Sidequest: Guild Wars 2

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  1. MMOGrinder Watcher:
    I have watched your stuff on this site since January 2012, I have watched all the episodes and content on here. I don’t follow twitter or anything of that sort. I only felt compelled to comment on this piece of work now, because of my close ties to the game over the years.

    This video and comments made are correct and I agree with them. There are quests within Guild Wars 2. They are primary quests “Pesonal Story”, secondary quests “Renown Hearts/Region/Tasks”. People can yell at you about how they’re not, all they want.
    Anet can re-name them all they want. Yes, they are not the old “traditional” sense of the 2005 way of thinking.
    Doesn’t change the logical fact/truth in their very nature.

    Since I have so much knowledge of this MMO (GW1&2). I know now that all the other things you have produced are trustworthy and not just fun to watch. Of course for the off week blog posts were you make small corrections. I respect the fact that you make them. Be far more easy to not mention them to the ignorant, which I am when it comes to most other MMO’s.

    So thank you for your hard work and dedication in making a good series. Where you teach me and others about the video game landscape that is the MMO genre.

    The following is a long winded reply about the Guild Wars community in the video and the comments of this page.


    Look… like any community the vocals are just, … well vocal. I have been playing Guild Wars 1 for 6 years, continuously. Most of the large player base of GW don’t go to websites or forums, anything in that aspect, it as always been fan based. Although ArenaNet is as started to/ preparing to have official forums.
    The long term people who have stuck with the game over the years, are silent and happy to just play the game.
    It’s the massive media attention that marketing as done to get the word out, that as shown a influx of very vocal and rude people.

    A lot of the growing community problems of the Guild Wars 2 hype machine have never even touched the first game. So they have not ties or anchor to show respect to others around them. Although this is more of a persons own issues, but generalizing is more fun.
    There is a lot of disinformation out there about the new game. Resulting in the newcomers who rage at others, well in fact they have been misinformed by the major media outlets.
    The veterans who have been waiting for the game for 5 years, just start to roll their eyes. Watching the same questions and conversations, go on and on. Just as the effect of not typing back anymore.

    People using photoshop to do stupid things. Humans have always done stupid things, internet just highlights it more often.

    The net can also be used for great and meaningful things.

    Communities , like , who do fundraisers in GW1 and raise multiple thousands of dollars for cancer, MS research amongst other things, are there too.
    I bring them up as an example of the many different fan based communities out there that show what the core community does, on a regular basis.

    About your forum experience:
    I have have a feeling you were on (curse network) , since that’s where a lot of the swamp people come from. For one thing it’s a popular site and comes up 1st page on google all the time. So all the new people that have no idea what they are talking about or doing, start off there. There are still good members at the forum. Just now vastly out numbered by the trolls and orcs in 2012.

    About In game chat:
    In game comments of the chat. Last 3 weekends (over the months), it was Open beta. With thousands of free codes given out by all sorts of media outlets. Running into people who didn’t pre-purchase the game and didn’t care to play it was common. Probably had nothing better to do than spew garbage.

    It is to bad you witnessed such a display of non-sense of “WoW sucks” and a like.
    Hopefully you find a server “World” with more mature people. This tribal mentality of taking sides of games or corporations needs to stop. You have been indoctrinated people, wake up and form your own opinion, in the form of a sentence.

    It is ohkay not to like something. Helps to give reasons why. You know like the man who makes the videos does.

    Well if anyone as read this far. Thanks :-)
    I know this is a sin/ foot shooting to make such a long comment. However I just had a lot to say. As I watched the video in full and read every comment here.

