Tell us how you really feel (Episodes 31, and Specials GW2, and TSW)

This is the block to throw off my counter, since despite Special Episodes not being part of my normal episode counter, they are still episodes, and will be included in the list when I reach them chronologically. I can’t believe I actually did two of those in a row. Oh, I get to shit on Guild Wars 2 now? This is going to turn out great.

Episode 31: Tribes Ascend
Oh Hi-Rez, you’re an “eggs in one basket” sort of company, aren’t you? Yep, this is the game that left Global Agenda to rot before Hi-Rez did the exact same thing to Tribes Ascend when SMITE gained popularity. It was a pretty OMG U NEED TO PLAY DIS title when in it’s heyday, and I arrived admittedly late to the party. There was no new maps or features being made to the game, so on the plus side, I don’t ever have to backtrack this game. I really did like it though, and was frighteningly good at it.. at least until it started putting me into higher tier matches. I think it’s still under my “Favorites” list in Steam despite the fact I haven’t played it in years. If you have a good group to go in with, play it by all means. It’s flashy fun action, but I’m pretty sure it’s a ghost town ever since Hi-Rez announced they were pulling active development on the game.
Recommended?: YES.

Special Episode: Guild Wars 2
I really do not like this game. I do not like its dumb hype train. I think it’s rather weak and lame. I really do NOT like this game.
Personal gripes aside I can see the merits and appeal to the game but so much about GW2 irks me, from the frothing fanbase that seriously can’t understand why someone would have a problem with this game, to the developer reliance on being SO DIFFERENT that it makes nonsensical decisions, like removing the long established “holy MMO Trinity” of “Tank, Healer, and DPS” and replacing it with… oh hey look over there! Isn’t this game pretty?!
Or choosing established fantasy classes and giving them non-traditional weaponry like Rangers starting with throwing axes when being labeled “masters of the bow”, making 2-handed hammers a ranged weapon, or removing traditional quests with a system that relies entirely on waiting for Dynamic events to happen, because LOOK HOW DIFFERENT WE ARE.
The whole game irks me like no other, because despite it’s desperate attempts to be different, it’s really, REALLY not. The combat is standard Target and Click. The platforming is nonsensical and downright unfair, tossing invisible walls at you when the devs decide that route would be “too easy” and pixel sized jumping precision in a game where the slightest bit of lag can toss you to the ground and force you to start a 10 minute trek all over. The world is artificially scaled to an unrealistic size to give this feeling of vastness, when all it accomplishes is making everything feel so dead and empty. The community would actively defend horrific immersion-breaking and game-breaking bugs, like the worst infestation of botters I’d ever seen in a title, and that completely broken and spastic camera, just so they didn’t have to admit there was something wrong with it. Something that could have been easily fixed. Something that wasn’t even present in the beta. I really, really don’t like this game.
I remember the day I stop playing, too. I always had the game on my hard drive, and updated it occasionally. I had that feeling that someday I would go back to it. I remember logging in one day and thinking, “God this game is really nice looking. I wonder why I stopped playing it. I got into the field, walked several steps into what felt like nothingness, felt the emptiness and boredom hit me all at once like a truck, and went, “NOPE.” then logged out immediately, and uninstalled it right afterward. There fanboys. NOW you can get mad at me for what I said about this stupid overhyped thing.
Recommended? NO.

