DC Universe Online (Episode 30)

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  1. ClipOnSunglasses

    Maybe I liked DCUO more than a few people because I wasn’t going for a superhero MMO, but a regular MMO that had more action in the combat and just happened to have a superhero theme. And for as much as I did enjoy a fair chunk of what I played; I have to say DCUO’s cardinal sin way not going far enough.
    It got rid of crap that was just tedious instead of challenging like backtracking for quest rewards, an auto loot button so you don’t have to click every single corpse for your loot (cough cough every single RPG ever), each weapon can do melee or ranged DPS and has a lunge so all players can close in easily on enemies, and has each class a DPS mode and one of the 3 support classes (tank, healer and controller) so that both matching making and solo play are simpler affairs and combat was made to be more focused on the Melee/Block/Ranged type of rock paper scissors game, keeping your combo meter going, punishing those who spam the same attacks and only occasionally using spells instead of having your eyes firmed glued to your global cooldown.
    But at the end of the day it was still a “grind through the super easy solo quests and rush to the endgame to raid with your guild for the next epic purple drop in the loot threadmill as you’re stuck to doing the basic role this class does”. I mean, it is fun to raid with people if you can find a guild of tight knit and nice people like I did, and I really did enjoy the challenge in the Fortress of Solitude raid series and made memories that were worth the time and cash I put. But it had way too much obvious padding quests that didn’t do anything new, and was just there to keep you from doing everything too fast, gear was still too important to winning (and also require alot of grinding) and raiding still felt like you were restricted to doing just this one role and nothing else.
    Basically the game could have gone further to change more systems that didn’t necessarily have quick fixes like an auto loot button, but could have been overhauled or replaced to remove plenty of what made MMOs held back despite having genuinely fun elements to them.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this review. I did find it a little strange you didn’t mention in more detail how the costumes/styles work. I, like a lot of people when I first started thought the customization was so limited, but now I think its cool you have to earn your suit, I worked hard tor all the styles I have. It makes sense story wise as well, you’re not an aspiring hero/villain, you’re infected by nanites, taken by Brainiac and at the games start just trying escape, survive, and get used to you’re new abilities.

  3. For me, it’s a combination of the pros and cons you mentioned. I’m not a DC fan and so know next to nothing about them that I haven’t learned from Linkara. Add this to the “City of Sidekicks” part and that’s basically the entirety of the game’s presentation out the window. With not enough customization, what is there left of the game but the pure gameplay?

  4. Oooh, I want to see a pepperball fight.

    I remember when this game first came out, I was super disappointed that they didn’t go with the new badass Morrison/Daniel Joker. I wanted a game taking place in continuity ::fangirl pout:: Then when they rebooted the DC Universe again, I almost uninstalled the game.

    As bad as LJN?

    Conroy just can’t pull off the Batman voice anymore. Hamill’s Joker sounds like he’s been smoking a pack a day for 30 years, but at least it’s recognizable. If Hamill really is retiring his Joker voice (as reported elsewhere), then Richard Epcar & Anthony Ingruber do a pretty solid TAS Joker.

    ::Rewatches the part where Supes gets stabbed a few times:: Heheh.

    I have a few quips with the character creation. Even though the arms are accurately proportioned, they somehow manage to look freakishly short, the breasts are an awful shape, there’s only 1 or 2 long hair options for men, & no lanky or fat body types for either. They also look caucasian no matter what skin color you pick. The faces aren’t much to look at either.

    Sky ring races? They really thought Superman 64 was worth recycling?

    I installed it after Angry Joe’s review. I got bored with in in a day. I figured I’d put it aside until the mood to play a Champions Online-type game struck me, but I’m still too pissed at DC right now. (Women can stay mad at things forever).

  5. I liked this game but I can’t seem to play it for to long. This is sort of a more resent complaint but I played the area 51 mission twice after making a new hero and people sort of gave up half way. Like they get bored and quit. I can normally finish this mission in a short amount of time but people seem to enjoy watching me do it on my own as of late.

  6. First off, I have nothing to say about the game personally. I guess the superhero genre of MMO just doesn’t appeal to me, as none of the three really made me want to play them. I did try City of Heroes (before the shut down was reported) but even if the game wasn’t sparsely populated, I don’t think I would’ve stuck with it myself.

    Second, I like how the two guests you had for the show had alliterative names. An LL and an RR in a world populated with those kinds of names. Even if you didn’t plan it, it is a convenient fact.

    Third, let’s see how well Marvel Heroes does before you feel the need to add it to your queue. I think there are plenty of other MMOs out there, especially different types of MMOs before you need to dive into that game.

  7. I REALLY enjoy this game, pushing almost 70 hours. I like the action based combat (I use mouse and keyboard, but I change my primary attacks to keyboard keys), the customization is nice, but what makes it for me is that it’s an established world and lore. I always feel mmo games that already have established lore seem to be better received than ones that make their own up, unless they last long and can create their own lore…

    Even though you are more of a solider than a general
    (sidekick than a superhero), I still felt pretty heroic in this game. Ignore the story and play it as if you were a hero in the DC Universe, you’ll have more fun…

  8. the money is vary limited i know you don’t play long so i tell you. In raids i not once seen a raid fall apart allot of time because they cant afford the repairs, so most raids past t2 are already demanding people be subbed so they don’t have to deal with this and yet demand the money cap stays. Despite it gimping the game making it nigh impossible to enjoy the endgame for free to player and priemum, some try to dodge this by keeping allot of the games heath potions soda in their inventory to sell but is does not help much.

  9. I laughed when you showed the final message in the credits…
    I guess this game is mostly controller-friendly then…

  10. Glad to see you finally got to this one. Along with TSW, and for a few months before that released, it has been my MMO of choice. Shows how snooty I am with cash shops, I never even looked at the chart to see that Premium gave more characters lots. Might just have to get one of those Expansions now.

  11. Great review. I for one really enjoy this game. I would love to see you possibly revisit this down the line after experiencing more of the higher end game content.

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