  2. Triangulation Technician

    I’m few days late, but let’s see:
    1. Funny how you comment on zealous fanbase, and your Guild Wars 2 video turns out to be to be one of the most commented. Well, at least people are civil. Sadly same can’t be said for ArenaDrones (I’ll use this term as a quick way to describe overzealous GW2 fans, nothing more behind it) elsewhere…
    2. Renown Hearts are quests.So are Dynamic Events IMO. They’re the same thing in different package. You kill, you protect, you collect etc. What else to do in an MMO, right? The different package makes GW2 quests much more interesting and in the end better than, say, TERA quests, but ArenaDrones consider GW2’s way some kind of totally 100% revolution. Which it is not.
    3. Yeah, well said. GW2 does things differently. That doesn’t necessary mean better, but a good way to spot an ArenaDrone is that s/he thinks so.
    4. Graphics are very good, aesthetics too, voice acting too, class diversity too, etc. No doubt about that IMO.

    Heh, my post is full of ArenaDrone dissing, but in the end I’m an obvious drone too. MMOGrinderDrone. :D

    I just pretty much agree with everything you said in this video.

  3. A friend of mine bought me the digital deluxe version right before the second weekend beta. As someone who isn’t that big on PvP, and didn’t get super far (though I did enjoy) Guild Wars 1, I’m amazed at how fantastic GW2 is in what I’ve experienced, I may not have done a lot of progress, but I didn’t want to spoil anything until the game is actually out and my data isn’t going to be wiped. I love how the questing feels so natural, heck one of my quests had me cleaning up a workshop by gathering stray tools and parts and putting them away as a renown heart quest.

    As someone who’s either beta tested or played just about every free to play game out there, very few had the animations to make combat look good (there’s one, but I can’t remember the name of it for the life of me… Oh right, Cabal Online had great animations, but it’s literally all grind, no substance). Combat in this game feels heavy, the action feel makes it so my death is more based on my ability to fight well than it is my stats being too low. I cannot wait for this game to hit in a month. Also as a little side note, I love the interface, they really went all out with the “painting” feel and it looks fantastic.

  4. I’m not particularly fanatical about GW2 but I can see why some people are. Aside from from it looking good so many hopes are placed on it. I mean oh god I don’t to play WoW anymore but I have to play SOMETHING. WoWs fans are just as fanatical and 2x as dumb so GW2 needs to be the second coming of Christ to get them to dare to play another MMO.
    Hype will get them to at least try it out.

    • I find people to be equal parts intelligent and stupid when all other things are even. I loved parts of WoW, I miss the community, and yet I don’t. I’m sure that sentiment will follow me to GW2.

  5. honestly it feels like you did this because you felt you had to, not because you wanted to. you barely talk about anything, and you harp on it for having a small, but very vocal section of the community who are zealots and are just overexcited. i really hope you revisit this game after release, but technically since it isn’t F2P i can totally understand why you wouldn’t. you didn’t even talk about the cash shop, which you could spend money on in the past weekend. I dunno, maybe you were just rushed. a weekend is not a lot of time to spend on a very large game. especially since you have other games to look at.

    • I’m not sure where you’re conveying this feeling of disinterest from me here, but I’ll cap some things here.

      1. I explain what the point of a Sidequest is on the Twitter sidebar there, but I revamp it here. I don’t ever want Sidequests to go above 10 minutes. TBH, I don’t want them to go above 5 minutes, but I had a lot to say about this one. I cut things for time, and I don’t do them to tell people about everything ever. The exception here was made because so many of the system are different but I’m not going to mention what I didn’t experience. The same goes for Grinder actually. I didn’t mention the PvP system, for example because
      A. The focus of the game compared to Original Guild Wars is more PvE focused and I felt that something people should understand.
      B. The System was down during a good portion of the beta weekend.

      2. I was not harping on the game, I was harping on those people. They are vocal but they are NOT small. They are everywhere. I didn’t mention that in game after a quest was completed, one person pointless chirped about how the game was so much better then WoW, and it led into a 5 minute spam fest in the area about how much “WoW sucks!” or “Fuck WoW!” or “WoW is for (insert blanketed insult/racial/homophobic slur here)!” For 5 minutes. The entire area. One cannot post an MMO video anywhere without SOMEONE asking, mentioning, or just inexplicably SAYING “Guild Wars 2” as a reply. That thing about people shopping religious imagery to insert the Box art or logo was not a joke. There was an entire thread I found one with stuff like that in it. I even had a massive reply about GW2 in response to a video that had nothing to do with it that explained how amazing the game was when at the time THERE WAS NO BETA.

