The Secret World removes its subscription fee!

If you missed my review of The Secret World, click this link!

So, remember how I said in my review of The Secret World that’s I’d pick up the lifetime subscription pack even if the game were go free-to-play the next week. I actually did thanks to a viewer, and… Well, guess what just happened… kinda.

Yes, TSW has gone the Guild Wars 2 route, of only charging for the box price, and allowing access to all story content without the need of a subscription fee. While the specifics of the unsubbed limitations aren’t fully yet known to me, this doesn’t seem like Funcom will be going the SWTOR route of blocking everything available to everyone. Funcom still offers a subscription model, granting monthly perks and rewards to those active and lifetime subscribers.

Now you have no excuse to not play… unless you didn’t like the game to begin with, I suppose.

The Secret World was quite abuzz with news for the past few days, posting a cryptic “12-12-12” on their official twitter with no other information, starting a new ARG based around the 2012 Mayan prophecy, and releasing  an (obviously comedic) video starring game director Joel Bylos, where his sudden realization of the prophecy causes him to lose his mind and demand TSW drop the subscription fee.

Seems at least one prophecy came true.

In honor of this, I’ll be streaming TSW (Well, I was planning on doing that anyway) over at, at times which will be announced on my personal twitter (@ChaosD1), as well as the @MMO_Grinder twitter. I may also do a backtrack when TSW Issue #5 drops.

Lux Omnia Vincit.


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  1. So i’m guessing I lost my chance to try it before purchasing it?

  2. Right from when I first heard of it back when Funcom only just started talking about it I thought I it was something I wanted to at least try. With this and the likes of GW2 I should be able to say so long forever Korean F2P games.

  3. That’s just bloody comical right there.

  4. I’m still repulsed by the more… “mature” things in the story and whatnot. But I’m a prude I guess.

  5. Triangulation Technician

    Not bad. I guess I’ll pick up the game now.

  6. that’s awesome i recently started playin this too and it’s really starting to grow on me i’m playin on cerberus atm

  7. I hope this will bring many more players to the game. Looking at what little information there is, it looks like they will not be limiting non sub accounts much, if at all. I think my only complaint about this though would be that those of us with lifetime subs will still have to buy all the new issue content as they release it, rather then receive it as a perk for the lifetime sub.

    • The new issue content stuff has been nagging on me as well all morning, but at the same time, I think our Grandmaster 20% off everything -should- apply to those as well. That, coupled with getting 1200 points each month should easily cover the content packs (one can hope.)

      I think I am mostly just burned at how quick it was. Had they made it to the end of the year , if we see the end of the year, which would be about six months, it wouldn’t have felt so bad.

      • From what I read, the 20% doesn’t apply to content packs, but they only cost 600 points, and subbers get 1200 points a month, essentially giving us the packs for free. There’s little else in the shop I’d want (and the reusable XP booster is kinda neat.)

        Maybe they’ll include more perks in the future, and I’m interested in seeing what the “monthly free item” will be.

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