really bothers me. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  7. I was sort of curious if there was a way to make a MOBA without being a rip-off of DOTA. LoL and HoN are pretty similar to DOTA initially, so seeing a new take on the game is interesting, even if it’s not a style I personally enjoy.

  8. I can’t BELIEVE I forgot to mention this in the video, even if I do purposefully cut things in Sidequests, but this game is really “MOBA noob friendly”. For example, the toughest part about games like LoL is knowing what items to buy, when to buy them, what skills to level at what times and so and and so forth.

    SMITE circumvents this by starting you with an option that purchases the items and skills for you without you having to do a thing. Then once you’re comfortable with your character, you can turn the options off, and even turn them off mid-game if you have a handle on it.

    It’s an awesome feature that MOBA snobs might sneer at, but it’s perfect for taking out one of the most annoying aspects of the MOBA experience.

  9. Eh, given how they handled Tribes, I wouldn’t expect that community to go anywhere but downhill at the speed of a falling meteor.

  10. despite not understanding mobas that looks entertaining

  11. Triangulation Technician

    I don’t like MOBAs and their communities very much, but this was interesting while I played the closed beta for a short while.

    I might return to try it some more.

  12. I got to say I like what they have done to make them stand out from other mobas. I have found that the game feels like it’s very balanced and I do see more nicer players than jerks. I will add you my user name is bskhacker.

  13. High Priest Dre

    I don’t really like MOBAs, but being a third person game instead of a top down might make this one more interesting for me. I might check it out after it is released.

  14. I sent you an e-mail. It’s the Yahoo one. :P

    Really looking forward to playing with ya. I really like the 3rd Person View and the visuals here.

    • I only got one email from a yahoo address so I’m guessing it was you. You had an alternate Hotmail backup, too right? In any case I just sent it out to your yahoo address.

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