      3. The line “Renown Hearts ARE quests.” came from my in game experience to, as someone got angry that someone called it a quest, tried to explain in great detail why it wasn’t (with no logic. One argument was “you don’t have to talk to someone to get it.”) but at least that time someone was there to call him out on it. It didn’t help. Killing X amount of things to fill up a bar, or a quota is the same thing with a different coat of paint. And although everyone seems to miss this, I DID mention that you were given a choice of task in the renown hearts, so you could choose what you wanted to do to get it done. What I didn’t mention was how often I ended up doing Renown Hearts on ACCIDENT because the caravan I was escorting happened to be in range of one of them.

      4. I didn’t mention the cash shop because no one seems to care about it. I mentioned it in The Secret World Sidequest because it was a point of controversy (again, like the overly vocal community of this game is) and I want people to know it wasn’t the major point of issue as they were making it out to be. I don’t know why TSW is Satan’s armpit when WoW does the exact same thing, charges much more and gets away with it. ….oh yeah. EA.

      I only got two days of the three day beta weekend but I played the HELL out of Guild Wars 2 to get to level 20 and finish at least one “Demo story”, while still making sure I played at least a few levels of each race, and differing classes. But it’s a Sidequest. They’re short impressions. Nothing more.

      • sorry, i just felt like your TSW sidequest felt more complete than this one, and i do have a problem with EA, but if i had the money i would play TSW in a heart beat. maybe they will implement the same thing eve online does down the road. i do absolutely respect your opinion though. i didn’t mean to seem like i was attacking you and absolutely agree with renown hearts (though you did pronounce it wrong :P)

        • “with renown hearts (though you did pronounce it wrong :P)”

          Oh, now you’re just nit-picking. :P

          And in Defense of Secret World, EA has as much to do with the game as NCSoft has to do with GW2. They’re more of a “silent publisher.” ArenaNet and in TSW’s case FunCom are really the ones at the helm this time.

          • i said i wish i could play it. no room in my budget for it. TSW reallly does look cool. comon you know what its like to be poor

            • You’re damn right I do. The admission price of TSW is the hardest sell for me. It’s still pretty green, too, and bugs abound. Definitely give it time to simmer first.

            • you sir, are a gentlemen and a scholar. i wish to subscribe to your news letter… oh wait i kinda already do.

  6. Hey Chaos, I was looking at your list of games to cover and you now have to take down Iris because just like Luna it is closing the 31st of this month sadly, its a really good game too….details are on the gpotato website.

    Sorry for the bad news

    • “Iris Online is a fantasy massively multiplayer RPG from Gala-Net, the publisher of Luna, Flyff and Rappelz, and Eyasoft, the developer of Luna Plus and Titan Online.”

      Oh, well… there we go. I love the backhanded “Due to poor developer support” gPotato added in the shutdown notice, too. It’s like “Totally not our fault Eyasoft sucks, guys!”

      Kind of a downer, as it’s one I wanted to look at that one, too. Yes, it’s entirely for the reason everyone is thinking.

      • Ya it really sucks i barely really got into it when they announced it on gpotato…I really dont know who to blame, gpotato or Gala-net because Gala as mentioned already shut down Luna, I wonder who the fault should fall opon

      • You know…Capturing footage of failing MMOS & then saving them for when they go down the toilet for a whole new series of bygone MMOs sounds like a relatively unique idea.

        • I second this idea! Provided you could catch it before it went down, that kind of show could be very interesting regardless of whether it answers why that MMO failed.