Special Episode: The Secret World
It is NO secret that I love the shit out of this game. I have an Illuminati symbol on my car, a custom made flask, and glass and I even created and wore TWO separate Illuminati Deck outfits (Slayer and Bodyguard). It’s unquestionably my favorite game out there. I love the atmosphere, the story, the characters, as even basic NPCs, have personalities, memes, and stories attached to them, and you care about every single person you meet. It’s simply amazing to behold. The themes of the game are some of the most dark and unsettling things I’ve seen in any game ever, like finding an off-shoot of a cult group that’s actively recruiting and manipulating autistic and socially outcast children to be used as weapons of war.
I greatly look forward to every new content patch that comes out and will play the game for days at a time until I’ve had my fill, and need to wait for the next update.
If someone says to me, “What’s your favorite MMO?” the answer is “The Secret World”. Enough said.
…that out of the way, I know that in this case people accuse me of bias, and trying to upsell the game. I do not. As much as I love this game, I know there are plenty of things wrong with it. So much so, that for the sake of turning this whole thing on its head, I’m going to list off several really big problems I have with the game, just to show fanatics you can hate the things you love, and don’t have to blindly accept their garbage. Ready? Let’s do this.

  • Broken and buggy
    This game was built on a broken engine that was on its way out. As a result, there’s plenty they just CAN’T do to fix the game, and it’s one of the most poorly optimized, laggy and crash-happy MMOs out there. I’ve bugged out quests just by clicking on something too fast. Being too far away from a party member when obtaining an item, rendered the rest of the quest unplayable for anyone left in the party. We once crashed the server by having 12+ people run the snowmobile quest in Issue 7. The game gives me a crashed error message… when I shut it off. It’s a game on a very unstable platform, and is easily the biggest frustration.
  • Empty promises
    Hey guys? Remember how great it was to have monthly content patches when the game was subscription based? Remember not having to wait nearly a year between Issues 9 and 10? The awesome extra scenario modes for Issue 8? That amazing auxiliary weapon released in Issue 10? That super cool Sidestories quest in Happy Smiles Kindergarten?
    In case you can’t tell, none of those things happened, but all of them were toted or heavily hinted at in developer updates, and all but vanished from subsequent ones. It’s quite often that the devs give us hints, clues and even announcements of upcoming content, but months will go by without a thing, followed by an update that feels a lot… lighter than previously promised. It’s worrisome and disheartening.
  • Funcom hates it
    This is really more of a speculative theory of ours, but a few of us get the feeling that Funcom, at least those in the high up seats, really don’t like this game. We feel they outright resent it. When the devs had fun with their former backlash to sexy female outfits by including a “mankini” as an April Fools Joke, it was immediately removed from the game by the publishers who claimed it didn’t fit with the serious feel of the game. A game where you can wear dirty underwear and a horsehead mask if that’s your prerogative. I can’t help but feel they really wanted Age of Conan to be their flagship, go-to MMO, and seeing their ridiculous lack of marketing for TSW, they’ve yet to prove to me otherwise. Hell, the game’s director has been changed TWICE, and both times point to it not entirely being the choice of the current game director. It ties in heavily with the above point.
  • Combat is repetitive
    I’ll give this to ya, as long as someone doesn’t try to claim that GW2’s combat is “so much better” since they are fundamentally the same thing. While I like the more reactionary nature of the combat, and avoiding damage fields is pretty much the crux of it, and the rest is making sure you have a good synergy of your abilities, so you can spam simple rotations (builder, builder, builder, builder, builder, consumer, repeat). More interesting than WoW, but far less interesting than… so many other things.
  • Horrible newbie experience
    In the way that GW2 tries too hard to make the same look different, TSW tries too hard to make different look the same. This just MURDERS the starting experience for MMO players.
    “Do I pick up two weapons? Wouldn’t it be better to focus on just one?” In any other game, yes, but in TSW, NO.
    “Can’t I just nab up all the quests to be sure I have the max experience returns while I’m out questing?” In any other game, yes, but in TSW, NO.
    “Can’t I just skip these cutscenes? It’s not like they’re going to carry any important quest information!” In any other game, yes, but in TSW, NO.
    So many times running around Kingsmouth you’ll find players who swear their quest is bugged, when they simply just don’t understand the nuances to completing them… and the first time a new player runs across an investigation mission without understanding what they are… god help us all. This is a game that cannot be approached in a normal fashion, and the reason so many people try so hard to tell people how to play when they start out, is because so many others have tried to play this game in traditional MMO fashion, gotten frustrated and left. The tutorial is pretty much crap at introducing you to how the game really works, so you either figure it out on your own, have the playerbase help you, or give up in frustration because you just can’t bother with trying to make sense of it. It’s a serious barrier for people.
  • PvPointless
    TSW is the very definition of “tacked-on” PvP. It doesn’t need to be in here, and it’s clearly only there because…
    “MMOs need PvP” -Some Jackass
    If there’s any game that doesn’t need it, it’s this one. Factions are cosmetic. All of them can work together. All of them NEED to work together because the shit going down pales in comparison to what factions’ feelings are hurt this week. The competition angle should be handled more like a sports rivalry, and less like three countries at constant war. It’s likely this oddball reason that Cabals are faction specific, making the guild system utterly pointless as well.
  • Endgame activities are all a grind
    Welcome to Venice! I hope you like playing horde mode instances over and over for months on end to gain bits you use to purchase items that only marginally augment your skills, and are completely irrelevant to the next area. Welcome to Tokyo! I hope you don’t mind gearing up a whole separate set of armor and skills so you can fight enemies that act exactly like every other enemy except they have a bullshit shield that renders them invincible unless you play the color matching game with them! How do you do that? By killing them to collect research points, so you can upgrade your AEGIS to 100%! What happens when you reach 100%? You get to spend hard earned quest tokens to upgrade them to the next level so you get to do that ALL OVER AGAIN! How many times do you have to do that? Oh, just about NINE TIMES PER AEGIS SYSTEM. How many AEGIS systems do you have? Oh, only 6 of them. Oh wait, they added shields in Issue 10! Now you have NINE AEGIS SYSTEMS TOO! This means you only have to upgrade an AEGIS system 81 times in order to max them all out! Does the fun ever start?!

