Sidequest: City of Steam

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  1. This game looks good and I’m glad you don’t have to download it. Seems cool.

    • Thanks Cferra! Yeah, we really wanted to make it as accessible as humanly possible; come swing by some time, this Alpha weekend is you last chance to jump in before Beta later this year! (Me? shameless?……..maybe…..)

      • Some might label shameless, heh, but I think its pretty damn cool that one of the devs of the game is sittin’ here and respondin’ to comments. It really helps with the whole “We listen to our fans” thing that many developers go for, and often don’t actually do. :D

        Anyway, teeny weeny tirade aside, to the Alpha!

        • Yeah… I’ve always appreciated devs that did that (from before I joined the gaming industry), and I thought it would be wrong not to do the same. I’m glad I’m with a developer that shares the same vision on that front :)
          If you happen to see “FemGab” (or FemGabKong on Kongregate if you have a level 10+ premium account there), drop me a line (and/or feel free to duel me :P )

  2. Looks interesting, from what I can see anyway. I’m not sure if it’s my monitor settings or if the video just recorded dark…I have that problem with screencaps. The “based on books written by the director” appeals to my “I want a better story” needs, but I’m not crazy about enemies attacking in groups…Not good for soloing.

    Will you revisit the game once it hits or leaves beta?

    • Thanks likalaruku! Don’t worry about soloing, the AI is getting upgrades from here (Alpha) till Beta; and besides, with the current balance, soloing isn’t that hard if you approach large groups carefully.
      Anyway, I sure hope Jon joins us again at Beta, I’d be happy to show him our progress :)

  3. I have to say, this actually looks really amazing. I would prefer an actual client, of course. My biggest concern would be the way in which the micro transaction system is handled. My main issue with most F2P games these days is that their cash shop is handled poorly, be it with pay to win or forcing me to buy the actual content of the game.

    Other than that, this is something that I’m looking forward to.

  4. A sidequest, so soon after a regular episode? You’re spoiling us, dear Chaos.

    It does look very good, so I will have to keep an ear on this. If it runs in a browser, it might work on my overworked, under-RAM’d computer. It does sound interesting, though, with the magical industrial style. (I can understand why it wouldn’t be steampunk. It’s developed, but not beyond Victorian style tech.)

  5. I have had my eye on this one. Glad to see its looking better and better.

    Still not sure about it being browser based though…

    • Thanks! As for it being browser-based, we went with the idea that it would make the game more accessible to a wider audience. We are thinking of also having a downloadable client as an alternative down the line though (if only to inch away from the browser-based stigma, hah!)

      • I have a preference to downloadable clients, thus not being limited to the browser window and whatnot. But thats me.

        I am very interested in the setting though of the game! :)

      • I’m onboard for browser-based….No downloads, no uploads, no waiting for updates, no defragging afterwords….

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