          • Pick a title that’s already announced it will be shutting down in a few months, get some footage, perhaps get an interview with the developers, if not then with veteran players about the good days & where it started going downhill, as well as any unusual events that went down. Maybe as a few Youtubers for permission to use part of their “this totally happened once” clips.

            You’d probably only do maybe 4 a year, but players sad to see them go would appreciate it, developers would send you more beta test invites, & it would be another way to lure in a few more viewers.

  7. I’ve touched the first game (I have the GW Trilogy edition) but the fact that anywhere outside the cities was more or less an instance dungeon really disappointed me. From your review alone, I’m pretty sold on the game. That being said, I don’t plan on pre-ordering. I’ll probably wait a month or so. Also, GW’s business model is really what attracted me to the game. I do wish more developers offered one-time fees upon purchase, but then again, that’s pretty hard to do.

  8. I too would have made a redhead chick in all-blue, then wined that I probably couldn’t also make a girly looking buy with super-long hair.

    Open PvP is a big turn-off. A one-time fee with no subscrptions or cash shop is a big turn-on.

  9. I love the game. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m fanatic, but I’m crazy excited for the release and hope my grades can stand the onslaught. I’ve been playing in the stress tests and BWEs, and I really think this game has a chance to be huge, and since it has no subscription it doesn’t compete with WoW on the same level as other sub based mmos.

    The renown hearts are a misleadingly huge step. At first people just want to say “TROLOLOLOL IT’S AREA BASED NOOBS, YOU AINT GOTTA TURN THAT SH*T IN!!!!”, which is a big draw to the system, but that isn’t where it actually changes things. It changes things in the choices it gives to the player. If you don’t like fighting the mobs in the area for the quest, no sweat you can collect item X. Collection boring you say? Go answer some riddles. Too many riddles, alright, I guess you can go repair some golems. This is the shiny part of the system. You don’t have to go kill X number of things. You CAN kill X number of things and get the same reward, but allowing players to choose, I think, is a misleadingly large step in the way of a better more player oriented experience.

    The heart quests barely even need to stand alone since their purpose is to put you in an area compatible with your level so you can participate in dynamic events. I have never been swept away by a game so much before. I went to go fill that heart, but then I defended against a siege of frog people, and then I fought a tiger chef and got a skill point, then I played some golem chess, and then I hopped up to a vista and saw a really cool tree city, and then I crafted. This is the kind of gaming that is new. No one thing in GW2 is really that remarkable, but the experience as a whole is something that, I think, really is new.

  10. I’ll probably be picking it up in the future. Right now, I’ve got so much on my plate as it is. I want to get further into the original Guild Wars, reach level 50 on at least one of my characters on CoH, and I’ve just started a sub to TSW. I’ve also been meaning to try WoW and STO. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day!

  11. So… City of Heroes fanbase all over again? :)

    Guild Wars is a weird specimen, packing in a lot of innovation in what has got to be the most overdone genre in the history of fiction. I know Fantasy sells, but I’m not buying it, and I’m not sure Guild Wars does enough to offset the cost of its genre.

  12. I too will admit I’m a bit of a fanboy of this game (The fact that the original GW was my first Professionally-made MMO ever not hindering that), but I played in the last two Beta weekends myself and I have to say I loved it. Just a few things I want to mention.

    One: XP. You actually get XP from doing just about anything. Gathering resources? You got some XP. Crafting something? XP. Taking part in events and quests? XP. PVP? XP. Exploration? XP. Do a little bit of everything and you could probably keep up with things.

    Two: PVP. Much like the downlevelling, when you enter a PVP lobby or area your level is immediately boosted to level 80. You may not be quite as powerful as people naturally max level, but you can usually hold your own. World Vs World is something massive that should really have at least been touched on, and I’ve heard people compare it to Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot. I haven’t tried the arenas or tournament PVP personally, so I can’t say anything there.