Rant over, you can see the game isn’t flawless, it’s not even well-made on all accounts, but I love the shit out of it and wouldn’t trade it for anything. There WILL be a backtrack incoming and there will definitely be a lot to talk about and cover.
Recommended?: If you’re willing to put up with it, FUCK YES.


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  1. LOVED TSW’s green (investigation) and yellow (sabotage) missions. Did them all.

    Then… it was endgame. Nothing to do but grind nightmare dungeons and pvp. But the combat is so boring. So I quit. The game was done.

    It’s a great singular experience to run through, but it’s more like a single player game in that there’s a finite amount of engaging content, and it has an end to it. I’m sure a FEW extras have been added in issues since then, but for the most part the game is finite. Well worth a single run through, but not much point in sticking around after.

  2. I appreciate that while you’re really into TSW (as I am myself), it doesn’t blind you to the un-ignoreable and sometimes deal-breaking problems the game can have. Yeah, a lot of them are in the engine, some of them are behind the scenes in production, and whoever the asshole was who decided that platforming was a necessary and persistent (if not frequent) “feature” of the game (or rather its control scheme) needs to be dragged out and shot. And yeah, the augment grind has the worst parts of “grind” and “pointless reward” added into it. AEGIS is a slog, but at least there’s a quantifiable reward to it.

    TSW a fantastic game for what it does well (atmosphere, story, characters, taking modern fantasy/horror and not making it grimdark), sadly hobbled by some of the things you point out. It’s also got a fantastic community, a fact that can’t be understated. I do feel like the game has to be doing something for Funcom’s bottom line given the tidal wave of cash I know my friends were shelling out for seasonal gift bags. It seems to be speeding up some updates, along with new QoL changes/adaptations. I’ll be really curious to see your Backtrack opinion on this, particularly with the new EPE set up and overall.

  3. As someone who gives Guild Wars 2 a solid ‘Meh’ I find it hilarious that after complaining that it’s fanbase is full of people who can’t understand why anyone could possibly have a problem with it a whole bunch of comments pop up claiming you must be wrong because it’s impossible to have a problem with Guild Wars 2.

