The Secret World (Halloween 2012)

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  1. This game has been looming on my radar since first trailers but I haven’t gotten around to try it. I blame Wow… Anyways, this review rose my interest so much think I’ll finally buy it.

    • Few days later, I’m loving this game. It might not be as huge in scale as other mmo’s but the story is strong and that atmosphere… Man, it’s wonderful.
      I want to recommend this game to others, even with the looming threat of closure hanging above it.

      • What looming threat of closure? There’s a lot of doomsayers, but the game’s been improving in audience vastly with the B2P conversion. The only worrisome thing is Funcom’s current and constant restructuring going on, but as far as I see it, and the fact Anarchy Online is still around, they wouldn’t be so keen to pull the plug on this one so soon.

        • You’ve got point there. AoC too is still kicking around, despite the waves of naysayers it had. I shouldn’t read too much into Funcom’s restructuring since reshuffling is the current trend for any company, whatever is it doing bad or blindingly well.

  2. I love playing this game! From finding Lore to the cut scenes, it’s definitely the most unique MMO I’ve played. The only missions I don’t like are the stealth ones. I just get frustrated easily, even when I use a controller (which I use 3rd party software for,since I don’t think the game allows gamepads right off the bat).

  3. 1. The ROWKET LAUNCHER bit made me laugh.

    2. I feel for you, man. I’ve had bronchitis, and it’s NOT pleasant.

    My advice; take a lot of garlic pills. That usually wipes it out in a few days.

  4. I played this game on a trial and hated it. I can’t stand the combat system for a moment, character customization seems REALLY limited and I simply care nothing for conspiracy theories secret societies. That, and I care nothing for alternate reality games.

    To me, the Secret World is even more of a niche game than super heroes are these days, just because it requires you to like so many things at the same time.

  5. A great spot-on reviews that states both the upsides and downsides of the game. Well done! :)

  6. Ah TSW, I loved being a Templar.

    I wrote guides for every single Dungeon in game.

    And then my guild pettered out and died… Damn it.

    • And assuming there hasn’t been any changes since last I played, another amazing noob spec is Ele/AR. That damage output is freakin’ insane at low levels.

  7. gee some people can’t let others have fun with out the YOUR GAME SUCKS bandwagon.

  8. Welp.
    It looks fun but whoever decided to put a purchase price + subscription fee + Cash Shop in a game should be bashed in the head.
    There really was not a faster way to turn me off the game.
    I still watched the episode even though I knew that I wouldn’t ever play the game from the first few seconds of the review, because why not? Good to know about the games.

  9. This game was doomed from the start. Its publisher is EA, a company notorious for butchering franchises and running MMOs into the ground.(Warhammer, Star Wars) It gets better though, the actual developer for this are the people responsible for Age of Conan, a game that bombed hard and is still struggling to survive with a crappy F2P model. So we got a worthless developer being run and funded by a worthless publisher. What a great combo. And they want 15$/month for this trash? Are they on fucking crack? This game barely manages to be average or contest F2P titles already on the market. You can get a Steam F2P MMO as good as this. Your 15$/month is better spent in a cash shop on a better game. They’re also selling an actual box for this too. So it’s 30$+monthly for a barely average MMO. This isn’t 2007 anymore. A mediocre title like this isn’t worth this much money.

    Lol at these praise quotes too.”Top of your list for MMOs to play for 2012″ – Are you fucking serious? Guild Wars 2? Hello? “One of the most important MMOs of our time” – ZAM. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • So yeah, bout that Guild Wars 2. I hear a lot of news that it’s rather disappointing and wasn’t worth the hype. Shame that it JUST SO HAPPENS to be the most important MMO of our time ay. Real shame.

      Anyway, as you put away your boner. Let me say that EA has no real power with Secret World and that you need to do your research like Jon before you spout your damn mouth.
      Now then, go back to chocking on… well you know ;D

    • so you suck at mmo’s and play them to “beat them”. Great

  10. Doesn’t sound like my game. The gameplay looks fine, the theme sounds fun, but the language and blowjobs kinda… make me not want to play. I think I prefer teen rated games. Also I’m not subbing a game anymore unless I’m really really reaaaaally into it for whatever reason.

  11. Yay! How fitting that this review comes a few hours before my b-day. I can honestly say I’ve finally found an MMO I can easily see myself playing for a long time. The problem? It’s a subscription-based, purchase-only game :/
    That and my laptop could simply not run it. Maybe, but with low fps and it would just end up frying the whole thing. Other than that, the game has a lot of good thing to it:

    -Aesthetics. I love the setting of this game

    -The soundtrack seems pretty badass to me.

    -Fresh mechanics, quests and shit

    -An engaging story that I won’t be like “Greeti-Yeah, what do you want and what do I get?”

    -Fucking Swearing. I’m not a fucking conservative pussy, so it’s fucking glad to finally see some fucking mature action. One good fucking reason why I fucking loved this review.