    Three: No Dedicated Healers. This is a big one people should learn. ANet wanted to get rid of the Tank/DPS/Healer Holy Trinity, and one major step they took was removing any semblance of a Dedicated Healer. Instead, anyone has a dedicated heal skill, and anyone can revive anyone. Some classes do have skills that can provide healing or buffs to those around, however, but it’s not necessarily their focus.

    Four: Combos. OK maybe you didn’t really need to look at this, and you probably didn’t even notice it happening, IF it happened, but another interesting thing is how effects from spells and skills can work together. For example, say your elementalist tosses down a Fire Wall spell. A ranger then shoots arrows at enemies through the wall, and his arrows get a fire effect to them. There’s numerous combinations like this, and proper use can encourage playing together that way.

    Either way, I’m glad to see you do a Sidequest on this, and glad to see you playing it. Hope to catch you ingame sometime, horribly unlikely as that may be!

  13. I am going to admit some degree of surprise that you didn’t bring up the some of the other elements of the game (PvP and gathering/crafting) as well as the ability to dodge out of the way of incoming attacks making combat have a bit more ‘action’ feel like in TERA.

  14. I dunno, if you don’t really like/care about PvP it just seems like the game has next to nothing to offer for you..

    That’s really all I came away with from the beta weekend(s)..

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. I did nothing but PVE and crafting, it was very easy to get swept away in all of it. This game isn’t very good for the easily distracted. Although, I can see how GW2 wouldn’t have revolutionized the system enough for those who don’t really like it. If you don’t enjoy the world or the characters for whatever reason you’re not going to really care here either.

      • I actually think it’s great for the easily distracted. It lets you get swept away in all of the random things you can do!

  15. I will admit I am probably one of the fanboys out there for this game, although an oddity as I haven’t prepurchased this game. (I would have if I had the spare cash and a computer that could run it.) I’m not a zealot about it, though. I admit, they make a lot of claims that many people will question but it’s all about the way you look at it that matters.

    For instance, there are quests in the game, but at the same time there aren’t quests. The personal story is very much the classic quest formula, but more personalized than most other MMO quest systems. The dynamic events are things that just happen, and you can’t choose when they start (for the most part). The renown hearts are sort of dynamic events that are always running, so you can never say that there’s nothing to do in a certain area until a boss respawns or the next event starts up. They are all quests in the sense that they are something you can do to get rewarded, but there’s no exclamation point over the person’s head, no need to talk to them to start it (unless that heart turns you into something) and the rewards are only coins, karma and XP (except for the storyline quests which give some items).

    Similarly, the argument can be made whether the “holy trinity” exists in GW2 or not. Yes, no class is restricted to being a tank-type, a healer-type or a DPS-type, but certain classes are better at doing those types of things than other classes. Also, depending on the build, a character could be more tank-y than another, or more specialized to heal. Rather than killing the trinity, it’s more like they chopped it up into itty-bitty pieces, then handed out relatively equal portions to each class to do with as they please. Is that good enough to call it killing the trinity? That’s an individual’s call, and could start many a debate. It’s sort of like those optical illusion images, where you can see one or the other, but never both at the same time.

    Still, I highly enjoyed GW1, flaws and all. I even made a point of walking from Ascalon City to the Maguuma Ruins in the original campaign before they even added in the mapmaker accomplishment. There were loads of hidden areas and towns people barely knew about, because the mission quests never took them anywhere near. Looking forward to actually trying out the new formula, and see if I’m any good at mastering these skills compared to others.

  16. Oh, and you’re right about the story line “interruptions” hurting the urgency at times. “They’re about to bomb the citadel and assassinate the leaders? And only I can stop them? Okay. Just let me trapes across the continent, pick my nose, call my ex-wife, and harvest some potatoes for a few hours.”

    And your inability to dodge hurts me. You can roll out of the way and avoid attacks. You don’t have to stand there and take the abuse. Many of the enemies don’t at higher levels, why should you?

