Backtrack: The Secret World (February 2013)

Original review: Halloween 2012

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  1. So, here’s what I found out about TSW from playing it since the Sidequest review on it: Combat works, it’s decent to good, and there’s the skill wheel that lets you make your own build, provided you’re taking skills or weaponsets with good synergy, you’re set for most of the game. The action MMO fits best in these sorts of situations, where you’re almost as focused on where you are as what you’re doing.

    The game still relies on the holy trinity, and tanking and healing still get the short end of the stick, as in all games. If you’re not using two out of the four tanking weapons, shotgun included, as I’ve seen many tanks in early to later game use it for barricade, having a max synergy with the hammer. Another alternative subweapon that I’ve heard tanks carrying are the healing weapon: claws, but this takes a lot of gear balance between decent healing gear, tanking gear, and DPS to keep your threat up. Then you hit endgame, and your shotgun defenses are useless, and claw healtanks become even less manageable. Funcom did a bit to address the issue of sword/chaos focus being the only viable endgame tank, and easymode for leveling, but the minor upgrades, from what I’d seen, still didn’t make other builds anywhere as good.
    As for healing, many suggest you start with blood magic and claws, as the blood barriers give your slow heals time to work. Then endgame hits, and all of a sudden, the only acceptable weapons are claws, and pistols because new mechanics change everything.
    Then, if you choose DPS, don’t expect to endgame without a cabal to run with you. It doesn’t matter how well geared or specced you are, expect flashbacks to Final Fantasy 11 for grouping.

    So, when I started out, I joined this site’s cabal, and it was probably the best cabal I’d been in, with the three or four others that logged on regularly, and as expected, people moved on, and were rarely on, so I tried to look for another cabal. Took about half a day to find one in English that was actually recruiting, and it was pretty good, lively, and a great community. The next week, everyone had vanished completely. So I go looking for a third guild later, and after an extremely lengthy interview process, for a casual casual, I’m accepted, and confused. After a few days of running small missions with people, I get into a group for endgame, but end up waiting for two hours on our healer that said they’d be five minutes. After the group finally starts, I tell them that I need to hit a bank up to get more Pax for repairs. Apparently, this was so Faux Pas, that I’d become a pariah to the cabal, and went from being able to hold conversations, to not even getting a greeting.

    The game’s definitely not without flaws, but the combination of no monthly, no trial pressure, the interesting setting, and the semi-free form character build.

  2. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Are you bipolar, or just two different people using the same screen name?

    • I have no clue. wish he would give up on this it’s old.

    • I’ve never bothered to read those obscenely long reviews he writes as I don’t care about what he thinks since he’s not why I come here and what little I skim through just gives me the impression of some poorly written mess. He’s doing these for more than just The Secret World now and his long tirades may even be causing a negative impact on the interest others have in this site.

  3. ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

    Your re-post was not needed at all.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      The gist is the same and that is you hate this game and think everyone must think the same as you. Do us all a faver and when chaos posts some thing about TSW don’t post yet another rant about the game. WE GET IT. go play STO if you love it so much.

  4. A friend of mine bought this game because she was a fan of Funcom’s other non-MMO games, and it was pretty annoying trying to help her through the quests while at the same time fighting off the zombies. They were particularly annoying when they popped up as she was watching cut scenes. I agree that dynamic events in TSW could be very beneficial to the experience.

  5. Is there a spot on the site where we can make Backtrack suggestions? (Specifically that, and not just new MMO sugestions.)
    If not, let me suggest maybe doing a Backtrack on Star Trek Online sometime in the coming months, since they’ve got a new “season” coming with some amount of actual content changes. (I think your review of the game was during the “season 5” days? I forget, and I was playing around that time. Hell, I forget, and I was one of the people with a Foundry mission spotlight.)
    STO is one of those games where I wish I had the time and the want to play more. I only really got back to it around the time of the 3-year anniversary, and was pleased by the tweaks they had made to it in the last year. Alas, real life + PC issues = nope.

    …this comment is getting too big, and doesn’t have enough TSW in it. So I’ll say “bravo” to these people, who seem to have gotten the whole “buy to play” thing right, and I hope that executive meddling doesn’t come along to screw it all up at some point. I’m looking square at you, Star Wars:TOR.

    • Changes to a game that I would Backtrack would need to be immediately apparent. I.E. “New Endgame Dungeons” things affecting higher-level players only. Best examples would be the skill system change to Champions Online, (still planning that one), or the fact of Beat-Em-Up and Arena Shooter, or even World MMOs getting new classes or characters that can be chosen at the start.

      I have a lot of games that can be done, but if you can make a good couple (NEW PLAYER EXPERIENCE) topics you can focus on or would like talked about, that’s really all you’d need to mention. As for where…. I’m a bit late to wipe the comments and update the Suggested MMO List, but there’s always email.

    • ((In reply to a deleted comment.))

      “See my review below. I actually found this B2P a pretty fail model so far. The company tanked and they cannot fix or upgrade enough to save the game.”

      This amuses me greatly. Oh no, they haven’t released new content in a month! They are failing so hard!

      For the record, TSW has been keeping its scheduled 1 issue per month updates fairly faithfully. They only now skipped a month because they decided to roll what was supposed to be the january DLC into the december patch to lure the new B2P players. Since B2P they have been added new stuff to the store every week. Just this week there was a major patch rebalancing a ton of skills and updated some animations. The next content update is scheduled for the end of february.

      So saying they are not upgrading this game is kind of silly.

  6. Combat’s the big thing for me. Any game which requires me to move AND spam a fast-recharging hotkey at the same time without letting me bind it to the left mouse button loses me instantly. I only have one hand to move and activate hotkeys with.

  7. Can’t believe I missed this the first time you went over it!
    Finally shelled out the 30 dollars after Guildy ate twice that and kept my interest for…two weeks? Always good to take a look back.

    • That’s exactly why I prefer FTP. Even when I really like something, my ADD just won;t let me stay into any subject for more than a month, & even that’s pushing it.

  8. Was wondering if you have any cabels up yet and how would be the best way to reach you in joining.

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