    Also, I never got much past the beginning of Egypt in Secret World but I did enjoy that game. Except for those stupid Moth enemies in the forest area of Kingsmouth, whose existence are a freaking crime against humanity. Templars Forever!

  4. I dont get your extreme hatred for GW2. Its a fairly nice MMO that feels different from current offerings. Its the only current MMO (Maybe besides PSO/PSU) that kept my interest in playing it. Something about it holds my attention compared to others. Do you hate it because the hype train was too large and it failed to meet your expectations? They wanted to try something new for MMOs getting rid of the trinity system and others. I cannot fault a game daring to alteast attempt to try something new.

  5. Have to admit, I personally fall into the crowd that had a pretty good experience with Guild Wars 2, and I like to believe it wasn’t just because I was a fanboy of the title. Granted, it was only the second MMO I ever suck with (SMT: Imagine was the first), and the only reason I ever dove into it was because of Angry Joe’s review of the title, but for some reason I found that playing the game was one of the more captivating experiences I ever tried out… weirdly for a lot of the reasons you don’t care for the game, and I’m trying to figure out why that is. Of course, I do agree that the game isn’t without quite a few flaws: off the top of my head, the jump puzzles are, indeed, BS, and botting of any degree is bad regardless of the game, but that being said… I honestly think the same vastness, the spread of world events and the apparent tradition-breaking gameplay is what kept me wandering through the world, enjoying the sights, and waiting to see what I’d find next to challenge myself with. I think Tyger recently reposted an old episode involving lone-wolfing in a game, and also did an older episode about the Bartle test’s 4 types of gamers, and I feel a lot of what he says there really applies well to GW2: it’s a great game for explorers to wander in and see what the world has to offer and what shinies you can collect along the way.

    Still, I guess that doesn’t really boil down where the disconnect is coming from, and the more I re-read what you’ve said here… do you think your priorities about what you were looking for or expecting out of the game were a bit warped by the apparent hype train? I suppose your criticisms are just a tad confusing to me: you make the pretty clear argument that the game breaks a lot of traditional rules and formulas set down by other world MMOs, yet later on say that it really is just ‘trying to be different’ and really is just the same as everything else… which it couldn’t be, if the former argument holds true. I would understand more if these design choices derailed the game experience as a whole, but again for me at least, it certainly didn’t; it just beckoned a different approach and style of play than a lot of world MMOs before it. It’s a bit telling when you bring up having to wait for dynamic events, when the game’s geared more towards drifting from place to place doing things as they come up.

    It’s these quirks where I have to admit… it feels like the hype made you come into this game with very lofty expectations on how world-shattering the game would be, yet also with the expectation that it was going to fail that and become just another MMO, then got further irritated by the game when certain things -did- break out of the typical MMO formula. I’m not saying all this just to attack you or your say as a reviewer or whatnot, I wouldn’t be here following your content if I felt that way I like to think, but it might be worth checking yourself in the future and not letting hype warp your expectations on other titles coming in the future. One of the things I love most about your show is how good a reference and starting point it is for presenting the game as-is, but it’s times like this when you present a game less as what it is, and more how it holds up to what you think it should be. Speaking of which…

    I’ve been meaning to say this for a while now I admit, wasn’t sure if I should, but… ah, fuck it. Again, for the most part, I think your show does a great job just being what it is and presenting the games you cover at face value, but some shows and a lot of the content you post on the site directly just makes me want to say… man, there’s no need to constantly treat your fanbase like your enemies and talk down to them as often as you do. Of course, there’ll always be idiots and assholes who won’t be worth your time because… well, idiots and assholes, but a lot of times people just… kind of want to debate when their opinions differ. That doesn’t turn them into fanboys or people who’re mad at you, even if they might not present their thoughts in the most eloquent ways sometimes, and it’s really exhausting trying to read what you post with that tone constantly bearing down on me. It isn’t just you who does it either, I think a ton of internet reviewers tend to fall into that trap of “it’s my opinion, and you’re welcome to disagree, but I don’t want to hear it”, but that straight-up shutdown of discussion sucks out a lot of what criticism and debate really is. I think you’ve said in the past that the goal of MMO Grinder is to be a full review and representation of a game for people stepping into it the first time, but I think that’s better served via the discussed conclusion between a handful of people than the opinions of one person. You’ve definitely been on the right track recently including Grindstone members in your recent reviews, but it might be worth extending the same benefit-of-the-doubt to others as well. Still, it’s just some feedback from me, it’s your call if you think it’s worth acting on or not.