    • You have to forgive him a little about not being able to dodge. He was raised on WoW, after all. Pretty much every commentator on GW2 points out that classic MMO players have to be retrained a little so that they don’t just stand there and attack like you do in nearly every single game, including Guild Wars 1. (I kept trying to dodge projectiles back then, too. It didn’t work quite as well.)

      • Oh I know. I’ve been watching videos for a year since I’ve even heard of this game and every single person stands there to be whacked their first few times around, even if they know about the mechanic, myself included. They usually don’t remember to heal either. >.>;

        Doesn’t stop me from screaming ” WHY. DIDN’T. YOU. DOOOOOOOODGE!” sometimes.

        • I was usually a Guardian, so I figured getting my ass beat was part of the deal. Secret World has the same mechanic, and half the time, like in that game, I only used dodge to get out of the way of a very big attack (like an AoE) when I saw it being cast by the tell tale circle on the ground. That or I used it to move slightly faster. It would probably help more if I learned to use in on the huge bosses.

          • Oh, I played a guardian a lot too. What you end up doing with most classes is switching back and forth between a long range weapon, like the scepter or staff, and a short range, like the greatsword or mace. You blow all your good cooldowns on one weapon, switch to the other moving in and out of smashy smashy range, and heal between them, dodging as needed. (And when you switch back, most of the other weapon’s cooldowns are back up.) That way you’re not always in melee and… dying, and though the early levels are very forgiving on this it doesn’t last long. As a guardian you can take more physical punishment than most, and you have a lot of passive heals, but many bosses or minibosses will still drop you in one or two shots if you don’t roll back and let someone… anyone else take a hit for a second, or get out of the way. (Aggro tends to be based on how close you are to the monster. Usually.) But mesmers have other bodies to take hits, necros have the best self heals, elementalists have certain elements they can phase into that take better hits, everyone has a way to mitigate damage. Heavy armor is just the simplest way.

            (The best part is when you get your “SCREW YOU GUYS” bubble that heals you and party members on the inside and keeps/pushes the bad guys out for a short period.)

  17. I guess I’m one of the lovers of this game, but I don’t really care if it becomes “the go to” or becomes “the WoW killer”. I guess it would be nice if it got recognition if I feel it deserves it all the way to the end, as a piece of work, but not much more.

    Oh don’t worry about the zealots. They don’t say much in game, they seem pretty content and pacified once given their toy of choice. Most of their issues stem when people attack their favorite toy for whatever reason, and they feel they must escalate, as most humans are want to do. There are some annoying people who show up, who paid money for the game to get into the beta, who are constantly messaging in chat or on the forums about how terrible the game is, and how it will never measure up or amount to anything, and that WoW _other MMO_ is the bestests evar and will never be dominated. I don’t understand those people, why pay for something you hate? Just so you can bother people who are having a good time? Insecurity? A valid complaint is one thing, but that’s not what they’re doing.


    If nothing else, this game might just become something special for a lot of people. It might not. I think there was a verse in Acts, (stay with me here), of a priest saying something to the council and elders, speaking of these new Christians that were popping up. (I have edited for humor/relevance purposes.)

    “Fellow gamers, consider carefully what you propose to do to this game. For some time ago a game called Final Fantasy XIV rose up, claiming to be somebody, and a number of men joined him; but he didn’t do so well, and all who claimed he was somebody disappeared. After him Star Wars The Old Republic rose up and got people to follow him. He’s also not doing so good, and all who followed him were scattered. So in the present case, I tell you, keep away from this game and its followers and let them alone; because if this game or undertaking is not good, it will fail; but if it IS you will not be able to overthrow them- you may as well be fighting against Arceus himself.”

  18. I think you pretty much summed it up.

    I’ve enjoyed the game quite a bit in all 3 beta weekends. It takes the classic MMO formula and just tweaks it enough to feel fresh, but not enough to be gimmicky and inaccessible.