    -Omg, Anarchy! I’m sold! Just shut up and tell me where to sign!

    -Motherfucking Cthulhu, man. What more do you want?

    Maybe in an alternate universe, my basement dweller self could afford to play this game. :/

    Anyway, happy Halloween to you, Jon and everyone else.

  12. I wrote a review about this, and I did enjoy the Secret World story and the art style was actually quite nice. What actually made me eventually decide this wasn’t the type of game for me is that while they emphasize story, the combat was constantly repetitive and drove me up a wall, at times ruining the story for me. While the mood and such were fantastic and I loved the over all feel that they tried something different with the questing system, I just couldn’t stand the fighting constantly from one objective to another.

    I really did want to like this game, because I am sick of fantasy games, but they took the atmospheric feel and made it more of a slasher/dungeon hack style game which, for me at leas,t just totally kills the atmosphere itself.

  13. Watching this made me wish the was a zombie apocalypse MMORPG.

    Mmm, Urban Decay landscape. I have an artistic fetish for old abandoned places.

    One of those voice actresses sounds like Kath Soucie.

    I watch AVGN, so I’m used gratuitous swearing.

    Most of the MMOs I return to only give you 2 character slots, maybe 2 per server.

    I love story heavy games.

    “Massive clusterfuck of asshats” lol.

    I’m going to put this in my “Download when it goes FTP” list. Not a lot on it right now.

  14. The game is also on sale from steam at the moment if anyone is interested in buying it. I really need to come back and start playing TSW again.

  15. Protip: Your “ten slot bags” can be more than ten slots, just drag them wider like you would your average inventory window. I have one that is half the size of my normal inventory to hold crafting supplies.

    • Also, regarding the “Funcom Failure”, I point out that they only have terrible launches. Their games generally go over pretty well. Age of Conan, while free to play now, is still going. Anarchy Online is on it’s, what, eleventh year? And that is sort of still a sub game, even. Sort of.

      • I actually found out I could adjust the bags shortly after filming everything. Though, it’s really dodgy adjusting the inventory windows, it seems. I finally got it looking like I wanted it too.

        As for “Funcom Failure” it’s totally not my phrase, but look around the internet and people act like that’ve never succeeded in their lives. One video that keeps popping up in my video feed when browsing for Secret World videos is “Why The Secret World Will Fail” , a highly viewed and misguided beta impression. That and for a while, Massively would report on EVERYTHING bad that happened to Funcom and TSW, something that was illustrated perfectly in a comment on one of those articles. “Why is it every time Massively posts an article on The Secret World, it reads like an obituary?”

        My mention of the phrase was to illustrate the blatant media bias to Funcom and TSW.

        Although to be slightly fair, I think Anarchy Online was dead for a little while before being converted to F2P.

        • You still see some people ranting about how evil Funcom is and how much they hate them since they played Anarchy Online on launch day, which was about 11.5 years ago. I played that for a number of years and still keep thinking about going back to AO quite often.

          To be accurate AO was never really F2P, it was more free-to-try. If you play for free (fr00b) you basically have the original version plus the first mini-expansion or booster pack (Notum Wars). The idea used to be that rather than having a cash shop of any kind they would play real life ads companies paid to have played in game on video screens here and there on the main planet (Rubi-Ka). If you go pay then you get all the other expansions as well and can turn the ads off. The video ads died off after a while though and now there is a cash shop, mostly for cosmetic stuff though. They have expanded the offers of fr00bs such as changing the global market to make it easier and also allow use to fr00bs plus are considering letting them have some access to the Shadowlands now apparently.

  16. This is probably my favorite MMO i’ve played ever. The story, environments, atmosphere and overall style are just so unique. It’s worth checking out just for the fact that it isn’t a sword and sorcery mmo. I love this game and will be picking it up as soon as possible, even though I hate sub based games…

  17. Great and spot-on review :D!

    I’ve been playing this game for a couple ‘o months as well and I love it. I play the Illuminati, but as you have stated, not a lot of folks tend to be Illuminati on the server I’m on. I’m having trouble finding cabals as every time I encounter a nice guy/gal who invited me to their cabal, it’s for another faction.

    The community is a quiet one, but when you get ’em to talk, they’ll bloody well talk! I had to stop the game frequently because I was so engaged in a conversation about movies, games, music or just Lovecraft.

    I’m very exited for the net reticle system that’s going to be added to the game soon. It’ll make combat more engaging IMO

    If anyone’s in a nice Illu cabal, let me know. My IGN is Garrus “Calibrations” Vakarian ;)

  18. I would say the only reason the lifetime membership seems like a gamble at the moment is because it appears the Devs have taken a “we’re going down with the ship” type of attitude. They come across as theyd rather see the game cancelled and the servers shut down than see it converted to F2P.

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