    • To cover a couple points brought up here:

      “you make the pretty clear argument that the game breaks a lot of traditional rules and formulas set down by other world MMOs, yet later on say that it really is just ‘trying to be different’”

      I say this because the differences brought abut by GW2 are superfluous. It’s like they all got together in a meeting and said “How do we do this differently?”, steered in the opposite direction of sense, and in turn had nothing solid to replace it with. They dropped the Trinity simply because every other MMO used the trinity, but they had nothing to replace it with. The jack-of-all-trades didn’t work in dungeons. No one was strong enough to withstand constant attacks, no one was strong enough to heal themselves or other against those attacks. Enemies simply switched aggro tables willy-nilly and it was impossible to strategize in a dungeon since the enemies focused on players completely at random, and it was luck of the draw. I remember the first dungeon I ran in the game, the entire party having to constantly throw ourselves at the boss with constant corpse runs, like we were trying to tear down a wall using water balloons. It’s clear they had no idea how to make a trinity-less system WORK, but they took it out, just because. I think Chris Rock said it best: “You can drive a car with your feet if you want to. That don’t make it a good fuckin’ idea!”
      I still praise GW2 heavily for understanding the idea of cooperation over competition. But I didn’t fall for the hype, I warned against it during the first Sidequest video I did on the game. I just saw the potential in the game after having been in that beta, and to see so many new problems go onset during launch, and so many basic, boring systems get touted as “revolutionary and original”, both by a fanbase that needs to constantly defend this game from any and all criticism.

      I’m not trying to shut down discussion. I’m shutting down those who don’t know how to discuss. I shut down common mistakes and questions I get before they are made because I’ve seen this same old song and dance hundreds of times before. I’m jaded and tired by those who need to attack me for a simple video where I just try to inform people of the nuances of a title when they start out, and end up dealing with an army of pedants ready to nitpick everything I say and flaunt their apparent experience intellect in a way to feel slightly better about themselves for the day.
      Those that think a simple counter-argument and a “good day sir” as the way to win a debate. Most internet commenters don’t want to discuss. They want to say their piece, be heard and that’s it. Even if they think they’re debating, it’s all in the choice of word being made. They don’t counter the argument, the counter the person arguing, and that’s not debate, it’s ad hominem. They make excuses for the problems I have, or attempt to rationalize that I have a personal connection to the problem, instead of just debating the problem. Yes, there’s a lot of times where it all boils down to “well I just like it/don’t like it.” and nothing beyond that is required, but too many people NEED a reason. It’s a personal connection to the item at hand, and rationalized by their brain with a foolhardy connection that translates to “He doesn’t like the thing. I like the thing. Ergo, he doesn’t like me.” That’s ridiculous, and childish, and I KNOW that’s 95% of the reason I ever get responses when I go negative on something.
      After all, so many massively defensive responses to Guild Wars 2… and not any other game I’ve crapped all over in this thing? How suspect. Most other games, when I’m done talking about my dislike with them, the conversation ends. With Guild Wars 2, it keeps following me around like an exact representation of the Sea Lion in this comic.

      “man, there’s no need to constantly treat your fanbase like your enemies and talk down to them as often as you do.”