    For the renown hearts, while they are indeed quests, the best part of the mechanic is that they can be completed in multiple ways. For instance, in the human starter area there is a heart at a farm that can be completed by watering corn, killing bandits, clearing wurms, and feeding cows. Likewise completing the events that happen at the farm, like fighting a giant wurm that appears and defending the farm from bandits(and dousing the hay bales they light on fire), gives you credit towards the heart.

    While watering corn and feeding cows sounds silly, it’s a nice change of pace from “Kill X ferrets.” While I know fighting things is the point of MMOs for the most part, it’s nice to be able to take a break and not be forced to solve every problem by stabbing it. It’s a quest, with a nice little tweak.

    Guild Wars 2 gives me choices on who to be, and how to progress -hell you can progress to max level through pure PvP or crafting. Also, I’ve always loved exploring, and being rewarded for that is awesome.

    On the negative, the loudest members of the community are asshats, but that’s a general problem with the MMO community. Very few MMOs are able to avoid it. Still, it can be grating if you forget to turn off general chat or leave it open in case someone has a question you can help with.

    If you end up playing, and want to find a group that’s not made up of children and jerks, let me know. My wife and I have a small group of adult gamer friends that are going to play.

  19. Sure people want this to be the go to MMO but it will never be. WoW will still hold that title for many years to come because of its size, mix of simplencey/complexity, and that it is the base formula for any MMO today. So if the fan base wants it to be that big the company will have to market the hell out of it to get anywhere close.

    BTW Blizzard and Betathda are arguably the best RPG makers in the world currently, I wish I could add Square in there but since *shivers* uhh….. Final Fantasy X-2 the makers have hit a huge downfall

  20. Glad to see that you enjoyed yourself. Seeing as how it sounds like you will be buying this game now, which kind of surprised me, since it sounded like you had no interest in the game before, does this mean we can expect a full review at some point in the future, or would GW2 not fall under what would be considered F2P.

  21. I was waiting to see if you were going to check this out.

    I was never a big MMO guy. I only started playing 2 years ago when I joined gamestop, and they had a christmas sell for employees, and I decided to try WoW. I enjoyed it for about 8 months, then stopped. I played Star Wars after that, but after 5 months I pretty much have stopped. I tried Tera too, and while I enjoyed the combat, the story just turned me off from playing long term.

    When I heard of Guild Wars 2, I was skeptical. I thought it would be the same thing and all that. After hearing it was a one time buy, and they were going to have beta weekends after buying it, I though, what the heck, and bought it online right before the first beta weekend.

    Boy was I amazed on how fun the game was. I never had this much fun in an MMO before. It had everything I loved in my console action RPGs, but with a great multiplayer experience. I never liked PvP before, but I love the WvWvW mode. Every class I tried over the past 3 beta weekends has been fun and different, and I really do like the fact I don’t see people yelling for a tank or a healer when a world event happens. Every class is viable, and has multiple different ways of play. Ever weapon having different skills, and all the different utility skills makes it that there will be many different people playing different builds. I really think they got rid of the holy trinity, or at least changed it. I also use Xpadder so I can use my 360 controller, and this game really works with with a controller.

    I also love how deep and different the story can be. I like it better the ToR’s story. I only got as far as to see how the second option effects your story(like for the human having your sister be MiA), and I am curious how far your personal story goes before it melds into the world story.

    Now I won’t say this game is the second coming of christ, or act like the community you mentioned, but I will say this is the only MMO I enjoyed this much, and I am very excited to play it again. I can see why people are giving it so much hype, but like you said, the roan hearts are still quests, just done differently. It’s how differently this game is done that gets me excited.

    I am curious about something. I read that you had a love/hate relationship with the first game. What didn’t you like about it? I picked up the full set for 30 bucks a few weeks ago, and am trying to get some hall of monument points to unlock stuff in GW2. I am still level 5, haha. I can see a bunch of issues with it, and wondering if they are the same ones I am having.

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