Sidequest: Firefall

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  1. There was a HUGE pve content patch recently. most of the content comes in the form of dynamic events (ie the server spawns an enemy encampment or boss in the open world) its a game where you have to find your own goal as there will be little you’ll be incapable of doing if you bring enough buddies along. its designed so players of any experience or skill level can provide SOMETHING to a group from the word go. its still very much a beta so bugs are still present but if you can get past that I find the game totally absorbing. its not your traditional mmo in any sense of the word. its not stat based combat like wow and can be oppressively challenging in places. be ready to dodge both incoming fire and enemies who will run right up and chew your legs off. its not as much of a pvp centric game as most people would believe it balances the game play in both quite nicely.

    Its a game I could talk about for hours and never get sick of. if its the kind of game you think even you’d remotely find fun I definitely recommend you check it out. I actually have a few more beta keys to give out. (you might even notice my twitter name in the credits of this video)

  2. Hmm, I’m not sure if I want to try it or skip it. The environment sure looks like an interesting place to explore. I’d have gone full-episode for this one.

    Does it have a story mode? Lately that’s been a make-or-break situation in MMOs…The lack of a story is probably why Korean & Chinese MMOS get boring so quickly.

  3. How close to Tribes:Ascend is this? Looked almost a carbon copy with brighter graphics, but your enthusiasm for this game, maybe it’s actually worth a look

    • It’s not even remotely the same. Save for the limited Jumpjets, you take fall damage, don’t slide, the targets are much larger and the travel is much slower. Also there’s no vehicle system. The PvP is the closest to Tribes, but it’s a lot more focused, and not the fast chaotic, massive arena gameplay of Tribes.

  4. yeah, i dont know if i would even call it beta atm… it pretty close to what most games would call an alpha stage. the coremechanics are there but there is no meat on the bone yet, i kinda wished you would have waited a few more months for the big PvE update in the works. also what really got me was their planned story method. the game is “planned” to have all the towns and other things come under dynamic events, such as invasions, and depending on the actions of the players themselves will determine the out come? will the town be destroyed? saved? destroyed but refugees you rescued open a new town? it just seems very interesting. this vid by Extra Credits sums it up well.

  5. Triangulation Technician

    Hmm, I remember taking notice about this game few years ago. It pretty much went to the extent of it being “MMOFPS looking like Borderlands on the first glance”.

    But your review makes it look interesting. I prefer normal non-FPS MMOs, but I might check this out.

  6. when i first saw this game, i felt it was just Global agenda with an expanded world. not sure if boarderlands is the game i would have compared it to.

    nice quick review though.

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