      Of course there’ isn’t a NEED. Yet, I don’t know why so many people think I’m actually doing this. I speak in a vague blanketed terms to describe strawman representations of attitudes and arguments I’ve seen. I use words like “you” because it directly engages the reader, and “one” sounds stupid as hell when you read it more than a few times in a paragraph. If the words I’m saying on screen say something like that, I’m not speaking to my audience as a whole. I’m speaking to that strawman. If the words being said do not apply to you, then the simply don’t apply. Ignore them. It’s just like those who assume everything I put in a PASS category means the game is “bad” because of it. No need to be so binary.
      If you’re speaking directly of my harder responses to certain comments, than I’ve clearly responding to that detractor, and argument. I don’t individually KNOW that person, and I don’t immediately assume they are a general fan of the show, because they’re usually not. They’re likely a fan of the game I’m looking at, maybe just a Youtube patroller in general looking for videos about their favorite games or subjects who happened to come across my videos. I tend to give back what people tend to give me, and often times I know enough about passive aggressive language that other people don’t detect, especially when viewing as a third party. Nerds have a PhD in that shit.
      I worked 8 years in retail, have a knee-jerk hatred of the general public, and am more or less a highly opinionated, massively introverted, unapologetic asshole in real life. They might want to get used to that.
      There’s only so many times you can log into a video to read yet another instance of “It’s Kuh-jeet not Kah-jit!” or “lol u have manboobs” before you stop worrying if you might hurt other people’s feelings. If I’m expected to have a thicker skin, that road goes both ways. I tire of the hypocritical entitled bullshit nature of the internet community. The reason so many reviewers fall into the “it’s my opinion, and you’re welcome to disagree, but I don’t want to hear it.” is because we hear them ALL THE GOD DAMNED TIME. We’ve said our piece. It’s a video. Not a forum. I have forums for that.
      If you want to know what I’m really like, come find us in Grindstone. Otherwise, you’ll just keep seeing the text ramblings of a cranky middle aged guy who stopped giving a fuck years ago that you can decide the true tone of all for yourself.

      • Alright, fair enough. You’re right about me not getting the entire context certainly from vids and posts on a site like this, so the clarification helps certainly. I guess I just come from a different background as far as this kind of thing goes: I came out of college into a software consulting job where talking with folks then coding shit for ’em is my entire M.O., so I guess I see the value in staying level-headed and bearing with people and being the better man even if said people are being unholy dickbags towards you. That being said… I can only imagine there’s so much you could take before it just wasn’t worth dealing with anymore with the background you brought up, so I understand where you’re coming from a lot more.

        As for discussion on the internet… yeah, I’d be lying if I said I disagreed there. For all it’s interconnectivity, internet culture’s definitely not the best place to just have a talk about something, though I’ll argue it’s a lot due to the media that culture consumes. Part of me thinks a lot of other review shows (not your own) perpetuate that inability to discuss effectively, and why I don’t personally care for the “let’s agree to disagree” slant we talked about, and also why I personally find the angle you go for in your own shows as enjoyable as I do. I’ve been considering making some content myself for a while now in part to just try setting a better example, but… well, wishful thinking’s wishful thinking. Who knows, maybe things’ll change for the better at some point, but for now I can hardly blame you.

        Thanks for humoring me and my overly-long post, regardless, and for checking me on my assumptions and such. Work keeps me on the move, but I’ll have to see if I can’t roll with Grindstone sometime, see if I can’t get a bit more out of the goings-ons around here.

  6. Wow…and I thought you had a chip on your shoulder about Maple Story. Though I suppose that also shows the good side of your proffesionalism, because as far as I remember from the guildwars 2 video, you weren’t nearly as angry about it in there.

    Oh well. To each their own. Personally, guildwars 2 has been the only MMORPG that could’ve kept my attention for quite a while, and I enjoyed how many of the selfish aspects that seemed natural of MMORPG it broke which ultimately made for a good experience. Of course, I’m not saying that it is without its flaws(They seemingly seem to change their minds on how to update the game every year which has left the game with very little additional content for a game that’s out for almost 3 years now), but I’m having difficulty to see how this game could’ve sparked such a reaction of you…I thought that’d require a vile community like that of ArchAge.

  7. The gw2 opinion is more of a hate opinion than a fact based opinion. If you dont like the fact that there is no healer class, tank class or dps class and all clases are more of a jack of all trades with some differences between them in terms of mechanics, is not a reason to call the game stupid. Events… you dont really need them, there are other ways to gain exp and I have yet to see a “quest” that asks me to wait for an event, maybe youre talking about daily quests… you are given 4 daily quests, you can complete 3, if one of them is about doing events you can just skyp it and go for another want if you dont like doing events. Events are useful but not necesary at all, you can always find other ways to get what you can get from doing events. Even if from time to time you can complete faster a heart by waitig for the zone event you can just go do another thing and teleport back whenever you need so… I dont see the point on being so upset because of that. About the bots, I dont see many if any, but I play in european svs and maybe I didnt notice a bot even if I saw one, but if it were infested of bots I would know for sure, the community (then again, on european servers) is usually helpful and the game doesnt feel empty to me because theres always players everywhere thanks to the mega servers. So Im sorry but your opinion is weak and lacks facts to seem reasonable.

    • I hate the game. I think it’s overhyped trash. So you’re mad at how I expressed my opinion of a game I hate in an article series titled “Tell us how you really feel”?
      What the hell is a “fact based opinion”? I’m not making up my grievances. The hell would that accomplish? They all existed at the time I played it. Are you the developer? Or do you take personal offense from me calling something I despise “stupid” because you happen to like it? If that’s the case take a step back. Unless you are one of the developers. If that’s the case… your game is stupid.
      Thanks for backing up my main grievance with the game, brophylactic!

      • I agree that the game is overhyped and just another wow with a few new things but well… that said for the rest is a very good game IMO and at laest a good game from an objective point of view. An opinion can be backed by facts and wether you agree or not you can respect an opinion or you can just think that the other guy is wrong, cause yeah an opinion can be more or less reasonable. Now, I dont know when was the last time you played but maybe you should give it another try now, it doesnt look like thats gonna happen tho with all that hate towards the game but wether you like it or not, you recommend it or not it is still one of the best mmorpgs out there. By the way, Im not mad, Im just argumenting, seems more like its you who is mad and you cant expect to hit a game so hard and not have people complaining, this is the internet and you threw a rock to all gw2 players calling the game they like stupid and overhyped shit basically… which… if you think about it… is like calling the players stupid for playing the game. I think that Ive been moderated with my response I dont know why you think Im, mad.

        • I did read the comments above this one and I have more to say now, I apologize if calling it a hate based opinion was a bit harsh but thats what it seemed to me is not an attack to you, you clearly hate the game and we all can see that and to me it just seems that you think the game is bad cause you hate it not because its actually bad. Now, that said, I understand how exhausting must be to deal with the internet people and his lack of empathy among other things. Now, about the dungs, thats a good point because they are very chaotic and is hard to juggle the aggro, people will always be dying or running in circles trying not to but I kinda like that chaos tbh, feels more like a butchery battle where theres people constantly dying or about to and people trying to get others on their feet again, I dont know I like it that way but maybe before I came to gw2 it was fucking broken, that I dont know cause I wasnt there. I like it being hard not to die to a boss and clearly it is unless you know very well how to play your class and use every tool you have to avoid being one shoted or just melted in a matter of seconds.

  8. I kinda wished you’d done all these TUHYRFs as podcasts.

  9. IamAWAYSright

    The real reason you like secret world is because it plays more like a single player game since you suck at mmorpgs and are a bad reviewer.
    It is by FAR THE WORST game on the market. Brainless crap. Lets see:
    1) poor character models that mocve like crap
    2) Ugly armor and clothing. Literally WAL MART clothing department or Village people models (ugly shirts and pants or mohawks and police suits).
    3) FACTIONS DO NOTHING. DO not seperate you in PVE, PvP, or change story, it is just for a cute intro video and that is IT. Illuminati. FItting. You are dillusional.
    4) “It has a new skill tree”… They took the originals kill tree of any mmorpg. AND TURNED IT ROUND. Physically, it is differently presented, but its function IS THE SAME as most mmorpgs. And yes, roll the holy trinity in either full DPS, heal, or tank or GTFO (groups will drop you). DERP that to the bank
    5) it is a smart puzzle solving game….NOPE! Unless you think 1+1 is thinking so hard. IT is a glitch infested bore “stall the player here” because we don’t have enough content” model. Nothing challeneged me and it’s lack of smarts insulted me. “It is 3:16, so obviously look in the bible under Solomon 3.16 wow…
    6) “Its a great B2P”. No. GW2 is since the content is FREE. The updates are charged and slow content always makes this game feel on the verge of shutting down. Id rather play GW2 based on “B2P reasons” and i hate that game (like you).
    7) Story is ok at times, decent immersion at times. But it gets boring quick for same reasons you do not like GW2. Also, odd “throw it in because” like in the zombie village to start, at one point if you get to close to a house that is burning a giant vnitage killer robot falls from the roof….why? what? immersion killing tid bits ever so often. The frustration of glitchy clipping like in the Area 51 zones. UGhhh making quests nearly impossible to finish. Just felt like exploiting the terrain than actualy questing.
    I can go on and on, butyeah. Please go review single player consol games. You seem WAY more fit for that than mmorpgs.

    • IamAWAYSright

      Ill give you THIS: Your hype on TSO got me to buy it. I slid that credit card in all its 40 dollar glory (the main website actually broke down and they could not process payments ON THE DAY I pay for this game, so I had to “rebuy the game through steam…it was a mess)… I got in, was like ok Chaos, lets get our feels on…*starts playing…* really? *levels up, gets into the HORRIBLE rinse and repeat piss poor grouping of dungeon experiences* REALLY? *advances through nonsensical story. Group with all factions, there is a moment factions do not even matter, everyone is just in their wal mart village people costumes dancing everywhere, grouping, doing same boring stuff…pvp all around joke* REALLY???? WHAT does he see in this game???
      Fool me once shame on you Fool me twice shame on me. Only happened once. XD
      And any one looking for a legit game despite a few short comings, TERA. Easily best F2P, and legit F2P out there. Graphics, style, customization, classes feel great to play, combat, and if you like to READ there is an amazing story line (with instance main story quest parts as well). Want to spend cash? you get a decent investment in goods and looks. Do I have TERA installed now? No, EU TERA (like AION) is ruined by Failforge publisher.

    • I love how all your complaints take place in Kingsmouth, like you clearly never went further than the church.
      Shotguns have a cooldown. Better uninstall.

      • I’m mostly ammused by how he clearly is just looking at the titles, and doesn’t actually read any of what is said………….oh, and that he’s so stupid, he doesn’t even realize Soloman 3:16 doesn’t even exist, showing he just unfair.coed that shit, and has no basic understanding of anything.

      • No fall damage? Immersion Broken

  10. I would like to say that this is the first TUHYF response that I felt like responding to. I can understand your frustration for Guild wars 2 and frankly some of the issues you Have in your criticism of Guild wars 2 have been fixed and you might consider giving it at least one fair look before writing it off completely.

    Is it a flawed game, sure but what game isn’t without flaws even the “Holy than thou WoW has flaws.” It can feel like Ummm “What next” when you get out of the tutorial and not sure what to do since there no quest markers The Holy trinity isn’t needed as any class can tank and heal but large amount of time you don’t need that as the dungeon system is broken anyway. However I do think that you should give this game another try especially now that you have Grindstone backing you up. As if it wasn’t for some friends I would have kept this game in the Do not touch with a ten foot pole section with the company of WoW and Atlantca Online

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